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Best Beagle Breeders in Maryland

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If the thought of finding beagle puppies within Maryland is off-putting, worry no more. This list will show you the best beagle breeders in Maryland. You’ll have saved valuable time and found the floppy-eared puppy of your dreams.

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Last Updated on: Jan 27, 2022

Beagles make great companions. They are active, super-friendly, and get along with other dogs since they’re pack dogs by nature. They’re considered the fifth most popular breed in America owing to their intelligence and lovable personality. If you’re prepared to give a beagle the love, attention, and exercise it needs, take a look at our list of reputable beagle breeders in Maryland.

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Pony Tails Kennel

Situated in Woodbine, the family-owned and family-run kennel sells healthy and quality puppies. Although they deal with a wide range of breeds that includes beagles, their main breeds are Boston terriers and pugs.

They raise puppies as part of their family, giving them sufficient interaction with the family members. The breeders also adopt necessary measures to ensure their dogs are placed in loving homes. Their dogs run in open fields and socialize with the family.

They breed AKC-registered puppies and their adult dogs frequently originate from a champion bloodline.

The kennel only permits restricted appointments and you can see beagle puppies Maryland once they reach eight weeks. Prospective buyers are asked to choose only one puppy and deposit a $200 non-refundable reservation fee. While the breeders understand the significance of taking a new pet home, they also value the safety of the animals.

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Pun Kotzky Breeders

This is one of the best beagle breeders in Maryland. They run a limited and selective program whereby litters aren’t frequent. They breed to generate the next generation of show dogs and constantly maintain two to three puppies from each litter to assess their show potential. The remaining puppies are offered to prospective buyers.

Occasionally, they have young adults, older puppies, or retired show champions as pets. They raise the dogs in their home as part of their family as they’re against dog kenneling. The dogs, who live as a pack, can access their securely fenced backyard through a dog door.

When breeding, they focus on producing happy and sociable dogs with easy-going temperaments. Health is of utmost significance to the breeder. They conduct a careful health assessment of their stock, including  DNA testing for specific breed disorders.

Generally, they don’t sell puppies to homes that lack secure yards because their puppies’ wellbeing is a key concern. When you purchase a puppy from the kennel, you’ll obtain a sale agreement. Puppies that aren’t meant for shows are sold with a non-breeding contract. They have restricted AKC registration which permits them to participate in AKC-related canine activities except for conformation shows.

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Address: 1486, Mockingbird DriveDarnestown, MD 20874

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Amber Valley Kennels

Situated in Maryland, Amber Valley Kennels (AVK) began with the aim of breeding healthy beagles that make great pets. AVK puppies are social creatures and are accustomed to interacting with kids and adults.

The breeder exposes dogs to different sounds, sights, and smells for them to have friendly, calm attitude that helps them adjust better in their new home. Furthermore, they’re familiar with everyday noises such as lawnmowers and kids playing.

The dogs make great family companions besides being great with children. The breeder allows visits once the puppies are at least six weeks old. The puppies are allowed to leave for new homes once they are eight weeks old.

To reserve a puppy, you’ll have to pay a non-refundable deposit. The puppy stays with the breeder until it’s old enough to go home with you. Many of their puppies have found new homes with families in Maryland, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

Check out these beagle FAQs before making the decision to purchase a beagle.


Cute Beagle Puppies Rehome

They began their breeding program with exceptional beagles. These beagles were the result of the commitment and diligence of several generations of breeders from all over the country.

The breeder doesn’t support dog kenneling so they raise the dogs in their home as part of the family. The dogs have a secure yard where they coexist as a pack. Cute Beagles perform a thorough health assessment of their dogs, which includes DNA testing.

Once they feel that a family is a suitable match, the breeder offers nationwide shipping services and will reserve a puppy for you once you’ve made the decision to adopt.

Cute Beagle Puppies rehome value health as an important aspect of breeding.

The breeder encourages puppy buyers to visit the facility and meet the parents. The breeder will only ship a puppy once a vet has performed the necessary tests to rule out any health concerns.

Additionally, they only ship puppies on airlines that have pet safety programs. As soon as you send the reservation deposit, they’ll book a flight and email you the itinerary of schedules, flights, and pick-up details. When your beagle is on its way to you, they’ll provide you with frequent updates until your new pet arrives safely.

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Little Angel Beagles

If you’re interested in getting a puppy from Little Angel Beagles, send an email with the puppy’s name along with your full name, phone number, and address.

If you want the puppies shipped to you, you will also need to provide details of the major airport you want to use. Note that they will only send their puppies to airports that have a PetSafe program. You can also pick up your puppy from them. Be aware that you’ll need to pay cash when making the final payment.

Typically, you’ll incur $200 on delivery services and an extra $50-$100 for any U.S. flight. You can relax knowing that they’ll handle your puppy with the utmost care.


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Beagles are social animals. They need to be around others. Whether it’s the company of their owners or other pets. In return, they will readily shower you with love, loyalty, and attention. If you’re a resident of Maryland looking to purchase a beagle, this list of the best beagle breeders in Maryland is sure to help you.


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