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Best Beagle Breeders in Mississippi

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Whether for hunting or purely companionship, finding the right beagle doesn’t need to be challenging. Here are five reputable beagle breeders in Mississippi who raise and train their puppies themselves.

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Last Updated on: Jan 13, 2022

I recently had a friend who asked, where can i find beagle breeders near me? Finding the right breeder for your pup is so important. I have heard of countless horror stories when it comes to pup and breeders. If you’re in Mississippi and are trying to find the best beagle puppies Mississippi, here’s a list of reliable breeders for you.

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Beagles on Fire Breeders

Most people interested in purchasing a Beagle for the first time aren’t aware of the factors they should take into consideration. For example, is the beagle trained? How have they been bred? Well, if you’re a first-time beagle owner, then Beagles on Fire is a great place to start. They’ve made it a point to train and raise beagles in the right facilities.

Before you receive your beagle, these breeders provide the best training facilities for their dogs. They have a nine-acre training field where beagles are exposed to exercise, obedience training, and the basics of hunting at an early age. All you need to do is build on this foundation and look after your new best friend!

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Address: 259 Mt Gilead Rd, Holly Springs, MS 38635

5 Star Beagles

The breeder has been rearing and training beagles for close to 28 years. If you’re looking for purebred beagles, you should consider going to 5 Star Beagles.

Each puppy is trained, fed, and exercised by the breeders themselves. This helps them produce beagles that are extremely obedient and have gentle dispositions. After breeding beagles for nearly three decades, their solid reputation for breeding beagles has reached various parts of the country.

All beagles are American Kennel Club registered.

5 Star Beagles has a strict no-shipping policy. They are adamant that they meet the people who are going to adopt their beagles. These breeders put in a lot of time and effort in raising these puppies and they care enough to ensure that the individuals looking to adopt their puppies are fit to look after them.

They have an adoption process for screening potential owners that you need to go through before you can buy one.

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Smokin Rabbit Kennels

If you’re looking for bluetick beagles for sale in Mississippi, look no further than Smokin Rabbit Kennels. These breeders are popular in Mississippi and the United States for rearing some of the best bluetick and tricolor beagles.

These breeders have dedicated themselves to rearing and training their beagles themselves. They also train their puppies to hunt small game.

Each puppy undergoes a thorough full-body examination. All beagles are placed on healthy diets to ensure that they remain fit. This makes Smokin Rabbit Kennels one of the best beagle puppies for sale in MS.

However, the purchasing or adoption process can take a while and not everyone gets a puppy. There are multiple people on waiting lists and it can take several months before you get your dog.

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Address: Blue Mountain, Mississippi 38610

Southern Beagles and Rabbits

These breeders entered the breeding industry by honoring their age-old tradition of hunting rabbits with beagles. On an average, their beagles grow 13 inches tall and run at a medium to upper-medium speed. These breeders primarily breed beagles for hunting rabbits and other small game which is why pace measurement is important.

Over the years, they’ve catered to individuals who adopt or purchase beagles as house pets as well.

Beagles are trained to hunt rabbits and follow basic commands.

If you need to purchase or adopt a beagle specifically for its hunting prowess, consider these breeders because they have some of the best hunting beagles for sale in Mississippi.

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Address: Mississippi 38701

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Southern Brush Kennels

Run by a father-son duo, Southern Brush Kennels started in 2008. Like most other breeders, Josh Bennett and Eddie Bennett train all their beagles themselves. They primarily focus on raising and training rabbit beagles but also raise beagles as house pets for owners.

Southern Brush Kennels have a 4-acre puppy pen and rabbit enclosure where they train, exercise, and teach their pups the basics of hunting small game. They have also branched out by training beagles for field trials. The kennels have close to six derbies (beagles less than two years old) ready for an American Kennel Club event called the Deep South Gun Dog Federation.

However, the adoption and purchasing process is quite stringent because these breeders want to make sure that you’re capable of caring for a beagle in the long term. Since beagles are hounds, they can become quite stubborn and difficult to deal with if not taken care of properly.


Address: Ripley, Mississippi

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Beagles are one of the most lovable dogs out there. They’re affectionate, cute, and love socializing with their owners. However, they can get quite destructive if left alone for a while. Due to their small size, they aren’t the ideal guard dogs. If you’re looking for a hunting dog or a pet to keep you company, consider these beagle breeders in Mississippi. They’re great pets as long as you can give them the care and exercise they need. Before long, you may have your own set of floppy ears welcoming you home every day.

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