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Best Beagle Breeders in Kentucky

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All Beagles need is your love, care, and affection. Give them attention and spend some time playing with them, and they will make you the center of their world. If you want your very own Beagle, this article gives you the best breeders in Kentucky.

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Last Updated on: Mar 01, 2022

Before we begin exploring this compilation of the list of Beagle breeders in Kentucky, let us understand why Beagles are becoming so popular in the first place.

Beagles are specifically known for their amicable personalities, lovable nature, and heart-warming attitudes. Beagles live up to 12-15 years so you’re likely to see them grow up with you. Them being exceptionally good with children is another plus point.

Whether you’re looking for beagles for sale in ky or you’re just an avid dog lover considering the idea of having a pet, the list below will help you out.

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Beagle with an owner

Scroghams Blue Kennel

Situated in Bagdad, Kentucky, Scrogham’s Blue Kennel has an experience of 30 years. This is evident in the quality of the dogs that they provide. They work with dogs, train them, and teach them manners. The Beagles are AKC registered. This makes them a breeder you can trust. 

Scrogham’s is one of the most reputable names in the business of dog breeding as they deliver way more than they promise. The dogs are raised with utmost love and care, and they expect you to do the same if you take their Beagles home. However, they don’t give their pups away so easily. They make sure to run a proper background check on you and verify whether you’re ready to own a Beagle or not allowing you to take home one of their Beagles.

Website | Email ID | Call Us

Address: Bagdad, KY

Wolfe Creek Beagles

This small kennel situated in Benton Kentucky has been in the breeding business for about 50 years now. They have all kinds of dogs, ranging from good jump dogs to track dogs.

Having trained their dogs out in the open, they raise them to be as fierce and bold as possible. Using strict training methods, they make sure they teach the dogs to be in control and listen to the commands of their owners.

You might have to wait a few months before your beagle is made available to you. But their dogs are worth the wait! This breeder is an absolute treat for puppy buyers and lovers like you.

Website | Email ID | Call Us

Address: Kentucky, USA

beagle sitting on the bed

Bracken County Blueticks Breeder

The breeder is a very popular and well-reputed breeder in Augusta, Kentucky. They have managed to make quite a name for themselves.

Having trained their puppies with utmost love, care, and attention, they have carefully bred and raised them to be adorable dogs. If you have any doubts or would like to get yourself a beagle, feel free to drop them a text on Facebook or write them an email. They promise to get back to you as soon as possible.

Bracken County Blueticks do not give dogs on a first come first serve basis. They are very careful about ensuring that each dog is matched to its owner.

Facebook | Email ID

Address: Augusta, Kentucky, USA

Leo’s Bluetick Beagles

If you’re looking for Blue Tick Beagles for sale in Kentucky, Leo’s Bluetick Beagles is the place to go. They are well-known Beagle breeders in Verona, KY. Not only are they popular for their high-quality dogs, but also for offering different breeds. 

Leo’s Bluetick Beagles is run by a registered nurse. The Beagles here are cared for like family members. Leo’s is AKC Registered as well.

Website | Facebook | Email ID

Address: Verona, KY

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Oak Hill Bluetick Beagles

The Oak Hill Bluetick Beagles is located in Calhoun, Kentucky, USA. They are one of the most reputable breeders and known for breeding and raising healthy, energetic beagles.

The breeder Sally McGehee is a retired middle school teacher who loves raising hounds that can run rabbits.

AKC registered and field champion pedigree

While Sally trains the pups in a 2 1/2 acre training pen where she runs the other hounds on a regular basis. If you wish to adopt or buy a dog from the Oak Hill Bluetick Beagles, feel free to either head over to their website or send them an email.

Website | Email ID | Call Us

Address: Calhoun, Kentucky, USA

an image of a beagle sitting

Beagles are amicable, fun, energetic, and loving and can make your hearts melt. They love to please and their love will fill your hearts with warmness indeed.

Still have questions about owning a beagle? You can check out some of the most frequently asked questions about beagles, which can help address your doubts.

After exploring the best Beagle breeders in Kentucky, you should be able to find the Beagle of your dreams.


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