Advertising Policy

Love our content?

The Upper Pawside can provide the content you love thanks to the advertisements we accept on our site.

We also value transparency and tailor our policies to help provide you a complete understanding of the policy guidelines.

  • To ensure our users are well-informed about the content on our Site, we have put in place strict distinctions between editorial and advertising content
  • We make sure our editorial content stands out from our advertising/sponsored content through the use of borders, other elements to identify the content
  • We indicate all native ads and sponsored content with the proper designation and also identify the provider of such content
  • We do provide sponsored editorial content on our site and in the case we do, we make sure to label it as such


Advertising Guidelines

Our advertising guidelines constitute the placement and display standards for all sponsored/advertising content on the Upper Pawside. The purpose of our guidelines is to help advertisers understand the parameters of our site's ad creatives and content.

The guidelines are neither exhaustive nor do they address every situation that may arise during business operations.

All advertisers including those purchased under the AAAA/IAB Standard Terms and Conditions must follow our advertising guidelines.

The Upper Pawside may change these guidelines anytime without any notice to anyone.

Advertisers must take full responsibility for comprehending and acting in accordance with:

  • Applicable laws and regulations
  • FTC guidelines on advertising, affiliate and native advertising, privacy, endorsements, and data security


Advertisements should be distinguishable from editorial content, be fair and truthful. Advertisers must bear responsibility for ensuring ad-related claims are authentic.

Other guidelines advertisers must follow are listed below in our Prohibited Content and Additional Standards section.
We review ads served through networks and exchanges regularly. We may remove any ad that does not meet our guidelines at that time. We may also remove an ad that we may have previously accepted.

Prohibited Content

Ads on our site should not promote or contain the following:


Ads should not promote:

  • Illegal drugs
  • Illegal substances
  • Abuse of prescription drugs
  • Tobacco products
  • Use of alcohol (except beer and wine)
  • Paraphernalia related to illegal substances


There is an exception for lawful products and services that promote quitting tobacco or any related products.


Ads should not promote the use, distribution, or making of firearms, ammunition, explosives, pyrotechnics, or other weapons.

Ads should also not promote violence, cruelty, or physical/emotional harm toward any person or animal.

Illegal Activities/Gambling

Ads should not promote illegal or other questionable activities that might be considered against the law in any jurisdiction.

Illegal activities including but not limited to:

  • Hacking
  • Counterfeiting
  • Activities violating the intellectual property, privacy, publicity, or contractual rights of others


Ads should not promote or contain content related to fraudulent activities such as scams, financial schemes, pyramid schemes, and illegal financial or investment opportunities.

Ads must not promote casinos, gambling, betting, numbers games, sports, or financial betting.


Ads must not contain or promote personal attacks, hate speech, or discrimination toward any individual, community, group, country, or organization.


Ads should not contain or promote obscene/indecent/profane/offensive words, images, sounds, videos, or any other form of content.


Ads must not contain hostile, offensive, inflammatory, or hateful speech related to political or religious topics or groups.
Ads must not exploit controversial political, social, or religious issues for commercial purposes.

Sexual/Adult Content

Ads must not include full or partial nudity, depictions of people in explicit positions, or activities that are overly suggestive or sexually provocative. Ads must also not contain text or images that expose anyone or anything involved in explicit sexual acts or lewd and lascivious behavior. Neither should ads promote any adult/sexual products/services such as escort, dating, erotic massage, pornography, etc.


Ads must not contain disparaging or defamatory information or content that tends to harm the reputation of The Upper Pawside or any other individual, group, or organization.

Gross Depictions

Ads should not promote or contain content that is crude, vulgar, degrading, or likely to shock or disgust.


Ads should not contain or promote extremely aggressive or combative behaviors, unlawful political measures (including individuals or groups advocating violence as a means to achieving their goals).

Sensitive Content

Ads must not target sensitive categories such as financial status, medical conditions, mental health, criminal record, political affiliation, age, racial/ethnic origin, religious/philosophical affiliation or beliefs, sexual behavior/orientation, or trade union membership.

Free Goods/Services

Ads must not distribute or promise the distribution of any free goods and services.

Targeted at Children

Ads should not specifically target children, including through cartoons or other similar content.

Unverifiable Claims

Ads must not make claims that may confuse reasonable consumers or claims users cannot readily understand or evaluate.

Before/After Images

Ads should not depict “before and after” images or any images that contain unexpected or unlikely results.

Health/Safety Claims

Ads shall not promote actions likely to harm one’s health, such as bulimia, anorexia, drug use, or binge drinking. Ads should not make inauthentic or unverified health claims.

Advertisers may be required to submit supporting documents to authenticate their product’s claims.


Ads must not contain information or content that is potentially misleading, false, or deceptive, including content that is meant to deceptively generate clicks. For example, fake “close” buttons.

Competitive to The Upper Pawside

Ads should not promote direct competitors of The Upper Pawside or related entities.

Additional Standards

We have listed below some additional standards that advertisers and ads must comply with.


Ads must not include overly disruptive audio or animation that plays automatically.


Ads should not include lead ads, pop-ups, floating layers, surveys, or any digital downloads.

Malicious Software

Ads should not contain malicious code, software including malware, virus, spyware, adware, stealware, or Trojan horses.


Ads must have clear borders/markers that differentiate them from The Upper Pawside’s editorial content.


Ads should not deceive or con a user into providing money, financial, or other personal details and/or any other sensitive information.


Ads should function uniformly on major internet browsers, including Apple and PC formats.


Ads should not appear to compromise or influence The Upper Pawside’s editorial independence from advertisers.


Ads must not create or imply the existence of any endorsements by The Upper Pawside or any product, service, or organization.

Landing Pages

Ads with links to landing pages should be consistent with the ad’s “call to action” and must not engage in “bait and switch” activities.

Proprietary Rights

Ads must not violate any copyright, patent, publicity, privacy, trademark, trade secret, or proprietary rights of The Upper Pawside or another third party. Advertisers must not change or intervene with the readability or display of any of our site’s trademarks, service marks, logos, designs, or slogans.

Data Collection/Use

Ads must not include open-box forms to register users or collect data. Ads must not collect, sell, or license any data or mailing lists related to our Site’s users without the express permission of The Upper Pawside.

Advertisers must not collect personally identifiable information from The Upper Pawside users. Advertisers should also not place cookies, applets, or similar files on desktop computers or mobile devices of The Upper Pawside users if such files transmit personally identifiable information to advertisers.

Advertisers must handle data with the required care and not misuse any data that they are not permitted to collect. Advertisers should neither collect any data for unclear purposes nor without appropriate security measures.