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Best Beagle Breeders in New York

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Are you looking for Beagle puppies in New York? Only buy a puppy from a vetted breeder. Find AKC certified Beagle puppies with medical paperwork, and health records, guarantees, and 24/7 customer support.

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Last Updated on: Apr 13, 2022

Is your heart set on the floppy-eared beagle? Are you looking for a reliable breeder in New York to bring home the perfect beagle puppy? Then you’re in the right place. With the help of this list of the best beagle breeders in New York, your dream of bringing a beagle puppy home will soon come true.

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A’Z and J’Z Beagles

This is one of the best beagle breeders in New York. They breed AKC-certified 13-inch Beagles. They have a first come first serve policy so interested buyers should keep that in mind before getting on their waiting list.

Their puppies are sold with limited AKC breeding rights but you can purchase the breeding rights separately later on.

They provide all health information regarding worming, shots, etc. The puppies are given their first dose of vaccines and are dewormed once at least. They also provide a one-year guarantee in their contract.

You need to wait until the puppy is 8 weeks old to pick it up from this breeder. You can also visit their website to check for more details about the contract.

They have strict policies on pick-up, response time, etc. so be sure to follow their schedule if you do get on their waitlist. Otherwise, you could lose your deposit and your puppy too.

Make sure to check for photos of past puppies and information about the parent dogs available on their website.

Website | Email ID | Call Us

Address: Lisle, Broome County, New York

Sportsman’s Kennels

This Kennel is owned and operated by Helen C. and her family.

They have been breeding AKC-certified puppies and designer breeds since 1962.

Sportsman’s Kennels have an A+ rating and are a BBB accredited business.

These breeders have a 6-acre facility that is open to visitors but puppies are shown by appointment only.

In addition to breeding services, this breeder also provides dog grooming, training, and boarding services with pick-up and delivery from New York to Montauk.

All the dogs are bred from champion bloodlines and genetically tested too. The breeder also provides a lifetime health guarantee on all its puppies and their staff includes veterinarians as well.

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Address: Manorville, New York, USA

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Bellmore Kennels

This breeder is located in Bellmore, New York. They exclusively breed AKC-registered hunting beagles and have been in the business since 1990.

All their beagles are family-raised and their kennels typically consist of 6 to 8 adult beagles. Their waitlist might be a bit longer than other breeders because they only breed 1 litter a year.

The kennel bloodlines include inline BlackJack, BlackCreek, Buckshot Mr. Bill, Buckshot Jones, and Branko.

The bloodlines and the way the puppies are raised ensure that you get a bold and intelligent beagle. These dogs are not just great hunting companions but also friendly pets.

Providing hunting, retrieving, and field training are some of the practices conducted at the Bellmore kennels. You can check out the pictures and videos of their recent litter on their website.

They have also included a tiny section about the dams and sires along with their pictures. You can find more of their hunting and training videos on YouTube under the name Bellmorekennels.

Beagles from Bellmore Kennels compete in AKC tracking events.

If you feel that training a beagle is too difficult for you, then you can choose to buy an adult beagle from Bellmore Kennels instead. They sell both puppy and adult beagles.

The owner, Anthony, provides all Beagles with basic training and so they’re well-behaved when ready to go to their new homes. This kennel also breeds swiss hounds who are trained alongside beagles.

Bellmore Kennels is a small breeder and might be difficult to reach on phone or mail. However, you can try visiting them. They’re open Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm.

Website| Email ID | Call Us

Address: Bellmore, Long Island, New York, 11710

Central Park Puppies

This is a USDA licensed breeder with over a decade of experience breeding all dog breeds. All their puppies come vaccinated, registered, and microchipped. They also provide a one-year health guarantee on congenital issues along with all medical and health records of the puppies.

Each puppy is also checked by a veterinarian to confirm that they don’t have any health issues. Upon registration, you also get free lifetime phone consultation on pet training and health, and free lifetime deworming.

They’re also available 24/7 for dog owners in need. For more information and resources, you can check out their video series on YouTube or their blog.

You can check their available list of puppies online and fill out your contact details and have them contact you. For more information on their service, check their client testimonials.

Location: 650 Central Park Ave unit A, Yonkers, NY 10704, United States

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If you’ve had experience with dogs before, then getting a beagle should be easy. They are good-natured, loyal, and fun to have around the house and they can adjust fine with humans and other animals.

Beagles originated from England, where they were bred for hunting so their scenthound instincts will be quite strong.

For people with no experience of owning, training, and living with dogs, a supportive breeder is the best answer. Dogs aren’t easy to bring into your home and your life and when it comes to puppies the process can be nerve-wracking.

Choosing the best beagle breeders in New York with an expert staff and customer support post-pick-up should be your goal.

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