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Best Beagle Breeders In Oklahoma

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If you have been making calls after calls looking for Beagle breeders, your search ends here. This guide puts at your disposal exactly what you need. Read through to find out the best beagle breeders in Oklahoma.

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Last Updated on: Feb 03, 2022

Are you in or around Oklahoma? We have put together a comprehensive list of authentic Beagle breeders around you. From this list, you can easily find beagles for sale in Oklahoma.

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Perfect Pocket Beagles

This is a family dog-breeding business founded in the ’90s. Shae Wilson is the current owner, having inherited it from her mother. Shae raises her pups in a loving environment on an 8-acre piece of land in Oklahoma.

She takes pride in raising authentic English Pocket Beagles, having worked with Robert Mock who is known for restoring this rare line of beagles. The family works to maintain the originality of the Olde English Pocket Beagle bloodline. If you are looking for Beagles for sale around OKC, then you are at the right place.

All puppies ARE registered with the Olde English Pocket Beagle registry.

On making your purchase, Perfect Pocket Beagles will issue you with health certificates for your pet. They also ensure that their puppies are up to date with vaccinations and deworming.

This breeder is at the top of the list of Beagle breeders in Oklahoma. Having been in business for a while, you can’t get a more reliable breeder.

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Daisy Hill Dawgs

If you’ve been searching for Beagle puppies Oklahoma, you have come to the right place. Daisy Hill Dawgs is proud of breeding different dog breeds, including Labradoodles, Shih poos, and Beagles. 

Beagles blend in quite well with other animals and humans, so it is only reasonable to raise them in the company of other animals. The small kennel in Oklahoma does not sell to brokers and pet shops. They only sell to families who are ready to give some much-needed love to a Beagle.

From an early age, this family exposes the pups to socialization through the family’s grandchildren. The puppies are used to being around people, which is equally essential for their health.

On purchasing your pup, the Daisy Hill Dawgs will issue you with health certificates for your pet.

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B&S Kennels

The Kennel was founded in 1997 as a hobby breeding facility in Kansas. The family business has undergone a tremendous transformation from being just a hobby kennel into a licensed company. Yvette and Larry Bolz are the faces behind the breeding facility.

B&S Kennels focuses on selling quality puppies. As a Beagle lover, you will fall in love with the extra care the family puts into raising healthy, happy puppies. Their pups are trained for companionship and some for hunting. 

B&s kennels allow you to visit the kennels and socialize with the beagles.

Yvette and Larry will allow you to pay them a visit on appointment. This is a plus since most breeders will not let you go to the farms to socialize with the animals. In addition, they have puppies all year round. Even when you can’t take your pup home yet, you can follow through with its progress. 

B&S Kennels are also very specific about cleanliness. They clean and disinfect the kennels daily. The buildings where the pets are housed are heated and air-conditioned.

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Address: 1165 RD. 90 OLPE, KANSAS 66865

Little Country Paws

This is a small family dog-breeding business located in Koshkonong, Missouri. The family insists on being “small” because they love to give their babies extra attention.

Little Country Paws prides in breeding Beagle puppies only. The children on the farm are tasked with ensuring your pup is already sociable before it gets to you.

The breeding facility adopts homeless Beagles and gives them shelter and love. In addition, Little Country Paws puts family health first. All pups are dewormed regularly and vaccinated as needed.

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Address: 3880 US 160, Koshkonong, MO

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Did you know that Beagles vocalize in three different ways? It is actually said that the name “beagle” means gaped throat. Beagles can howl, make standard barks, and bay when hunting. These facts about Beagles justify their popularity. No wonder they’re such a fascinating breed!

Now that you know where to get your furry friend, contact the breeder you would prefer from the list above. A Beagle will be your companion, a friend, and perhaps even a therapist. Beagle breeders in Oklahoma agree on one thing, letting go of these friendly and active companions is hard for them too.

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