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Best Beagle Breeders In Montana

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As prospective Beagle owners, finding the reputed breeders across the state of Montana is a high priority. Well, you can finally tick that item off your checklist. We bring to you freshly curated breeders that let you fetch the best puppies in the state.

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Last Updated on: May 09, 2022

Are you a resident of Montana in search of a beagle puppy? You have arrived at the right place for a definitive list of the best beagle breeders in Montana.

Beagles are carefree and outgoing dogs. With an incredible sense of smell, these hound dogs are gentle, likable, and playful. They thrive on exercise and love being the center of attention.

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Beagles West – Diamond D

Situated in Great Falls, Diamond D Kennels is the best place you can visit to get home a beagle.

The breeder specializes in top-tier AKC and UKC registered 13-inch puppies.

They’re also one of Montana’s best breeders.

The kennel is owned and run by veterinarian Dr. Douglas C. Dierking, and is small in size. With over 30 years of experience, Douglas is the right person you should approach for well-trained hunting dogs.

As a breeder, he makes use of his extensive knowledge in the field to breed high-quality and healthy beagles. The kennel also breeds Labrador Retriever Bird Dogs.

Beagles from Diamond D Kennels are extremely versatile and are a great fit for hunting, running, taking part in dog shows, or just as family pets.

These puppies will charm you with their good looks and multifold personality. They’re also very active, playful, and well-groomed.

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Address: Beagles West Diamond D Kennels, Douglas C. Dierking, B.A., D.V.M., 45 Taft Road, Great Falls, MT 59404

Jacob Klingensmith Kennel

This is another home-based and relatively new breeder. The kennel has been owned by Ruth Klingensmith since 2015.

The breeder is an AKC-certified kennel that guarantees premium puppies.

The breeders amalgamate their passion and love for beagles by raising lovable and friendly pets. The puppies at this kennel are sociable and mingle well with other humans and pets. Therefore, you also won’t face any trouble in getting your new beagle to adjust at home.

Beagles at Jacob Klingensmith are very healthy and well-bred.

The kennel takes high-end safety measures while breeding. So, you don’t need to worry about your new beagle’s health because the breeders take extra care while raising the pups.

When fully grown, your beagle may weigh up to 15-20 pounds. Also, all the animals bred in this kennel receive their first dose of vaccinations and deworming.

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Address: Big Timber, MT 59011

Gregory & Julie Monk Breeders

Are you looking for Beagle breeders near Missoula in Montana? Here is the place you should head over to.

Gregory and Julie Monk are AKC certified breeders who are proud parents to 13-inch beagles.

The kennel environment is highly sanitized ensuring that the beagles are developed in safe conditions. The owners have over 15 years of experience and assist you thoroughly in your search for a new beagle.

All the animals bred in this kennel exhibit beautiful and lively personalities. They are easy to train and will capture your attention in no time.

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Address: Florence, MT 59833

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Beagles are active, playful, and likable dogs, who make great household pets. Adopting a beagle is a lengthy process and finding the right beagle breeder in Montana can be a difficult task.

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