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Why Rescued Should Be A Favorite Breed

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Thinking of getting home a pet? Let’s consider why you should adopt a pet and not shop for one. The primary reason to adopt, not shop is to not contribute to puppy mills or breeding factories.

Another strong point in favor of rescue is that most shelter animals are already house-trained.

Last Updated on: Nov 30, 2022

“Adopt; don’t shop”, meaning getting home a dog or another pet from a shelter rather than from a pet store, is arguably the most humane way of pet ownership. Let’s understand some of the benefits if you adopt vs. buy a dog.

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Why We Recommend Adopting And Not Shopping

Do most people adopt or shop?

Many people adopt rather than shop because the former gives grown dogs a chance to live better lives. Adopting dogs from shelters also costs less than buying puppies from pet stores. It’s compassionate. At the same time, it’s more cost-effective.

“While rescuing a dog is the most humane thing to do, let’s not be too judgmental about why some people may want a purebred dog.” Marketing analyst Marcus Madison also acknowledges that while adopting is the optimal option, we can’t fault people for wanting to buy a new dog. What matters is that you adopt or shop responsibly.

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Reasons To Adopt Your Next Pet

“Should I adopt or shop?” you ask. The answer ultimately depends on your preferences. However, there are some compelling reasons to choose adoption instead of buying a new pet. Adopting essentially means you’re improving the life of a house-trained dog living at a shelter. It’s also the more affordable option.

Keep reading to weigh your options about whether you should adopt or shop pets.

You Are Saving A Life

Tara Lyn Miller advocates for pet adoption. “You’re bringing that dog into a nice warm, safe home, with somebody to love him, versus him staying in a concrete cell, alone and scared”, she says. There’s no denying you’re saving a dog’s life when you adopt.

But how exactly are you changing their life for the better?

You make the decision to look after your adopted pet, attend to their needs, and shower them with affection — it’s what they deserve. It’s also worth noting that roughly 70 million dogs and cats struggle to survive; millions live in shelters, and half are usually euthanized. Pet adoption gives these dogs and cats a second chance at life.

You Are Fighting Against Unethical Breeding

Overbreeding — especially of popular breeds such as Golden Retriever, Yorkshire Terrier, and German Shepherd — has led to companion animal overpopulation. And, because dog breeders keep thinking of these animals as commodities that can be genetically manipulated for revenue, they sometimes resort to unethical breeding.

Breeders often keep dogs in constant isolation, either in crates or cages. They don’t get to play and exercise; they experience limited human contact, too. As such, the dogs maintained by commercial breeders miss out on the love, care, and affection of a family.

By choosing to adopt and encouraging your family and friends to adopt, you’re reducing the demand for unethically bred pets.

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Adopting Is More Affordable

When you buy a pet, you will have to pay for vaccinations, spay or neuter sessions, and, in some cases, microchipping. But when you’re adopting from a shelter, these pet owner responsibilities are usually included in the upfront cost of adoption. So, another notable adopt or shop difference is that you can save more by adopting your next pet.

You can also save on housebreaking and pet training expenses because most animals in the shelter are already house-trained. Meanwhile, puppies from a pet store would need training programs that may cost a few hundred dollars.

You’ll Improve Their Life And Yours

Eleanor Mason from Douglas, Michigan, shares her insights on why you should adopt:

“Adopting is better. Pet stores often keep their animals in bad condition. This means by ‘shopping’ at their store, you are giving them money to treat the animals this way. By adopting, you are taking in an animal that doesn’t have a forever home, or was abandoned, and giving it a safe place to live.” They bring happiness to your home, too.

Most pet parents would agree that the love we receive from dogs is unconditional. And the degree of love does not change whether you get home a tiny pup from a breeding factory or a shelter dog.

You Get To Choose Your Companion

You also get to take your pick of the litter even in a pet store, But the difference between adopting vs. buying a dog is that dogs at shelters are often a little bit older, and their personalities already show. So, you can pick one whose temperament and habits match your lifestyle.

There’s a whole lot of truth to the saying that a dog is a man’s best friend. And when it comes to a best friend, you want to choose one that you can see yourself growing old with.

On a related note, marketing analyst Marcus Madison shares, “A big advantage of getting or adopting a dog is that one gets to enjoy seeing them grow up.”

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Most Shelter Animals Are Already House Trained

“Shelter animals are longing for your love and a home to call their own. They have been vetted and microchipped and are in good health with the right shots”, says landscape designer Anne Oliver. And the best part of it? They’re already house-trained.

Most dogs in animal shelters have already undergone house training, thanks to their previous owners. However, you must also remember that their time at the shelter might have weakened or changed their habits. So, a refresher might be helpful.

You’ll Find A Permanent Best Friend

Dogs are social by nature. They thrive off attention, and they crave affection. These traits make them the best companion for humans, who share a similar nature. And they fill in that void. As such, dogs and humans naturally form a symbiotic relationship.

Dogs can also somehow sense what their owner is feeling. So, you don’t even have to say anything when you’re sad – they’ll immediately smother you with cuddles and affection. And when you’re happy or excited about something, their contagious enthusiasm will make life celebrations even better.

You Get The Lifetime Support Of Shelter Employees

When you bring a shelter dog home, it’s normal for them to feel stressed or scared regardless of how comfortable you try to make them feel in their new home. In such cases, shelter employees can give you tips on tackling the adjustment period.

And because these shelter employees have been looking after your new pet for so long, they can give you insights and advice on making your pet feel at ease.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take For An Adopted Dog To Adjust?

A dog generally takes three weeks to start feeling at home. So even though you get glimpses of their personality when you see them at the shelter, expect to wait a few weeks for them to start acclimating to the environment and showing their true nature.

Prepare for your adopted dog’s homecoming by reviewing the 3-3-3 rule:

  • Your adopted dog might feel scared or overwhelmed during the first three days. Be patient with them.
  • Your dog will start to settle when it hits the 3-week mark and get into a routine. And you’ll start seeing its true personality at this time.
  • After 3 months of living with you, your adopted pet will finally feel comfortable at your home. This is when you can start building a bond with them.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Adopting A Pet?

“Should I shop or adopt?” is arguably one of the most pressing questions when it comes to pet ownership. We’ve presented the benefits of adopting. It’s only fair that we cover all angles of the great adopt vs. buy dog debate.

  • You can’t be picky about the breed; you can only choose what’s available in the shelter.
  • Pets from shelter homes are often still recovering from traumatic experiences, such as physical abuse or abandonment issues by the previous owner. Some might be overly aggressive, while others could be timid or anxious.
  • Pets from shelter homes are usually grown dogs that belonged to other owners. As such, they might take some time to adjust to a new home and family.
  • It might take a while before you can bring home your new pet because shelters often require background checks and paperwork beforehand.

Who Started ‘Adopt, Don’t Shop’?

The Adopt, Don’t Shop movement has been an ongoing campaign for a long time. The Los Angeles-based international non-profit organization, Last Chance for Animals, launched it in 1984 to investigate, expose, and end animal exploitation.

The animal advocacy organization’s campaign aims to raise awareness about the benefits of adopting rescue dogs instead of buying dogs from pet stores and puppy mills.

Has someone said, “Second-hand creatures make five-star pets.” So, adopt, don’t shop! Bring home a furever friend today.


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