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Best Beagle Breeders in Minnesota

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Fun-loving and energetic, Beagles fit well as both family and hunting dogs. However, you must ensure that you buy your dog from a safe and authentic breeder. Here is a curated list of breeders in Minnesota who provide you with healthy puppies with a great temperament.

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Last Updated on: May 12, 2022

The key to finding a good beagle is to look for a purebred Beagle puppy. How do you find one? Purebred Beagles are challenging to find. The best way to get a purebred Beagle is through reputed breeders in your state. Here is a list of the best beagle breeders in Minnesota.

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Woodland Beagles

This is the perfect family-run kennel you should visit in Minnesota. With selective breeding techniques, they are one of the best Beagle breeders in Minnesota.

The puppies produced are incredible family companions. The kennel raises 12 to 14 inches Beagles in attractive tri-color, red & white, lemon & white, blue & tan shades.

The Dams and Sites are certified by both AKC and UKC. The puppies are also vaccinated and wormed.

Head over to the FAQ section on the breeder’s website to have all your queries sorted. Your Beagle puppy comes with a tiny bag of puppy food, a toy, contract registrations, and health papers.

Website | Email ID | Call Us

Address: 19062 Babcock Ave, Lester Prairie, MN 55354

Whispering Winds Kennel

Situated in Northern Minnesota, the breeders started the kennel by raising English Spaniels around 17 years ago. They ventured into growing Beagles a few years ago.

The Beagles bred have lovely temperaments and thrive under human companionship.

The puppies come with a complete AKC registration along with a year of health guarantee.

Bred delicately in safe and sanitized environments, you can have a glance at puppies born in the past. Plus, you can avail some trendy Beagle-themed merchandise on the breeder’s website.

Send them an email if you are interested in buying a Beagle.

Website | Email ID | Call Us

Address: Bagley, MN 56621

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River Bottom Beagles

The kennel is run by Tom O’Connor. The breeder built the kennel in 1999.

The puppies here conform well to the characteristics of purebred Beagles. Thus, they make ideal family pets or hunting companions.

To get home a Beagle puppy, connect with the breeder on the email below.

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Email ID | Call Us

Address: Litchfield, Minnesota, US

Lakeside Puppies

Located in rural Minnesota, Lakeside puppies specializes in purebred Pomeranians and Beagles. They grow up on a 200+ acre farm. Most of the adult Beagles are certified by the AKC as well as the CKC.

You can get hold of the complete AKC registration through an additional fee.

The Beagles will weigh around 15 to 22 pounds once they are full size. You can take your pet home after the puppy is eight weeks or older.

Website | Email ID | Call Us

Address: Brownton, Minnesota, USA

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We hope this list of Beagle Breeders In Minnesota has helped you get in touch with a trustworthy breeder. Buying a Beagle from an authentic breeder ensures that you bring home a healthy pet. Reputable breeders also take care of the initial grooming and vaccination needs of puppies.


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