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Beagle Traits And Characteristics

At A Glance

Beagles are super inquisitive, affectionate, and adorable dogs. Although small in size, they are packed with loads of energy and strength.

If you’re planning to raise a Beagle, this in-depth article will act as a great source of information for you.

Last Updated on: Aug 03, 2022

Beagles have distinctive features and qualities that set them apart from other breeds. Here’s a detailed description of Beagle traits and characteristics – from their appearance to their social skills.

Today, this cute breed is a household favorite. Beagles are vibrant, energetic, and full of life. Their origin dates back to the 1400s. They were bred in packs in England, France, and Wales. Also known as scent hounds, Beagles are natural-born game hunters.

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Beagle walking with a child

Beagle Personality Traits

If you’re wondering what beagle personalities are like, here’s a sneak peek into the world of beagle breed traits.


Ask any Beagle owner about the personality traits of beagles and you are sure to hear the words friendly, sociable, and affectionate. Beagles make friends fast and they love connecting with humans and other animals. 

Other Dogs

Beagles may seem wary of other dogs initially, but they warm up to them eventually. Just like other dog breeds, they use their sense of smell to decide how to behave around strangers.


The American Kennel Club recognizes the fact that beagles are the best breed to have around cats. They are just as curious, playful, and smart. Thanks to their mild temperament and friendliness, they get along well with cats.

Beagle and cat playing on the couch


Beagles are amazing with children. Just like kids, beagles get easily bored and distracted, too. Beagles tend to be protective towards kids as they grow older.


Is a Beagle a good family dog? A Beagle is an excellent family dog.

Beagles are intelligent and they adapt to situations and their surroundings quickly. Most hounds require a large space to run around but beagles fit into apartments quite nicely. Thanks to their small size, they don’t need a lot of space.

However, if they’re left alone for too long, they tend to get restless and hyperactive. If you live in an apartment, consider walking your Beagle at least twice a day.


Beagles are watchdogs, not guard dogs. If they see a stranger approaching and they sense something is wrong, they will bark or howl to inform you.

They will never attack a stranger unnecessarily. Thanks to their friendly nature, they end up getting along with anyone who is kind and friendly.


Social Needs

Beagles love to socialize; it is a common beagle character trait. Beagles need regular interaction with other dogs and frequent playdates to keep fit and stay happy.

Beagles don’t enjoy being left alone, especially for prolonged periods. They can get destructive and hard to handle if they spend most of their time indoors.

A community dog park is a good place to take your beagle. Beagles enjoy being around other people, too. You may notice how excited and cheerful they get when you have friends or family over.

Beagles often want all the attention they can get. As long as they have you around and ample playtime, they are at peace.

Beagle barking

Barking Tendencies

Beagles are heavy barkers. They tend to bark loudly. As mentioned earlier, Beagles are major attention seekers. If they notice that you are not spending enough time with them, they will bark or howl to get your attention.

The constant need to express themselves is a standard beagle behavior trait. Beagles are vocal with their thoughts, feelings, and needs. If they’re suffering from boredom or pain, they never suffer in silence.

They will let you know what they’re going through with their barks. When they’re bored or feeling neglected, they howl. You’ll know your beagle is excited by its loud barks.

Note that you can’t shout at a beagle for barking. You need to train your dog to listen to a “quiet command”. This will be more effective than yelling at a barking.

The key is to get their attention first, followed by a toy or a snack to distract them from the incessant barking.


Beagles are a very smart breed. You can’t train a beagle like you’d train other breeds. If you want to teach your beagle something, you have to be consistent and patient. It takes time for beagles to learn and obey your commands and rules.

Potty training a beagle successfully takes about 8 to 9 weeks. During this time, you need to be regular and strict with your instructions. Always follow your commands with praise once the job is done correctly.

Beagles pick up on praises and follow suit. Incentives are what you need while training beagles and remember to be firm and assertive with your commands.


Never underestimate a beagle’s intelligence. Beagles are highly adaptive and independent. They always follow their instincts, so it’s difficult to expect them to listen to you at the first go. They are smarter than what you’d give them credit for.

Beagles possess innate qualities that make them good hunters. As far as problem-solving is concerned, Beagles have a moderate adaptive intelligence.

In the obedience department, beagles are tough nuts to crack. They are usually set in their ways. They do tend to make a few adjustments, but they won’t submit to your commands easily.

Beagle tore papers apart and made a mess


Generally, beagles are good-natured and hardly aggressive. They are extremely friendly and docile. They get along with children, safe strangers, and other dogs. Thanks to their mild temperament and sociable personality traits, beagles show minimum to non-existent aggressive tendencies.

Having said that, if the circumstances call for it, beagles can get aggressive and hostile. If they want to show you who’s boss, beagles can resort to aggressive behavior. Growling, snapping, and biting are some common ways in which a beagle may show its agitation.

Beagles can get very possessive and protective over their plate of food. You may want to call this “food aggression” or “resource guarding.” If you interrupt a beagle’s mealtime, it can trigger some aggressive behavior.

This sense of aggression is also looked at as assertiveness. However, there’s nothing like beagle bad traits. Your beagle’s behavior is influenced and determined by how you treat them.

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Beagle in the park

Beagle Dog Characteristics

Any discussion of the top Beagle traits and
characteristics is not complete without talking about some key features like appearance, size, weight, and grooming.


Beagles are an attractive breed. Both genders have muscular and sturdy frames. They also possess a dome-shaped skull with a square-like muzzle and a broad snout.

Their ears are naturally floppy, soft, and long. Surprisingly, it is their large ears that help them smell and track scents. Due to their length, a Beagle’s ears can frisk through the air near the ground. They are then able to pick up invisible scent molecules passing them on to their nose.

They have a broad and deep chest, a straight and symmetric back, and an ascending white-tipped tail that’s fairly long. A purebred Beagle will always have white paws and a white-tipped tail. 

Beagles usually flaunt a tri-color coat consisting of a lemon tan shade or a black, white, and brown combination. They also have the most striking eyes.

What problems do beagles have? It’s important to keep in mind that beagles are highly susceptible to eye disorders. To make sure all is well, get your beagle’s eyes checked regularly.

Beagle dog


Beagles are blessed with a small-to-medium-sized frame. Male Beagles grow up to 15 inches tall and female Beagles have an average height of 13 inches.

Fun Fact: In the US, Beagles are either below 13 inches or 15 inches in height. In England, Beagles are slightly taller. Their height limit there is 16 inches.


Well-fed and active Beagles are moderately heavy. Both males and females are fully grown and mature at 18 months of age. At this point, a purebred Beagle is expected to weigh at least 30 pounds.

Ideally, a healthy Beagle can weigh anything between 26 and 33 pounds. If you portion meals properly and stick to a low-calorie diet, you can keep your Beagle’s weight in check.

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Strong Sense of Smell

Beagles are famous for their impeccable and sharp sense of smell. A beagle’s nose is always scouring the ground for a trail to track. While humans have about 5 million scent receptors, Beagles are stacked with over 220 million scent receptors.

No wonder beagles pick up smells and odors that you never will. Before you finalize one, keenly observe beagle puppy traits like intense sniffing. They might seem entranced by all the scents and smells they encounter.


Beagles are very low-maintenance dogs. They have a short and smooth double coat. In the winter, their coats become denser and thicker. They have flat fur and don’t need to be bathed often. They can go without a bath for at least a fortnight.

Just like other dogs, a Beagle’s nails tend to grow fast and long. If you notice that your Beagle is having trouble while walking or running, you should trim its nails.

Shedding Levels

Among other unique Beagle traits and characteristics is the way they shed. Beagles are moderate shedders and they shed the most in spring. During winter, they shed the least and their double coats become heavier and thicker.

In summer and spring, you may want to brush your Beagle’s coat with a medium-bristle grooming brush to grab loose fur off their backs. This makes way for new hair to grow.

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Beagle dog shedding and grooming

Exercise Needs

Beagles are active and curious dogs. They need at least 60 minutes of exercise time daily. As they are scent hounds, sniffing is an important part of their fitness routine.

They have average energy levels and unlike other dogs, they don’t dig a lot. Beagles were bred to hunt game meat and hence enjoy running and sniffing.

Here are the Beagle breed characteristics in a nutshell: Beagles are good-looking, aptly-sized dogs with an incredible sense of smell. They are easy to groom, lightweight, and extremely playful.

Beagle dog wwith its owner

Beagles make the best home dogs. Beagle traits and characteristics are one-of-a-kinds. They are always up for an adventure and will do anything to cheer you up.

Given the fact that they are super sniffers, they make the best rescue dogs, too.

Kind-hearted and jovial, there’s never a dull moment with them. Beagles thrive on mental stimulation, so keep them occupied with activities and exercise to make sure they live long and happy lives.


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