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Check Out These Top Alaskan Malamute Breeders in Virginia

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Alaskan Malamutes are strong, heavy-duty working dogs. They are highly sought after because of their unique look, plumed tail, and extremely affectionate nature. However, they can be a handful when not trained or socialized as pups.

Always look for a responsible breeder for your next pup, as they will:

  • Prioritize litter quality over quantity
  • Start early socialization so the pups grow into even-tempered adults

Last Updated on: Mar 06, 2024

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The Alaskan Malamute is a strong, heavy-duty working dog, weighing around 75 to 85 pounds and standing between 23 to 25 inches tall when fully grown. They are mostly known for their furry, plumed tail, erect ears, and thick coat. Some would say they look like bears.

Alaskan Malamutes are affectionate and playful giants. They need lots of exercise to stay at the peak of their health. Early training for pups is needed, as early signs of bad temper could become irreversible stubbornness. That said, a well-behaved Mal is playful, gentle, and great with kids.

If you’re in Virginia and looking for an Alaskan Malamute as a furever companion, the state is home to these responsible breeders:

Featured Breeder

Mountain Ridge Giant Alaskan Malamutes

  • Champion bloodlines
  • Quality over quantity

Surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia, this breeder treats every puppy as part of the family.

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Whether you’re looking for standard (85 to 110 lbs) or giant (130 to 165 lbs) Alaskan Malamutes, Mountain Ridge Giant Alaskan Malamutes has them all.

They prioritize quality over quantity and only produce 3 or 4 litters a year. Through their highly selective program, they ensure every pup goes to a loving home.

All pups are given age-appropriate shots, dewormed, and microchipped. They are sent to their forever homes with a bag of food, a collar and leash, toys, and a blanket with their mom’s scent. New owners also get a book on the breed for all the information they need.

Loretta Roach

Hello, my name is Loretta Roach, the owner of Mountain Ridge Malamutes located in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains here in Virginia. We have been breeding Alaskan Malamutes since 2012.

Over the years we have made numerous families happy and made their dream of owning a puppy come true. None of our dogs are ever in Kennels, we have several acres fenced in for them roam free. We have 4 breedings a year, every puppy that leave here gets its 1st & 2nd set of shots and microchip. We are always available for our puppy families, day or night.

Kwik-Pak Alaskan Malamutes

dog sitting on grass

Dana and Timothy, the owners and founders of Kwik-Pak Alaskan Malamutes, have been breeding Mals for over 25 years. They are proud members of the Alaskan Malamute Club of America and have completed the Embark Canine Health Summit.

Timothy is an AKC CGC-certified Instructor and Evaluator. It’s no wonder Kwik-Pak Alaskan Malamutes have won so many awards. They also keep up with cutting-edge research regarding canine behavior and genetics to help improve the health and lifespan of dogs.

Over the years, they have produced AKC Champions, Emotional Therapy Dogs, Best In Show winners, National Grand Sweepstakes, and Best In Specialty Show winners.

Website | Email ID

Address: Manassas, VA

KalaMals Alaskan Malamutes

an alaskan malamute running in a forest

Along the scenic views of the Blue Ridge Mountains, south of Roanoke, VA, lies KalaMals Alaskan Malamute. What started as a hobby for Eric and Julie Kalamaja in 1989 is now a dynamic breeding program.

They have trained and rehomed close to 30 dogs. Their philosophy is simple: breed dogs of quality and focus on health, structure, and temperament. All the pups are kept and socialized indoors to prepare for their forever home.

This breeder has a knowledgeable third party that evaluates every litter to ensure high-quality dogs that conform to breed standards.

Website | Email ID

Address: Roanoke, VA

New River Valley Malamutes

alaskan malamute standing on a mountain top

New River Valley Malamutes is all about breed conformation, and it shows. They raise AKC standard Alaskan Malamutes and ensure every pup is of high quality. Almost all of their pups are standard size and make wonderful family additions.

Facebook | Contact

Address: Independence, VA

River Bend Malamutes

an alaskan malamute dog sitting

Brenda Bowen-Phelps owns and runs River Bend Malamutes. She prioritizes health and temperament over anything else.

All pups are raised in her home, where they socialize with adult dogs, humans, and even cats. They are potty trained and allowed to play within the property, making them physically and mentally sharp.

River Bend Malamutes has a dedicated training program, so the pups are primed for their furever homes. They are also microchipped and given age-appropriate vaccines, deworming medication, and a puppy starter kit.

Facebook | Email ID | Contact

Address: Mouth of Wilson, VA

Breeding an Alaskan Malamute is not easy, considering their need for training and early socialization. When looking for a furry buddy to be a part of your family, choose a breeder that understands what the breed needs.
A good breeder will always prioritize health over the number of pups produced. When in Virginia, choose from any of these responsible and trustworthy breeders so you are assured of a happy and healthy new pet.


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