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Best Beagle Breeders in Colorado

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Beagles are one of the most adorable breeds of dogs, making them highly sought-after pets across the US. They’re loving, playful, and very intelligent.

If you live in Colorado and you’re looking to get a new Beagle puppy home, check out this curated list of reliable Beagle breeders in the state.

Last Updated on: Jan 04, 2022

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Originally bred for hunting, Beagles have become one of the most beloved breeds of pets in the US. They are loving, loyal, and intelligent, making them perfect family pets. And if these traits don’t convince you, their big floppy ears certainly will!

If you want to find a healthy Beagle pup, it’s important to look for Beagle breeders who have the necessary credentials and follow strict breeding standards. You can easily find breeders willing to sell Beagle pups at low costs, but you’ll likely end up with an unhealthy and unhappy pup.

To make your job easier, here’s a list of reliable Beagle breeders in Colorado.

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Whispering Willow Beagles

This is a family-owned and run farm that has a long history of raising high-quality Beagles tracing back to the late 1930s. Nellie Hoshaw grew up surrounded by Beagle lovers and continues to carry that love, dedication, and passion for raising healthy Beagles today.

Hoshaw strives to breed her Beagle pups as per the FCI World Standard as well as the AKC Standard.

All the Beagles at Whispering Willow are AKC registered, and some of them are also FCI registered. Their Beagles are bred for the greatest level of confirmation, health, and temperament, resulting in some excellent show-quality Beagles.

The puppies are all potty trained and socialized with large dogs as well as a cat. All pups are microchipped by AKC Reunite Microchip, which any chip reader can read.

They are sent to their new homes with an extensive health record, a blanket, photos, and a toy. They also provide a Royal Chain food starter kit.

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Address: Parker CO 80138

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Brazzos Kennels

A family-owned and run kennel located in South Colorado on a large ranch, the owners of Brazzos Kennels have been raising Beagles for nearly 32 years.

They have a State of Colorado PACFA Division license and adhere to the guidelines of PACFA as well as AKC. All their Beagle puppies are also AKC or APRI registered. 

With an aim to provide healthy companion Beagles, they are passionate about looking for the right temperaments and characteristics to raise happy and high-quality pups.

Before sending the puppies to their new homes, they all undergo a veterinary check-up, dewormed, and are given their first set of puppy shots.

When the puppies are five weeks of age, they are also given their Parvo shots. Brazzos Kennels provides a 6-month health guarantee on all their puppies.

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Beagles are a family-friendly breed as they are easy to train and have excellent temperaments. However, which breeder you get your Beagle from can significantly impact its health down the line. Make sure that you do thorough research on each breeder and make an informed decision to bring home a healthy Beagle puppy!


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