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Best Beagle Breeders in Rhode Island


Are you a resident of Rhode Island hoping to get a beagle home? Finding a reputed breeder can be a cumbersome task. Here is a curated list of the best Beagle breeders in Rhode Island.

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Queens River Beagles 

Located in Exeter, Rhode Island, Queens River Beagles began with two dogs Chief and Bullet. The beagles doubled in number in no time and this began the Queens River Beagles journey.

The owners believe in and uphold their love for the beagles and share their expertise in breeding before they hand over puppies to their customers. 

The breeders ensure the puppies maintain a healthy diet and get optimum exercise and socialization. With each puppy, you receive a comprehensive DNA report that answers all your queries about the parents. 

The beagle puppies are DNA certified using the Wisdom Panel’s DNA Test Kits.

If you wish to reserve a puppy, you have to make an initial deposit of $900. The remaining sum can be handed over when you receive your beagle.

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Location: Exeter, Rhode Island, 02822

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Friends of Homeless Animals, Inc  

Founded by Roie Griego, Friends of Homeless Animals initially focused on rescuing Boston Terriers. But over the years, the organization began various formal rescue activities for smaller breeds, thus saving the lives of innumerable animals.

Roie holds an educational degree in the environmental field that lays special emphasis on animal education. Helped out by a few dedicated volunteers, Roie and her husband Henry work tirelessly to give these abandoned animals a better life. 

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You can get a live updates on the available puppies. The website facilitates detailed information on the temperament, adoption process, location, and health of the dog you choose. 

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Location: Portsmouth, RI

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Final Thoughts 

Beagles are intelligent pets. They may be difficult to train, but once you get the knack of it, they can be excellent house pets. Check out these fun facts about beagles.

We hope that your search for Beagle Breeders in Rhode Island has finally come to an end. Head over to the nearest breeder to get a beagle home today! 

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