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Find your pawfect match with our specially curated list of beagle breeders in California. Choose from happy, healthy puppies that are vet checked, well-socialized, bred for conformation, and have excellent temperaments.

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Are you in search of the best beagle breeders in California?

These cute small hounds are ideal companions for kids and adults alike. Beagles are compact, hardy, energetic, playful dogs with hunting instincts that are quite popular among dog lovers.

Opting for a professional breeder has several advantages particularly if they are ethical breeders and reputable breeders. You’ll have a much better chance at owning a healthy beagle.

If you are ready to make a floppy-eared beagle part of your family, you may be looking around for breeders where you can purchase one. We’ve put together a list of professional breeders from the state to help you.

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Beagle Breeders in Northern California

If you’re based in Northern California, there are three breeders that you may want to explore.


Van-Mar Beagles

This is a hobby breeder who raises dogs at home as members of their family. Located at the foothills of Sierra Nevada, Van-Mar Beagles focuses on breeding for health, temperament, and the physical appearance of beagles as companions and show dogs.

Their beagles are bred according to the written standards of the American Kennel Club. They also compete in conformation shows and events as a means of evaluating their progress.

Member the National Beagle Club of America, The Stockton Beagle Club and The Southern California Beagle Club.

Your puppy should come from the best lines to ensure the best health, temperament, and characteristics that are in line with the breed.

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Address:  Auburn, California


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Starrinite Beagles

This is a small hobby kennel located in Northern California that breeds and exhibits beagles. The breeder has been an owner and lover of dogs his whole life.

Starrinite Beagles raises its puppies as family pets with conformation and confidence in mind. The breeder’s goal is to breed beagles that are beautiful, healthy, and have a wonderful temperament. They make sure to provide their puppies with activities geared towards socialization, physical exertion, and sensory stimulation.

The puppies are raised at home where they receive all the love, attention, and care that they need to give them a healthy and well-balanced start.

Website | Email ID

Address:  San Jose, California, USA

Madison Bryan Beagles

This is a full-service beagle breeder who believes in providing each client with the highest quality beagle puppies for sale in California. If a lifelong friend is what you are looking for, Madison Bryan Beages is just the place.

They offer affordable prices and have an indoor vet technician who regularly checks on their puppies. Each puppy purchased comes with a two-year health guarantee, registration and veterinarian papers, shots, a crate, and some puppy food to help get you started.

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Beagles in Southern California

If you’re looking to get a beagle from southern California, here are four beagle breeders and their details.

Danter Beagles

Breeding beagles is more of a hobby rather than a business at Danter Beagles. It is a small kennel where beagles are treated as part of the family. Danter Beagles has been successful in breeding beautiful show beagles who take part in American Kennel Club events.

Danter willingly shares its knowledge with the families who adopt its beagles to help them stay happy and healthy. Certainly, these are some of the most loved beagles for sale in California.

Website | Facebook

Address:  Clovis, California

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AWOL Beagles

This is a kennel that breeds and raises beagles at home. For the pups at AWOL Beagles, home is a place with wide-open spaces lined with pine trees where all kinds of birds and animals coexist peacefully.

Rabbits at their residence place give their beagles a healthy amount of exercise. True to their nature, their beagles chase the bunnies around the yard. If you are looking for active and happy beagles who commit to you, consider AWOL Beagles.

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Address:  Ramona, California

Tiny Beagles Miniature Puppies

If you are looking for pocket beagles, then Tiny Beagles Miniature Puppies is the place. The beagles here are bred and raised happily.

Guarantees their beagle’s temperament

“Pocket beagles” were used for hunting as they were less than 10 inches tall and could be carried around in a coat pocket. Their size has increased over the years but you can still find these cute little hunting canines here.

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Address:  San Diego, CA, USA

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California Sunshine Beagles

The beagles bred and raised at California Sunshine are conformation beagles and brave field beagles. California Sunshine is committed to producing healthy and sound beagle puppies. They strive to bring joy to people’s lives by training happy and confident dogs.

Since they have bred five generations of conformation show beagles, they encourage owners who adopt from them to engage in events and fun activities that improve their pets and the breed in general.

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Address:  California, USA


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Jeffco Kennels

The breeder is dedicated to breeding the best of the breed. They raise champions who are true to their nature. Their beagles are smart, happy, and with excellent temperaments. These beautiful little pets are tolerant of kids dropping them and handling them so they are perfect for the entire family.

Jeffco Kennels will give you a wonderful family pet. They love what they do and aim to continue improving the breed. They love their dogs and do their best so that you will have a pet that you will love as much as they do.

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With their big, winsome, and floppy ears and big brown eyes, beagles are affectionate, lovable companions that make excellent family dogs. If left alone, they tend to howl and be destructive. They are easygoing but can also be stubborn.

Whether for hunting or companionship, you have made an excellent choice with this breed. The above guide will help you find the best beagle breeders in California so you can take home a beagle of your own.

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