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Are Beagles Aggressive Towards Other Dogs?

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Sweet-tempered beagles get along well with children and other dogs. They love playing and getting a little rowdy with their canine friends.

But what if your beagle becomes aggressive towards other dogs? Here is a guide on the why’s and how’s of possible beagle aggression.

Last Updated on: Apr 02, 2022

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One of the reasons why families own a beagle is because of its gentle and friendly temperament. Beagles are are friendly and great around kids and other animals.

If you see your beagle is suddenly growling at the dog next door, then something is off. You need to find out what’s causing your beagle’s aggression.

Are Beagles Aggressive Towards Other Dogs? Let’s explore this behavior in more details.

beagles playing with the other dog

Are Beagle’s Aggressive Towards Other Dogs?

Beagles are not aggressive dogs. They are known to be friendly and gentle pets. if you do see them become aggressive towards other dogs, there usually is an underlying reason.

Here are two primary reasons why your beagle is aggressive towards other dogs.

1. To Mark Their Territory

This is one reason why your beagle can become aggressive towards other dogs. This happens if they feel like another dog is invading their territory.

This is common when you bring a new pet home. Your beagle may not be as welcoming because this new member may be approaching its bed, toys, food, and even members of the family.

2. To Show Pain or Fear

Beagles may not like other dogs going near them when they are hurt or afraid.

When they are in pain, they’ll growl at any dog and even humans that go near them in fear that there’ll be more discomfort with close contact.

There are many things Beagles are afraid of and they become aggressive when they are afraid. This can be associated with their fight or flight response. If your beagle feels trapped, scared, or threatened, it will lash out.

How Do Beagles Show Their Aggression?

Due to a beagle’s playful and naughty nature, sometimes it’s hard to identify whether your dog is being aggressive or playing around.

Here are ways that beagles display their aggression towards other dogs.

Growling and Barking

Your beagle baring its teeth, growling, and barking at other dogs is your canine’s way of showing its dominance to other dogs. This is also their way of telling other dogs to back off from their territory.

This can warn other dogs that your beagle is there and will protect the territory at all costs.

Chasing Away

This behavior can be deemed playful, but if your beagle chases away smaller breeds while growling, this is another aggressive warning to keep away from its territory.

Staying Guard

Your beagle will sit near the food bowl, toys, or bed that it has claimed for itself and keep guard. Any dog that even attempts to sniff these items will be subjected to snarling.

Again, this aggressive behavior is just indicative of your beagle telling the other dog that “these are mine.”

dogs barking

Beagles are not aggressive dogs. The only time they become confrontational is if they feel like their dominance is threatened and there is a need to protect their territory.

Your beagle can also act aggressively towards other dogs out of fear and pain. There are always reasons why your beagle acts aggressively.



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