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Best Beagle Breeders in Vermont

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Have you been on the lookout to purchase a Beagle in Vermont? Say goodbye to endless hours of online searches for this information. Since there are not many in the state, we have compiled a list of the best Beagle breeders in and around Vermont.

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Last Updated on: Mar 31, 2022

Beagles are known for their friendly, loving, and happy nature. They are a popular breed with families in the US. These intelligent dogs have all the qualities that humans look for in canines. We’ve put together a list of the best beagle breeders in Vermont for you.

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Kirby Mountain Kennels

This is a small dog business run by a family in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. If you live near 240 Locust Ridge Road, East Burke Vermont, this is your go-to breeder.

Kirby Mountain Kennels began in 1990. You can be sure they have had so many years of breeding. This business went from part-time to a full time allowing them to concentrate solely on breeding and training dogs.

One reason why Kirby Mountain Kennels are a good choice is the amount of attention they give to their breeding. The training is well-researched to ensure healthy, intelligent, and performing breeds.

Your interaction with Kirby Mountain Kennels does not end when you pay for the dog. They allow you to contact and visit them, through appointments, every time you have an issue or a query about your pet.

In addition, they allow you to visit their facility for training. You can train with your dog before you bring it home. This will allow you to observe the dog’s strengths and behaviors. Kirby Mountain Kennels are open five days a week. They are closed on Sundays and Tuesdays to allow their breeds to rest and recover from days of training.

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Address: East Burke, Vermont 05832

Danielle Sargent’s Beagle

The breeder is located in Orange, Massachusetts. Danielle Sargent’s Beagle has been in the pet business for 11 years.

You can check out their healthy puppies from the tabs on their website. They have young, adult, and older Beagles according to your preference.

Danielle Sargent’s Beagle love to treat their dogs and puppies as kids. They, therefore, train them to be part of a family.

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Clover Valley Beagles

This Beagle breeder is located in South Easton, Massachusetts. They have been breeding for over 30 years. The children in the family play an active role in the lives of these Beagles. You, therefore, are guaranteed a healthy, active, and jovial canine companion.

Clover Valley Beagles is a family-run business that breeds both 13” and 15” beagles.

To reach there you will have to travel to Massachusetts, which is approximately 160 miles of air distance.

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Address: South Easton, Massachusetts, USA

Stowe Farm Orchard

Located in Millbury, Massachusetts, USA, Stowe Farm Orchard is a family farm that started as a cattle dairy. Today, it is one of the best Beagle breeders in Vermont.

Over the years, it has transformed into a multi-purpose farm with horses, agricultural produce, and most importantly, Beagles. Stowe Farm Orchard sits on a 60-acre piece of land, vast enough for a super-active Beagle to play and train.

They allow you to drop by after you take an appointment.

Upon purchase, they will issue you with health and immunization certificates, deworming, and flea treatment records.

Stowe Farm Orchard will give you the food the puppy is accustomed to and a free bed as a token. They also give you a coupon for one hour of Beagle training at the farm that you can redeem anytime during your dog’s life.

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Beagles are a favorite dog breed in the US. Although originally meant for hunting, beagles make great buddies. They are known to blend well with their caregivers and when in the right environment.

Beagles come in a mixture of black, white, and tan. This playful and energetic breed’s tails have white tips. If you are an outdoor person, a Beagle is an ideal canine to get.

This guide should help you purchase a Beagle. Most beagle pups are sold out before birth. Hence, it is best to stay in touch with the breeders mentioned above.

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Beagle Breeders in Vermont