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Best Beagle Breeders in Virginia

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Beagles are ranked as one of the most popular dogs in Virginia. Their temperament is adored by pet lovers everywhere. However, to ensure that your puppy is free from any genetic illnesses, always adopt them from trustworthy breeders. Here are some Beagle breeders you should not miss out on.

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Last Updated on: Apr 20, 2022

Beagles are a popular pet in America. No matter the state, you are sure to find a large number of breeders to buy or adopt pets from. But how do you choose the most credible ones? Here is a curated list of the top Beagle breeders in Virginia. Let’s take a look.

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MacyBay Beagles

Located in Louisa, Virginia, MacyBay Beagles has been in business for 21 years.

These AKC-certified beagles are ideal family companions.

You can have a look at the competent dogs the breeder has raised over the years here.

The beagles bred here are agile, swift, and highly intelligent. The puppies arrive with one dose of vaccination and deworming and they are available with limited AKC registrations.

You can visit the website to have a look at the parents during the non-breeding months. Schedule an appointment via email, or fill up the form. The breeders do not ship the beagles but do offer delivery in certain areas of Virginia.

Website | Email ID

Hall Mountain Rabbit Beagles

This kennel is run by Philip and Hunter Hall. It started back in 2010.

Breeders are constantly innovating with their practices and striving to develop a unique bloodline.

The kennel is a member of the National Beagle Club in Aldie, Virginia. Hall Mountain Rabbit Beagles is recognized by the AKC, UKC, PKC, and ARHA.

Skillfully bred, the dogs are ideal hunting partners. The beagles also display great agility and speed to ensure that they never miss their prey.

You can connect with the breeders through a phone call or by filling out the form on their website. Remember to specify the purpose of your adoption.

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Skyline Rabbit Beagles

This is a small kennel in the city of Elkton in Virginia. The Kennel is owned by Timmy Jenkins and Dexter Eppard.

The dogs bred in this kennel display the elite characteristics of rabbit hounds. They have a reputation for being swift runners.

Breeders here started breeding in 2010 when they began field trials.

The kennel is certified by the AKC and UKC.

If you are looking for well-bred running dogs, head over to Skyline Rabbit Beagles right away. Check their website for updates on upcoming litters.

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Beowulf Kennel

Are you looking for companion bred beagle? Beowulf Kennel, located in Farmville, Virginia, has highly elegant and talented hounds. The kennel also raises German Shepherds.

Owned by Terri Giannetti and her husband Ted Swedalla, the breeders have been in this business since 1985. They are highly passionate about the breed and strive to bring out the best characteristics in their puppies.

The beagles at Beowulf are lively and outgoing.

Website | Email ID

Broken Gun Beagles

Owned by Alexander Bitzer, Broken Gun Beagles have been raising beagles since 2011. The breeders take special care to nurture and train puppies for hunting, field trials, and as family pets.

The dogs are smart and well-trained and respond to your command.

Post-adoption, the breeder provides you with a written bill that outlines the responsibilities of the client and the breeder.

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This list will help you in finding the best Beagle breeders in Virginia. The beagles are well-trained and obedient. They make for great family pets. They are also perfect for hunting and long morning and evening runs.

If you’re looking to take home a beagle, this is the perfect place to start.

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