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Different Stages of Beagle Growth: A Comparison

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If you’re a beagle owner and are searching for information about your beagle’s ideal height, weight, and habits at each stage of its growth cycle.

This article will give you an in-depth look at beagles and how you can ensure that they grow according to their general benchmarks.

Last Updated on: Mar 15, 2022

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Beagles are one of the most popular dog breeds around. Their liveliness and muscular build make them likable and dependable dogs. Loved for their sociable and playful nature, beagles make for great home and companion dogs.

If you’re a beagle owner, you may have looked at a beagle height chart and wondered how big or tall your pet can get. In this article, we will answer common questions. We will eradicate the guesswork and give you the facts you need to know.

Standard Beagle Sizes

Is a beagle a small or medium dog? It classifies as a small breed.

Beagle height and weight can generally vary depending on their variety and gender. This fun-loving and curious dog breed has varied sizes: those standing 13 inches below at the shoulder, and those between 13 to 15 inches. An average male adult beagle usually weighs 14 to 15 kg, while the female beagle weighs 8 to 10 kg. 

To break these ranges down into finer detail, we’re providing you with a beagle weight chart and a beagle height chart combined. This should come in handy in assessing your beagle’s size. It provides useful information on how tall or big your beagle should be based on its age.

Beagle Height and Weight Chart

Check out this beagle growth chart to help you measure your beagle’s size and track its development. Is your beagle too big or small for its age? Find out below.

Age Height Weight
8 weeks 5”-8” 4-7 lbs
9 weeks 5”-8” 5-8 lbs
10 weeks 6”-9” 5.5-9 lbs
11 weeks 6”-10” 6-10 lbs
3 months 7”-11” 6.5-11 lbs
4 months 7”-11” 7-12 lbs
5 months 8”-12” 8.5-14 lbs
6 months 8”-12” 10-16 lbs
7 months 9”-13” 12-18 lbs
8 months 9”-13” 13-19 lbs
9 months 10”-14” 15-21 lbs
10 months 10”-14” 17-23 lbs
11 months 11”-15” 18-24 lbs
1 year 11”-15” 19-25 lbs
2 years 12”-16” 20-26 lbs

It is important to know the growth of your beagle so that you can determine and even predict how big they should be based on their age.

You will also be able to know whether they are underweight or overweight or short in height and help manage their growth size through proper care.

Like humans, issues like slow growth or excessive weight can occur because of various factors like food nutrition and the amount of regular activities and exercise.

beagle ideal weight and height

As with any dog breed, a lean build is good for a beagle’s health and wellness. Plump may be considered cute, but excess beagle weight can pose risks to their health if left unchecked.

Helping them achieve their ideal growth size rather than enjoying their pudgy look is responsible pet care. Looking at the chart, you can easily know whether your beagle is growing just right or is falling behind.

But don’t fret as there are ways to achieve the ideal height and weight.

Weight and Height Chart Based on Gender

Apart from age, a beagle’s gender also determines its physical growth progress. Male beagles are larger than female beagles, and are taller and weigh more.

The beagle weight chart below shows the standard weight and height for beagles based on their gender.

beagle weight chart - male and femalebeagle height chart - male and female

Beagle Growth Stages

You can observe significant growth progress in your beagle at different stages. These maturity milestones mark the development of beagle puppies from pint-sized pooches to full-grown beagles. Beagle height and weight growth change significantly in each phase. This will give you an idea if your dog is developing just right physically, or needs a push to reach its proper size at every stage.
how big do beagles get - from puppies to full grown adults

Birth to 3 weeks

During a beagle’s first week to ten days, the beagle puppy grows rapidly and reaches twice its birth weight. After two weeks, the puppy will add 5 to 10 percent of its body weight. Its forelegs grow stronger to carry this added weight, continuing to show rapid growth and development onto its third week.

Towards the end of the third week, the beagle puppy can already sit up and stand, wag its tail, play with other puppies, and its playful and sociable traits also start to slowly show.

4 – 6 weeks

As the beagle reaches its fourth week, its legs become stronger making the puppy more active. It begins to move around more and climb out of its box. During the fifth week, the beagle puppy can run and play. By the end of the sixth week, now fully weaned, the pup needs five to six small meals each day.

At this stage, a small breed beagle may gain around 5 ounces in body weight each week, while a large breed beagle can pile on as much as two and a half pounds.

7 – 8 weeks

While gaining more pounds, the puppy begins to develop more agility which means it can start to jump when it is startled by a noise or any sudden movement.

As it becomes a two-month-old pup, it now weighs around 3.5 to 6 pounds and can strut around, playing and running and continuously developing stronger legs.

8 – 12 weeks

This age is a great time to start crate training and home training your beagle. Within the 12th week, the beagle puppy will weigh approximately 6 to 12 pounds. Now a bigger puppy, it will continue to be playful and active throughout the day.

4 – 7 months

At this age, you can take your beagle for short walks because it’s a healthy activity for it. Training must be continued including some basic commands and tricks. It will weigh around 15 to 30 pounds by the end of the seventh month. At 6 to 7 months old, the beagle puppy will have reached almost half of its body growth.

8 – 12 months

As the beagle reaches its 8th month, it will begin to look like an adult dog. After a few more months, it will reach adulthood at 1 year old. Its growth rate will slow down at this age, but it will continue to grow for a few more months. How big is a full-grown beagle?

Things that Affect a Beagle’s Growth

Things that Affect a Beagle’s Growth

Your beagle puppy’s growth rate is affected by these two major factors:


It is important to consider the quality, quantity, and frequency of your beagle puppy’s meals. They should have a balanced diet that includes at least 40% protein-rich food like meat and fish, 25% carbohydrates, 25% vegetables, and 10% fruits.

As for frequency, it is best to schedule feeding them to help regulate their food intake, and structure their potty training, and discipline training. Below is a feeding frequency guide for your beagle to help it achieve its ideal size.

  • 2 months and below – No restrictions, they should have access to food throughout the day.
  • 2 to 5 months – Small meals at least 4 times a day at regular intervals plus snack treats for training.
  • 5 months to 1-year-old – Three times a day plus snack treats for training.
  • After 1 year – Two meals a day plus snack treats for training.

Exercise Activities

Given their active nature, limiting their physical activities can not only impede their height and weight growth and muscular development but can also affect their behavior. They should be allowed to run and play and socialize with fellow puppies and interact with humans.

It is not recommended to own a beagle if you cannot give it a backyard or a place to run and exert itself.

Beagles are very energetic and so they need daily exercise to maximize their growth potential. A lack of physical activities could lead to obesity as they are usually prone to it.

You can walk them in the park, do a little tug of war with a small rope, let them play catch and fetch, track trails (with treats at the end of the trail), or play with a puzzle toy. It’s a good way to help them grow holistically and allow them to be who they are – active and playful beagles. But don’t forget to invest in a good quality leash before taking them out – you will need it to keep your Beagle under control.

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beagles faq

Frequently Asked Questions

The section below answers some of the most commonly asked questions:

How Big is a Beagle at 6 Months?

As your beagle reaches its 6th month, it would have already completed 50% of its body growth. Its size should be approximately 20 to 30 pounds.

How Big is a Full-Grown Beagle?

A full grown beagle that has a height of 13 inches or less weighs less than 20 pounds. A beagle that has a height between 13 – 15 inches should weigh between 20 – 30 pounds.

When do Beagles Stop Growing?

Beagles grow until they reach 18 months and then stop growing.

How to Determine the Weight of Your Beagle?

You can predict the approximate adult weight of your beagle by using this formula: Weight at 14 weeks x 2.5 = Adult Weight (approx.)

How to Determine the Height of your Beagle?

You can predict the approximate adult height of your beagle by using this formula: Height at 6 Months (inch.) x 100 / 75 = Adult Height of a Beagle (approx.)

when do beagles stop growing

A beagle height and weight chart only serves as a guide in assessing and tracking your beagle’s growth progress. It’s important not to obsess over it too much. Just take care of your beagle’s needs and don’t pressure it to achieve an ideal weight. As long as it is healthy and is cared for properly, its growth progress will reflect gradually. Taking good care of your beagle dog and ensuring it is happy and well, is all that matters.

You can also read more interesting facts about Beagles to understand them better.


Beagle beagle beagle height and weight

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