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Best Beagle Breeders in South Carolina

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It might be difficult to get the Beagle of your choice, given the high prices at pet stores. Contact the best Beagle breeders in South Carolina to get your perfect pet—the list includes Short Acres Beagles, Carolina Beagles, County Line, Justin Philips, and Pet Land.

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Last Updated on: Jun 14, 2022

Looking for Beagle breeders in South Carolina? Beagles are famous for their tiny stature, friendly nature, and playful antics. At the same time, their adaptability and loving temperament make them the first choice of many pet owners, especially as most families live in tiny apartments these days.

Beagles were originally bred as hunting dogs in Britain, but they are considered great companion dogs and family pets today. They are usually easy to take care of as they are generally healthy.

If you have decided to adopt a Beagle, the journey starts with looking for a genuine breeder. Also, ensure they raise their dogs in a safe environment and follow responsible breeding practices.

Here is a list of Beagle breeders in South Carolina. Certified by the AKC, these breeders are committed to the cause of responsible growing of Beagles.

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Short Acres Beagles

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Located in Bonneau, South Carolina – is Short Acres Beagles. Laura Short, who has been breeding since 2002, runs this organization. Laura breeds her puppies following the AKC Breeding standards so that each family takes home a healthy pet.

Her Beagles are trained, vaccinated, and regularly examined by a licensed veterinarian to ensure good health. At the same time, her dogs have been part of various competitions like AKC dog shows, emerging as winners. Some are also amazing therapy dogs, tracking dogs, and remarkable family companions.

Their dogs cleared the OFA health test and tested for over 190 health ailments. So, you can rest assured your puppy is free from genetic disorders. Moreover, their pups are fitted with microchips for easy tracking.

The puppies are well socialized and nourished in a family environment in a 10-acre kennel in rural Bonneau, South Carolina.

If you’re interested in getting one of their Beagles, fill out their puppy application. Once the breeder approves your request you can join the waiting list by paying a non-refundable holding fee of $300.

The final price of the Beagles is $2000. This amount comprises registration papers, puppy care guides, puppy food, and more.

Website | Facebook | Email ID

Address: Bonneau, South Carolina, 29431

Carolina Beagles

Located outside of Clemson, they are one of the well-known Beagle breeders in South Carolina. They raise 13″ AKC Beagles in a family environment. Moreover, the Beagles are well socialized as they play with children every day. Certainly, their dogs are all vaccinated, well-trained, and immunized.

Message them to get on their contact list and get updates on their upcoming litters.

Facebook | Email ID

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County Line

Lisa Hoffman, a meritorious breeder, runs County Line. She is an AKC Licensed Judge for Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Beagles, Afghans, American Foxhound, and Ibizans.

She began her breeding journey in 1985 with Rhodesian Ridgebacks and now also specializes in AKC standardized Beagles. In addition, the litter is fully health tested with results uploaded on

The breeding certainly focuses on enhancing the best traits of the Beagles in terms of their temperament, soundness, and appearance.

Fill in the Beagle puppy questionnaire to be approved and added to the adoption waiting list.

Website | Email ID | Call Us

Address: Chesnee, South Carolina 29323

Justin Philips

This breeder is a kennel in South Carolina that has been breeding since 1997. Named after its owner, the AKC has certified the kennel as a responsible breeder.

It houses a variety of animals like Beagles, Poodles, Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, and Goldendoodles.

The Beagles here are usually small and grow only up to  maximum of 11 to 13 inches tall.

The puppies come to you with their first round of deworming and vaccination. Most importantly, the breeder issues a health guarantee. At the same time, they take back the puppies if buyers are unable to keep them for any reason.

Website | Call Us

Address: Spartanburg, South Carolina 29307

Pet Land

This breeder has been assisting several citizens to adopt Beagles and other breeds since 1967. They truly care for dogs, so it does not matter if you don’t buy one of their Beagles.  The counselors at Petland are happy to help with adoption guidance too.

The Beagle puppies are nurtured with a high-quality, nutritious diet, adequate socializing opportunities, and exercise. Also, their weights and temperatures are frequently monitored and they go through regular veterinarian checkups.

The puppies arrive microchipped with a health certificate, registration papers, a complimentary veterinary examination, and a one-year extended warranty.

Website | Facebook | Call Us

Address: 975 Bacons Bridge Rd, Summerville, South Carolina 29485

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As we come to end the end of this list, we hope you have finally discovered trustworthy Beagle breeders in South Carolina. They are all AKC registered and dedicated to the improvement of the breed, so get in touch with them and bring your very own Beagle home!

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