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Are Beagles Good With Kids?


If you have kids, then the right breed of dog is important. You need a dog that gets along with your kids. A good relationship between the two is essential for the overall development of both your kids and your dog. This is where beagles steal the show. Are beagles good with kids, you ask.

Beagles are incredible family dogs with good temperaments. They are cute, small, and compact, just the right size for your children. It often feels that Beagles and kids speak the same language. You can never go wrong with Beagles if you’re looking for pets that can be a part of your family.

Girl Playing with a Beagle

Why Are Beagles Good With Kids?

Are beagles good with kids? Absolutely. There is no better way to emphasize this fact. Beagles are great with children.

Beagles are Small and Compact

An average beagle stands at 13 inches to 15 inches, and 20 to 25 pounds. A Beagle is small and your toddler will be comfortable around it

Your kids can easily manage a Beagle while walking or engaging in other playful activities. In addition, a Beagle will not overpower your child. 


Children love to play and so do Beagles. This breed hates to be locked up at home. Being a natural scent hound, a Beagle just wants to be out there chasing scents, playing, and running in general. 

Beagles and kids make wonderful playing companions. 

Beagle Jumping in the Park


Beagles live in a hyperactive world. For children that are not active, for one reason or another, Beagles are great companions. Beagles encourage children to play. 

In the days of the Internet, surfing, and blogging you might want to encourage your child to live a more fulfilling life through physical activities. 


On average, Beagles live for about 12 to 15 years. This means that your kid will get to spend a considerate amount of their childhood with a Beagle. Beagles are generally a very healthy dog breed fewer health or medical issues. 

Baby Sitting with a Beagle

Raising Beagles Around Infants 

As a dog parent, you need to show your pet the do’s and don’ts especially near a baby. Beagles can be hard to train. This means that they require ample time to learn and adjust

When you learn that you are expecting a child, start making changes immediately. These changes will be precautionary for both the pet and the baby. Before the baby arrives, show your pet how far to go and where not to. Make sure that it understands that a human baby is on the way. Dogs are not humans. Without the proper training, they may fail to understand some obvious things. 

Train your Beagle important behaviors such as 

  • Places to avoid, like the baby’s bed
  • No jumping

Train a Beagle to wait on the child with you. If you can get a Beagle to understand that a human child is on the way, you will prevent a load of behavioral problems in the future.

The first few weeks or even months after a baby’s arrival are vital.

Girl Reading a Book with a Beagle

Raising Beagles Around Small Children 

Small children require attention, supervision, and training. A Beagle’s needs are very similar.

You need to train your Beagle behavioral tendencies while around your small children. It is important that you show your dog its boundaries. 

On the other hand, you need to teach your children how to respect the Beagle. Let your kids know that the animal is part of the family, and should be treated nicely.

Interaction time between your small children and your Beagle should be supervised. Note that the more they play with one another, the friendlier they get. 

Woman and Kid with a Beagle

Training Your Beagle To Be Around Kids

A lot of training is needed in showing your Beagle how to be around kids. Beagles can be stubborn given their independent nature. Training a Beagle requires time and patience. 

When training a Beagle, introduce treats to reward a learned behavior. Beagles love food and will do anything to get some treats. If you want to properly implement change in your dog, award it with food. 

Start off your Beagle with basic mannerisms. Show your dog the difference between a child and other pack dogs. Beagles will easily think that a human child is a fellow pack animal. Show your dog how to treat your child. Train your dog to respect your child’s space; when to play and when not to play. 

Training your Beagle will call for consistency and effort. With the right training, your Beagle should start to respond to the training sooner. 

Boy Walking a Beagle

Final Thoughts 

Beagles are great with kids. This breed is a good family dog that is smart, loyal, and sociable. It is also quite important that you remember Beagles are chowhounds. They will eat anything at their disposal. Your child might be tempted to award his friend with a few treats here and there. Ensure that you supervise what your pet eats. Ensure your child knows when to give the Beagle some food. You don’t want him eating too much and adding unnecessary weight.  

With an active and healthy life, you should enjoy a great deal of time with your new family addition. Remember, the more your children interact and play with the Beagle, the better for them. Within no time, they might become inseparable. 

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