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Beagle FAQs – Your Guide to All Things Beagle

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From their behavioral traits to their physical characteristics, there’s so much to learn and love about beagles.

If you’re curious about the breed or have been entertaining thoughts of bringing one home, this beagle FAQs is a quick way to get up to speed.

Last Updated on: Jan 28, 2022

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Beagles are friendly, loving, and super cute. This popular breed belongs to the hound family and is known for being scent hounds due to their impeccable sense of smell. Back in the day, beagles were bred to hunt.

Over the years, they’ve built a reputation for being the best home dogs. From the little things to more important issues, here are answers to some of the most common Beagle FAQs.

A beagle puppy in the garden

Frequently Asked Questions About Beagles

1. What’s the Average Lifespan of a Beagle?

A beagle’s lifespan varies from 12 to 15 years. A number of factors play a role in determining a beagle’s lifespan. Healthier beagles can live up to 15 years of age. Purebred beagles live longer compared to mixed breeds.

However, this also depends on how you take care of your dog, dietary factors, living conditions, and your dog’s specific state of health.

2. At What Age Is a Beagle Fully Grown?

Breeders wait for the puppies to reach 8 months to figure out their average height. This is when they’ll know if the puppy will reach the standard height of 13 to 15 inches or not.

Once a beagle reaches 18 months, it will have matured and grown to its full size.

3. Can You Leave a Beagle Alone for 8 Hours?

Beagles do not do well if left alone for long periods. They can get destructive and restless when left alone for 6 hours or more.

If you must leave them on their own, make sure to leave them in a comfortable environment where there is good ventilation, accessible water supply, and food. Dogs adapt quickly but you may hear them howl when you leave the house.

4. Do Beagles Bark a Lot?

Beagles are vocal and expressive dogs. They love to let you know how they’re feeling. If there’s something they need, you’ll hear them ask you for it. Excited beagles also tend to bark loudly and aggressively.

When they’re bored, they howl or whimper. When they’re seeking your attention they let out a low-pitched moan. They tend to snarl when they don’t like something or when they’re being defensive.

When left alone, they howl and bark. 

5. Can Beagles Be Left Alone?

Beagles crave company whether it’s with people or other household pets. You can leave your beagle alone but just ensure that it isn’t for too long.

Leaving them alone for long isn’t advisable.

A girl playing with her beagle

6. Are Beagles Good with Kids?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions about a beagle because parents are generally concerned about whether a beagle’s temperament is suited for children. Beagles are amazing with children and they make the best family dogs.

The beagle temperament is jovial, affectionate, and sociable.

7. Do Beagles Make Good House Dogs?

Absolutely. There’s a reason why they’re the 7th most popular dog in America. They are loyal and loving companions that play well with children and other pets.

8. Do Beagles Shed Much?

No beagle FAQs would be complete without a question about how much they shed. They shed moderately in the summer.

They grow a double coat during winters to adapt to the change in temperature.

9. How Tall Do Beagles Get?

Purebred beagle puppies can grow up to 15 inches tall. Some beagles grow only up to 13 inches tall and in some cases, they may even be slightly shorter.

10. Do Beagles Get Along with Other Dogs?

Finding a way into almost all lists of frequently asked questions about beagles, this is a question that concerns many. Beagles were bred in packs. They originally hunted in packs too.

They are social, outgoing, friendly, and extremely inquisitive. Thanks to their extroverted personalities, beagles get along with children, other dogs, and other pets like cats.

A group of beagle puppies eating together

11. How To Select a Beagle Puppy?

If you’re looking to identify a purebred beagle puppy, look for white-tipped tails, white legs, white paws, and long and floppy ears. They also have a prominent white streak on their foreheads.

Observe their behaviors in terms of barking and sniffing. If they are hard to train, you have a purebred beagle puppy.

12. What Do Beagles Eat?

Of all the Beagle FAQs, this one is easy to answer. Beagles eat a wide range of food items and can be fed dairy, meat, fruits, and grains.

You can feed your beagle cheese, coconut, milk, eggs, fish, ham, honey, milk, tuna, turkey, shrimp, yogurt, wheat, grains, quinoa, and shrimp.

Beagles also eat certain fruits like apples, bananas, watermelon, pumpkin, oranges, pears, peaches, and berries.

Fun Fact: Beagles can eat peanut butter. Just make sure it doesn’t contain any xylitol.

13. How Much Should a Beagle Weigh?

Purebred beagles that are 13 inches tall or under should ideally weigh between 22 to 30 pounds.

Taller beagles between 13 inches and 15 inches tall should weigh around 25 to 35 pounds, approximately.

14. Do Beagles Smell?

Beagles have a unique and distinctive odor but it’s mild and almost unrecognizable. Beagle odor is called “hound odor” and most other hound breeds share the same body scent.

Beagles have a characteristic odor, but it is not strong enough to bother most people. This is normal and you will get used to it. However, personal hygiene is key. Regular baths are a must.

A lady giving a beagle a treat

15. What Kind of Health Problems Do Beagles Have?

Beagles are susceptible to eye and ear infections, heart disease, hyperthyroidism, back problems, and some types of cancer.

Beagles are susceptible to eye infections like cherry eye and glaucoma. They are also prone to heart disease, ear infections, hyperthyroidism, back problems, and some types of cancer.

With sound breeding practices, beagles can live their lives to the fullest with minimal health concerns.

16. Why Do Beagles Eat So Much?

Beagles are super-sniffers. They tend to get lost in different scents when they start sniffing and if they smell food, they can’t control themselves from eating whatever comes their way.

As they have no control over their noses, and they also have large appetites.

A beagle’s appetite is strongly influenced by its hunting tendencies and exceptional sense of smell.

17. Is It Better to Have One or Two Beagles?

Given the fact that beagles are sociable pack dogs who thrive on companionship, getting another beagle is a great idea.

Beagles can keep each other company when you head out of the house. Even physical activities become more intense and enjoyable when you have two beagles egging each other on. 

Beagles love company and having two beagles ensures that they won’t be too lonely without you.

A beagle with its tongue out in the garden

This list of beagle FAQs should help you cover a wide range of topics that will allow you to get to know the breed and determine if beagles are right for you.

Generally, however, beagles and their owners are a match made in heaven. Bringing one home is a decision you won’t regret.


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