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Best Beagle Breeders in West Virginia (WV)

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There’s a good chance you’ll find the beagle of your dreams in our list of West Virginia’s top beagle breeders. These breeders are reputable, professional, and care a great deal about the welfare of their puppies.

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Last Updated on: Jan 09, 2022

Are you searching for the best beagle breeders in West Virginia?

These small, cute, lovable, and affectionate hounds make amazing family dogs and bond well with children. Beagles are tough, energetic, and playful animals with an amazing sense of smell. These dogs are also known to be extremely active and intelligent and need regular mental stimulation.

Searching for purebred beagles can be challenging. Here is a list of beagle puppies for sale in WV.

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A cute Beagle puppy yawning

Mountain View Beagles

Owned by a small family in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia, Mountain View Beagles is committed to raising beagles as companions and hunting dogs. They believe that even companion dogs should know the basics of running a rabbit or small game. They have their own kennel where they train, exercise, and feed their beagles.

Their beagles often participate in competitive events. They use these events to evaluate the progress their dogs have made. Each puppy is raised meticulously and is provided with some of the best facilities. Their goal is to breed beagles that are healthy, fit, and well socialized?

Each beagle comes with a health guarantee.

They also have stringent standards that potential owners must comply with. Sometimes, purchasing a beagle can take months.

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Address: 35 Spur RD, Martinsburg, West Virginia 25401

Dunlap Kennels

The Kennel is a family of dog lovers and has been in the breeding business for some time. They strive to breed the best hunting, competitive, and companion beagles and treat every beagle like a part of their family. Moreover, they participate in competitive shows to track the progress of each of their beagles.

A variety of beagles are available for purchase such as puppies, adult dogs, females, and pocket beagles. They are full-service breeders and believe that each of their clients deserves the best quality puppies. Before putting any beagle up for sale, Dunlap Kennels prepares them with the best facilities, training, and teaching them basic hunting skills.

Dunlap Kennels adhere to the American Kennel Club regulations for breeding beagles.

They provide hunting and stud services.

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Address: Red House District, West Virginia

Two Beagles playing in a park

Avon Acres Beagles

If you’re looking for tri-colored rabbit pocket beagle puppies for sale, then you may want to consider taking a look at Avon Acres Beagle Breeders.

Located in New Milton, Avon Acres started breeding beagles as a hobby but soon branched out as a full-fledged business. They are located on a 270-acre farm which gives their beagles more than enough room to exercise and roam around.

Avon Acres tries to raise the healthiest and sturdiest beagles whether as companions or hunting dogs. They work on improving the quality of their dogs by providing some of the best facilities for their development. Their huge farm enables them to train, exercise, and teach their beagles the basics of hunting. Each canine is given a healthy diet to ensure they remain fit.

All puppies undergo regular vet check-ups to ensure they don’t have any health issues or other physical ailments. Avon Acres Beagles leaves no stone unturned when it comes to raising their beagles. They are one of the best West Virginia beagle breeders.

Address: 708 Indian Fork Road, New Milton, West Virginia, 26411

A beagle eating his food
Beagles, with their droopy ears and loyal disposition, are one of the most lovable dogs out there. They make excellent family dogs and are always up for an adventure. Their love for people and companionship is so strong that if left alone for some time, they can become quite destructive. However, you can curb this behavior with the right training.

If you’re ready to become a beagle parent, why don’t you reach out to some of the beagle breeders in West Virginia we’ve identified?  Who knows? You may soon have a floppy-eared companion and hunting partner by your side.


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