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Best Beagle Breeders In Texas

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Looking for a beagle in Texas? Our list of Texan breeders includes major breeders in the cities of Houston, Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio - perfect for tracking down the floppy-eared beagle of your dreams.

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Last Updated on: Jan 08, 2022

Looking for beagle breeders in Texas? Choose from beagles of various sizes from small to medium and bring home a great addition to your family.

Beagles have the same ancestry as miniature foxhounds and understandably love to hunt. This breed is a scent-hound with about 220 million scent receptors, making it ideal for picking up and following even elusive scents.

Obedience training is essential though. If you’re looking to own this dog, it might be worth the effort to find a breeder that trains its puppies. Here’s a list of reputable beagle breeders in Texas.

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Beagle Breeders in Houston, Texas

beagle sitting with a girl
This may just be where your online search for “beagle puppies for sale Houston TX” ends. Consider these two reputable breeders for beagles in the Houston area.

Quail Ridge Pocket Beagles Texas

The breeder cares about placing their puppies in loving homes. You can expect to be prescreened since they only sell puppies to homes that can accommodate a beagle.

Among the different beagle varieties, they concentrate on the pocket beagle, a smaller version of the breed that has increasingly become more popular. Pocket beagles are smaller than standard-sized beagles and stand between 11 and 13 inches tall. They have similar traits and loveable qualities as the conventional beagle except in a smaller size.

If you’re interested in owning a beagle puppy from them, you can make an inquiry and schedule an appointment to learn more. It’s worth noting that they have litters only at particular times of the year so you might find yourself on a waiting list until one becomes available.

Their puppies are healthy and genetically strong.

At Quail Ridge, the puppies are raised in a rural setting which is perfect for these dogs that have a genetic predisposition to hunting. If you’re thinking of owning beagle puppies for sale in Texas, beware that the re-homing charges are $900 and $1000 for males and females respectively for standard colored puppies.

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Address: 13900 County Road, May, TX 76857

Victor Hill Ranch

Beagle puppies at Victor Hill are AKC-registered and obtain their initial shots before they find placement in new homes. The breeders raise their puppies on a sprawling 114-acre ranch in Dime Box where the dogs are engaged in various activities ranging from swimming and running to playing.

American Kennel Club registered

They’ve been breeding beagles for sale in Texas for nearly 30 years and aim to place their dogs in homes where they’ll find joy. Their dogs are healthy and bred for excellent temperament and health.

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Beagle Breeders in Dallas, Texas

an image of a beagle sitting
Been looking for “beagle puppies for sale Dallas?” Beagle Corner and K9 Kompanions may just have the puppy you’re looking for.

Beagle Corner Breeder

This is a small kennel located near Dallas. They specialize in healthy and happy purebred beagles. Puppies are raised on a raw diet and the breeders make sure that they are well-socialized. They breed dogs for health, temperament, and appeal.

New owners are provided health certificates as proof of their puppies’ health. Beagle Corner values its dogs and will take them in if their owners can no longer care for them. In such cases, they either keep the dog or help the buyer find a new home.

There is a $150 non-refundable deposit to reserve your puppy. You’ll need to pay the outstanding amount before pickup.

The breeder does not ship its puppies, but they are willing to meet you to hand over the puppies as long as you shoulder their hotel and gas expenses.

Website | Facebook

Address: Freestone, 76039 Euless, TX

K9 Kompanions Beagles

Located in Whitewright, K9 Kompanion offers AKC-registered beagles. They strive to breed quality pedigrees with great temperaments. The dogs receive genetic testing so they can stay on top of any genetic issues or health conditions.

K9 focuses on offering a quality socialization program that provides dogs with neurological stimulation and opportunities to enhance their scent detection abilities.

K9 Kompanions’ puppies have won several AKC conformation competitions.

They produce well-adjusted dogs who acclimatize easily in preparation for their new home placement. They can also conduct temperament testing to assure owners that they’re obtaining a suitable puppy for their family.

You’ll need to pay a $400 deposit to reserve your puppy with the option to choose the litter from which your puppy will originate. If you need the puppy transported, you must inform them by the fourth week after birth. Typically,  you can have your puppy delivered to an airport in most areas for $440.

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Address: 12000 FM 697, Whitewright, Texas

Beagle Breeders in Austin, Texas

owner feeding the dog
You can also find beagles from some of the Austin-based breeders below.

Eaton Beagles Little Beagles

You’ll take pride in owning a beagle from this breeder who raises puppies in Briggs. Puppies from Eaton Beagles undergo an annual inspection by the owner, her team, as well as the AKC.

The breeder is dedicated to adopting the best practices and preserving her dogs’ quality and health. For over 15 years, the owner has raised beagle puppies to preserve the breed’s excellent qualities.

Although they focus on smaller-sized puppies, they don’t adopt controversial size-reduction practices. Since their puppies have the freedom to run and roam, their puppies are well-socialized and ready to integrate with new families.

The breeder ensures that each puppy undergoes deworming, obtains its vaccination shots, and comes with a health guarantee.

The breeder also gives new pet owners a checklist of items that they can acquire to care for their puppy. This way, adopting families will know what to expect when owning beagles for sale Austin, TX.

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Address: Jennifer Eaton, PO Box 292, Briggs, Tx 78608

Dovetail Ranch Beagles

The ranch sits on 45 acres outside Dublin. They offer AKC-registered beagles and strive to raise well-mannered dogs.  They socialize dogs to become acclimatized to household noises, children, people, and other animals.

This allows the puppies to grow into even and well-mannered puppies that offer pet owners companionship and love.

The dogs at the ranch are intelligent, healthy, and well cared for. Their kennel features an exercise yard where puppies can mingle.

If you’re looking to own a dog from the ranch, you’ll need to pay a $300 non-refundable deposit and be included in the waiting list. You pay the outstanding balance when you take the puppy home. You can make a direct payment or use Paypal.

They are willing to ship your puppy as long as it is at least 8 weeks old. If you opt to have your puppy shipped, you’ll incur around $450 in air freight charges. This includes the necessary puppy vaccinations, a health guarantee, and a crate.

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Address: 5616 w State Hwy 6, Dublin, TX 76446

Beagle Breeders in San Antonio

an image of a puppy
For a breeder from the city of San Antonio, consider Red Devil Kennels and WolfRun Beagles.

Redd Devil Kennels

This is a family-run kennel. They chose to raise beagles because they are hardy, intelligent, and friendly breed that travels well. The owners strive to breed well-balanced beagles for sale in San Antonio that meet AKC standards and have excellent dispositions.

They raise the dogs in their home as part of the family and adopt early neurological stimulation (ENS) practices to stimulate their puppies at an early stage. These breeders have a lot of experience and knowledge in training beagles.

Redd devil kennels offer puppy training courses.

They offer 6-week classes on puppy manners at a cost of $120. The courses involve the new owners and take place outside. New owners must dress accordingly and bring training essentials such as a water bowl, buckle collar, and leash.

Dogs are trained using fun activities and various games which allow them to associate learning with fun.

They also offer the Canine Citizen & Trick Program. It encourages well-mannered dogs and responsible owners.

The trick part of the program is a fun way of interacting with your dog. One of the things dogs learn in this program is to accept strangers.

Website | Email ID

WolfRun Beagles

They have a small-scale breeding program that has one or two litters each year. They also recommend other beagle kennels in the country if they don’t have a puppy available.

Their puppies are lovingly raised in their home where they provide early development programs that become a solid foundation for the temperament of their dogs.

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beagle playing

Considering how large Texas is, there aren’t that many beagle breeders in Texas. Since these breeders care about the quality of their puppies, litters don’t come along very often either.

For new owners who don’t mind the waiting game, the reward is a happy, healthy, and well-adjusted beagle who will give you many years of love and companionship.

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