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Best Beagles Breeders in New Hampshire

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We understand the frustration of getting nowhere with online research, struggling to find the best Beagle breeder in New Hampshire. That’s why we have a quick, comprehensive guide to bringing home the Beagle of your dreams!

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Last Updated on: Jan 09, 2022

Charles Schulz introduced Snoopy in his Peanut comic strip in the 1950s, and the world fell in love. How could we not? Remember Snoopy’s happy dance?

Or perhaps it’s the Woodstock and Snoopy cuddles that make you smile. Either way, if you are searching for Beagle breeders in New Hampshire, you’re ready to bring home your own “Snoopy.”

Since it fits into any family dynamic, a Beagle can be the missing puzzle to your perfect home. Just don’t count on your droopy-eared friend to become the protector of your house because they love all people equally, even strangers.

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Honey Pot Hounds Beagles

This small hobby kennel started with just two Beagles named Buster and Honey.

Honey was brought in to help make Buster feel more comfortable and free. Honey’s charm worked and even earned the kennel its first show championship.

All puppies are raised By Cindy and Jim Williams.

The puppies receive their vaccine shots and deworming at the age of eight weeks. All pups are exposed sights, sounds, and people to establish their social skills. In addition, interested fur parents can expect their pup’s complete documents like the pedigree and health history. And that’s why Honey Pot Hounds is top of our list for Beagle puppies for sale in NH.

Being the top Beagle breeder of the state, expect a long waiting list for Honey Pot Hounds. More so, as they don’t follow a “first come, first serve” rule when giving away their Beagle puppies. All applicants need to be willing to wait until the Williams couple finds the perfect puppy for them.

As a small, independent breeder, Honey Pot Hounds does not sell their puppies to brokers or pet stores. You need to contact them directly if you are interested in bringing this new bundle of joy to your home.

Website | Email ID

Celtic Rose Kennels

Cheryl Silveria, a preservation breeder, and a reputable dog show handler, makes everything possible in her New Hampshire small home-based kennel. One of Cheryl’s goals is to produce not only beautiful Beagles but also versatile fur-buddies.

And that’s why the Celtic Rose Kennels pups have a reputation for excellent performance in the ring and as loving companions in homes. It is easily one of the beagle breeders in New Hampshire.

All you need is to apply and express your interest and provide information about your household. You have to be honest in letting Cheryl know what you are looking for, as it helps the kennel find the perfect match for you.

All puppies are personally trained and raised by the owner. Socialization is given top priority because Cheryl believes that this will make their transition easier.

Some of the training methods used are Basic Manners, Initial House Training, Sound Stimulation, and Socialization. All puppies are guaranteed a clean bill of health and a microchip.

Facebook | Email ID

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Pick of the Litter Store

This is not your ordinary breeder because Pick of the Litter is a puppy store business that works with licensed Beagle breeders. Pick of the Litter holds the same (and even higher) standards and requirements from their Beagle breeders.What sets them apart from other Beagle raisers is they offer financing options for aspiring pet parents who might struggle with the expenses involved.

Being in the business for over thirteen years means that they have an extensive network of verified, ethical breeders in NH, nearby states, and even small, select hobby breeders. So you can be confident that all their pocket Beagle puppies for sale in NH are healthy and friendly.

Pick of the Litter offer financing options for aspiring pet parents.

What’s more? They can be your one-stop shop for getting all the supplies you may need for your new family member before you bring the pup home.

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Email ID | Call Us

Address: 375 South Broadway (Route 28), Salem, NH 03079

Sweet Melody Farm

Owned by Robert Clay Drozdowski, Sweet Melody Farm offers pocket Beagle puppies for sale in NH. Aside from providing quality Beagles to interested fur-parents, they also offer stud services and dog rescue.

All their pups are raised on the farm. There is plenty of room to play and build their socialization skills. This healthy breeding environment in North America is ideal for pups to thrive and develop a foundation of security and interaction with humans and other animals.

All paw-tastic companions are cared for since birth. They are provided access to health care along with devoted attention from a partner veterinarian. All puppies are vaccinated and provided a clean bill of health upon adoption and release.

Email ID

Address: 18 McCrillis Rd, Nottingham, NH, 03290

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Did You Know? Beagles are passionate when it comes to following a scent trail.

They can do this for hours and would follow their nose more than their owners. And since they’re ruled by their nose, Beagles also have a strong instinct to hunt. Unless you want to start your day with a game of Find-The-Beagle, a fence around your perimeter is highly recommended!

A Beagle will surely complete your home. It is the missing bundle of joy (and nose) in your family. So get one from one of the reputable Beagle breeders in New Hampshire, and start making memories with your new family member.

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