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Best Beagle Breeders In Arkansas


Are you looking for beagle breeders in Arkansas? You’ve come to the right place. 

Do you remember Snoopy from Peanuts or Odie from the Garfield comics? Both of them were beagles. This canine is quite the pop icon. 

With their big pleading eyes, beagles are hard not to love. This gentle playful dog breed is generally happy, even-tempered, and barks occasionally when confronted by someone they don’t know. 

a beagle playing with flowers

This breed is also an incredible sniffer and is happiest when following an interesting scent. They have short, easy-to-care-for coats that don’t require much grooming. 

If you long to have one as a companion or for hunting, you might have performed an online search for “beagle breeders near me” and “beagle puppies Arkansas.” We put together a list of the best ethical beagle breeders in Arkansas to help you out.

Best Beagle Breeders in Arkansas

Looking to get a beagle? Here are some reputable breeders that you might consider.

Side note: some of these breeders specialize in producing pocket beagles which are notably smaller than the standard 11 to 15-inch beagles we’re more familiar with.

Pocket beagles emerged as early as the 13th century and are also referred to as “glove beagles” for being small enough to fit in a hunting glove.

Rajun Cajun Kennels

Rajun Cajun Kennels love pocket beagles and are passionate about sharing their love with other would-be owners. This reputable kennel is a great place to look for pocket beagles for sale in Arkansas.

run by a licensed veterinary assistant and animal behaviorist

Rajun Cajun Kennels ensures that the puppies are well socialized, healthy, and ready for adoption.

They are committed to producing top-quality puppies and prepare each of them to thrive in any environment. Rajun Cajun Kennels also enjoy working with the new families to help them raise their loving companions with confidence.

Website | Instagram

Address:  Rose Bud, AR

a beagle puppy sleeping peacefully

Kremer Kennels 

Kremer Kennels is a small kennel located in the River Valley area. Beagle puppies are socialized with children and other dogs. Kremer Kennels vaccinates and deworms the beagles as soon as they reach the right age. Puppies over 12 weeks old are also given rabies vaccinations.

Kremer Kennels breeds happy puppies that are sound, healthy, and well socialized. These beagles are fed high-quality puppy food and are free from internal and external parasites.

They have a list of beagle puppies for sale in Arkansas with corresponding photos that are updated every 7 to 10 days. 

Website | Facebook | Call Us

Address:  9388 E State Hwy 197, Scranton, AR 72863

Outback Beagles 

Outback Beagles breeds pocket beagles or mini beagles. Here, Beagles are selectively bred for their small size. Despite their smaller stature, Outback’s purebred beagles for sale in Arkansas maintain the conformation and incredible personality of the breed. Although they are a common breed, beagles make terrific family pets. 

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Address:  Siloam Springs, AR, USA 

beautiful image of a beagle sitting and smiling

Beagle Puppies for Sale Near Arkansas

If you can’t get your purebred beagles from Arkansas, you may want to consider breeders in nearby areas such as:

Wolf Creek Beagles (Kentucky)

The hounds at Wolf Creek Beagles know how to chase and hunt rabbits. They have medium to medium-plus-sized beagles which are trained in the wild. The beagles bred by Wolf Creek are people-pleasers while also having the hunting instincts that the breed is well known for. 

Individual breeders from Wolf Creek Beagles claim to have the best hounds that are worth the wait. Most of their beagles are blue and are under 13 inches. 

Website | Call Us

Address:  Benton Kentucky, USA

The Beagle Corner (Texas)

Choose The Beagle Corner if you are looking for a beagle in good health, with an even temperament, and those puppy dog eyes. This small kennel specializes in happy, healthy purebred beagles that socialize daily in a well-sized yard. They also monitor their puppies’ health regularly.

If you feel at any time that you can no longer care for your puppy, The Beagle Corner gives you the option to offer it back to them. They will then either keep it or help you find a new home for your pet.

Dogs here are fed a raw food diet because they believe that it is the most natural and best thing you can feed them. 

Website | Facebook

Address:  Freestone Euless, Dallas, Texas. 

A beagle puppy snuggled in a blanket

Cane Cutter Kennels (Missouri)

Cane Cutter Kennels is a small kennel that breeds hunting dogs with exceptional sniffing abilities. Although not the largest dog breeder, the dogs from Cane Cutter Kennels come from champion bloodlines and are the “run to catch rabbit” type.

They are easy to train, in shape, and ready to hunt. The hounds bred at Cane Cutter Kennels are of medium to upper-medium in size and well-bred. 

registered with american kennel club

Website | Email

Address:  Saint Louis, Missouri, USA. 

Final Word 

Fun-loving beagles must be trained patiently and creatively. These active, curious bundles of joy will become a great part of your family. 

Beagles are breeds that thrive in packs so leaving them on their own is not a great idea.  They tend to resort to howling and barking if left alone for a long time.

Beagles need interaction with their human owners or with other dogs. They get along well with all the members of the family as well as other dogs. Check out other interesting and fun facts about Beagles.

Hopefully, this list of beagle breeders in Arkansas and nearby areas will help you find the beagle you’ve been longing for. 

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