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Looking to find the perfect beagle? In this article, we list and provide a brief description of reputable breeders in the Washington cities of Seattle, Spokane, and Vancouver.

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Are you looking to adopt a beagle from the best beagle breeders in Washington? Here’s a curated list of beagle breeders prepared especially for beagle lovers like you!

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Beagle Breeders in Seattle

Here are five places with beagle puppies for sale in Seattle that you may want to check out.


Talbot Hound

The breeder believes in the art of breeding. They are committed to breeding healthy, happy, beautiful dogs that can excel in the show ring, the field, or at home.

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Address:  Seattle-Tacoma, WA, USA

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Kazuri Beagles

The name means “small and beautiful” in Swahili. This kennel is run by the Sweetman family. Kazuri Beagles is a small, hobby kennel that raises their dogs as pets.

The goal of Kazuri Beagles is to produce quality dogs that are beautiful, healthy, and have excellent temperaments.

Beagles are bred to become life-long companions and a part of your family. Kazuri Beagles is a top choice for beagle puppies in Seattle.

Website | Email

Address: Woodinville, WA

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Precious Companion Breeders

The breeder offers not just a family pet but a family member. The breeder, Paula, specializes in breeding beagles as companions. She has been breeding dogs for 24 years and is ready to help you find the best beagle for you.

Parent puppies are chosen carefully for breed characteristics such as aesthetically pleasing colors and health. Precious Companions also pays great attention to their dogs’ dispositions.

All puppies are up-to-date with their shots, dewormed, and come with a one-year health guarantee.

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Address: Enumclaw, WA, USA

Foxtail Beagles

If you’re looking for show beagle breeders in Washington, Foxtail Beagles is where you need to be. They have been in the ‘show business’ for a very long time.

It strives to produce quality beagles from its home in Snohomish. To help make this happen, they focus on the health, enrichment, and socialization of their dogs.

Their puppies also receive regular checkups with the veterinarian as well as standard vaccinations.


Address: Snohomish, WA

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Beagle enthusiast Ashley Cummings is dedicated to producing beagles with great temperaments. Ashley has been a fan of the breed since she was 13 years old. Her kennel, Zahara, is a small hobby kennel that produces dogs for competitions as well as for companionship.

To ensure the quality of the dogs, Zahara doesn’t accept applications year-round. There is also a waiting list that can take more than a year, so take that into account.

Website | Facebook

Address: Wenatchee, WA

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Beagle Breeders in Spokane

If you’re based in Spokane, here are five reputable breeders of beagle puppies for sale in Spokane WA.


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Roylcrest Beagles

If you are in search of a high-quality, well-socialized beagle in Spokane, consider Roylcrest. This place has been raising, breeding, and showing beagles since 1993.

Owned by Sam and Lorna Boydston, Roylcrest Beagles is a hobby kennel. Roylcrest Beagles believe in molding their puppies into great family dogs. They train their puppies with positive reinforcement techniques to mold them into attentive, obedient adults.

Roylcrest Beagles follow standards set by the National Beagle Club of America and are committed to improving the breed.

Puppies are pre-screened for genetic disorders. The Boydston’s screen and educate all potential puppy owners and commit to providing them with lifetime support.

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Address: Colbert, WA, United States

Dutton Beagles

The Dutton family has a great passion for beagles. They have over 20 years of experience with beagles and are now on their fourth generation with their original line. They do their best to give each puppy healthy, active, and well-socialized lives.

All beagles are registered with the American Kennel Club and National Kennel Club.

They have had over 300 happy customers in the last 17 years.

The philosophy of Duttons Beagles is to preserve the beagle breed in terms of temperament, health, and conformation. The goal is to provide healthy, happy, and beautiful beagles that will become great family members.

Website | Email | Call Us

Address: Newman Lake, WA, United States

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Yorkshire Beagles

The breeder is one of the best beagle breeders in Washington. They have been breeding, fostering, and rehoming beagles since 2008. They are committed to matching a beagle’s personality with the perfect family.

They form connections with the families who purchase from them and maintain them for life.

Yorkshire Beagles will assist you throughout your journey, from new home integration to training. They will help you with everything your beagle baby might need in its lifetime.

Website | Facebook | Email | Call Us

Address:  Moses Lake, Washington

Bakerstreet Perm Reg’d Beagles

The breeder breeds puppies to be show dogs as well as lifetime companion dogs. They breed for excellent temperament. The beagles are treated as family members and are raised lovingly.

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Address: Poulsbo, WA, USA

Cherry Creek Beagles

Bob and Viv Biesiedzinski have been loving, showing, and breeding beagles since 1979. Beagles are fantastic breeds and they have successfully helped other families realize the joys of owning one.

Website | Email | Call Us

Address: Granite Falls, WA, United States

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Beagle Breeders in Vancouver

Looking for beagles in the Vancouver area? Here are beagle puppies for sale in Vancouver WA.

Twainheart Beagles

The breeder has been around since 1990. It is a small hobby kennel that shows and breeds beagles. They have formed many connections over the years with the families who have adopted puppies from them.

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Address: Vancouver, WA, USA

Starbuck Torbay Breeders

This breeder has been breeding beagles for 40 years. The kennel is the result of a married couple who combined their love for beagles. They have bred and trained show-winning beagles for competitions in the United States and around the world.

The husband and wife duo, Lesly and David, are also judges for dog shows and competitions.

Website | Call Us

Address: Brush Prairie, WA, USA

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It is important to bring home a beagle that is healthy, well-adjusted, and bred by reputable breeders. This list of the best beagle breeders in Washington should help you bring home a happy and healthy beagle.

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