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Best Beagle Breeders in Louisiana

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The thumb rule about petting Beagles is adopting them from reputable breeders. It can be daunting to find trustworthy breeders amidst all the profit mongers. Well, we have eased your work a little bit. Here is a list of handpicked Beagle breeders in Louisiana that breed the best quality of puppies in the state.

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Last Updated on: May 05, 2022

Having a Beagle puppy to take a walk with you across the Old State Capitol sounds exciting. To do so the first task is having a look at the Beagle breeders in Louisiana. If you are having a hard time finding credible contacts, this piece will certainly come to your rescue.

Beagles are playful, lively, and loving, and have the reputation of being fantastic family pets. The dog is close to 13 inches tall and around 18 pounds when fully grown. The good thing about having them at home is that they’re very sociable and will easily mingle with your children and other pets.

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Jeffco Kennels

This is one of the finest breeders in Louisiana and is the perfect breeder to visit if you want to adopt a beagle.

The kennel uses innovative breeding techniques to ensure that all your demands of a perfect pet are fulfilled. They specialize in breeding beagles and labradors and have extended their service far and wide.

The quality of the beagles speaks volumes of the high-end breeding techniques adopted by this kennel. Owned by the Michel family, the breeders know how to nurture puppies that exhibit great character and loyalty.

The beagle puppies from this kennel are energetic and playful. Along with their natural good looks, these puppies are easy to train and are highly intelligent. These beagles can be great for hunting as well.

The beagles from this kennel are bred so that their barking is in control. You can have a glance at their gallery.

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Address: Livingston, LA 70754

Sandstone Kennels

Small kennels like Sandstone Kennels have kept up the authenticity and reputation of breeding. Located in a vast 2,400 sq. ft. area, outside of Franklinton LA, the kennel hosts a variety of animals.

Apart from adopting beagle puppies, you can also look for bloodhounds, blue pits, boxers, german shepherds, labrador retrievers, and treeing feists.

With a large concrete facility, this kennel caters to the exercise requirements of the pet. The dogs are bred in highly sanitized and clean spaces.

Every puppy from the litter is sociable with other animals and humans.

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Address: Franklinton, LA, 70438

Beason Hill Beagle Kennel

Finding a Beagle from the right breeder is something you can never compromise on. Well, one trademark of quality beagles is when they are certified by the American Kennel Club (AKC).

Beason Hill Beagle Kennel offers AKC-approved beagles. These dogs are well trained and adjust well.

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Address: 199 Betty Rd Many, LA 71449

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Crowe’s Beagle Kennel

Still on the hunt for Beagles in Louisiana? Crowe’s Beagle Kennel is another kennel to look for purebred beagle puppies. The kennel is located in Amite City and is also famous for breeding satsuma hounds.

Crowe’s Beagle Kennel Puppies are AKC-registered.

The beagle puppies are fun-loving, amicable, and sociable. With the immense potential for training, they will make great companions for your children.

The kennel also provides stud services for the breed.

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Address: Amite City, LA, United States

Hokies Hounds Beagle Rescue

When regular breeders don’t work out, you can always adopt a beagle puppy through foster homes. One such place to spot in the state is the Hokies Hounds Beagle Rescue.

Started in 2002, the nonprofit organization is a group of dedicated individuals who assist beagles through a foster home program.

They’ve been guardians to hundreds of beagles and you too can join their efforts for animal welfare. Adopting a beagle from this foster home can be very rewarding.

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Address: 43157 Hwy 933, Prairieville, LA 70769

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Beagles are loyal, playful, and likable and are great pets to own. This list of Beagle breeders in Louisiana should take you one step closer to buying or adopting the ideal dog for your family.

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