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Best Dog Breeds for New Owners

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Are you deciding to get a dog for the first time but don’t know which breed’s ideal? Dogs just like humans have varying natures and levels of understanding.

In this article, we highlight for you dog breeds that are perfect for new dog owners. Read on.

Last Updated on: Jun 07, 2022

Are you thinking of getting a dog for your home for the first time? This is one decision that you will always be proud of. Nothing beats the feeling of having a dog to go home to and have its 100% adoration and trust. Here is a list of the best dog breeds for new owners, read on to find out.

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Golden Retriever on the beach

Golden Retriever

The all-American dog is known for its affectionate, smart, and lovable personality. These golden breeds love nothing but to please their humans.

If you have kids, a Golden Retriever will make a great first dog. They love kids, and they can keep up with the energy of the little ones.

This breed is adaptable to all households and will get along with whatever family dynamics you have. Golden Retrievers have a passion for learning, and they are one of the easiest to train.

You are most compatible with a Golden Retriever if you also lead an active lifestyle. This dog can keep up and would happily be with you during long walks, runs, and hikes. And it is a win-win too because it keeps both of you physically fit and happy.

The coat of the Golden Retriever needs to be regularly brushed to avoid it from being tangled with dirt and prevent tangling and matting.

Bichon Frise

If you want a cute and bouncy cotton ball walking around your home, then the bichon frise are your best choice. This happy-go-lucky dog settles well in apartments and loves being around children.

Bichon Frise has a friendly and well-rounded personality, and this dog only needs reasonable daily exercise. What’s best about having a Bichon Frise is they are adaptable to all kinds of lifestyles. As long as their trusted human is around, they’ll cope and thrive.

A plus point for Bichon Frise is their coats are hypoallergenic, which makes them ideal pets for people who have allergies. They love your attention and would be game to be part of any of your activities.

For Bichon Frise, you must be willing to go on regular grooming trips because their curly coats need to be constantly groomed, brushed, and trimmed.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

With its puppy-like looks, you will fall in love with this sweet dog who loves nothing but cuddles with you. If you want a laid back dog who likes to relax as much as you do, you have found your perfect match.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a crowd-pleaser, but more than that, their attentive and calm nature makes them perfect for first-time owners with kids.

They are a small breed, and they don’t need much space either. When engaged for some play, they will get on with the physical activities with gusto, but they like their quiet moments the most.

You might be surprised because this breed’s long coat only needs basic grooming. Combing it at least three times a week should be enough to take care of tangles.

A certified home-buddy, you need to religiously encourage daily walks for this breed to keep them in shape.

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dog standing near a lake


If you want your first dog to be medium-sized but still 100% adorable, then this is the right first dog for you.

The playful boxer is one of the best dog breeds for new owners. Boxers are high-energy and loyal dog breed generally develops a close and strong bond with every member of the family.

Boxer dogs are guardians by nature, so you can count on this dog to protect your family, especially the children. When properly trained and socialized, boxers can be part of any household. It enjoys plenty of physical play and exercise.

Boxers belong to the working class of dogs and are known for their short coats. The standard colors of this breed are brindle and fawn.

They are generally friendly, devoted, fearless, and easy to train, making them companion dogs and utility and defense pets.

Labrador Retriever in the fields

Labrador Retriever

Another breed perfect for first-time dog owners is the active, intelligent, and playful Labrador retriever.

Labrador Retriever is extremely loyal to its owners, and thanks to their amiable character, you can take this dog anywhere, and they’ll enjoy every minute of staying close to you.

Your Labrador retriever is happy sitting next to you outside a café and would have the same happy temperament running next to you for a morning jog.

Labs enjoy learning, and with patience and dedication, you can train your dog to do anything from the regular fetch to other tricks.

One thing you have to keep a close eye on would be your Lab’s love of food. They will indulge in anything and everything you give them, which means they tend to become overweight.

You can easily manage this by limiting the yummy snacks and by engaging in physical activities and play.

Papillon posing for a picture


Another small breed perfect for new owners is the Papillon. This one packs in a massive personality for a small breed and would often act like an alpha and the biggest of all breeds.

Despite its diminutive frame, you can expect a lot from this cute and adaptable dog. Papillon enjoys being with kids as long as the kids are gentle around them.

You may be surprised because this lapdog can also be an ideal partner when it comes to physical activities.

Papillon are furs of energy bouncing around, and they savor any learning time that you can give them. Papillons excel in agility training, and they look so adorable doing these extensive exercises.

With a friendly and outgoing personality, this is one of the best dog breeds for new owners.

You will be impressed with the Papillion’s friendliness, and with their long and straight coat with frills, everyone will surely stop and say hello to this walking cuteness.

Cardigan Welsh Corgi sitting in a park

Cardigan Welsh Corgis

Cardigan Welsh Corgis are one of the best dog breeds for new owners. This breed is somehow a massive dog trapped into a small body. They are naturally a herding dog and has superb agility.

The Corgis with a tail are best described as affectionate and short dogs. They are so short that they are almost low to the ground, which works to their advantage because the cows’ kicks and hooves just fly over their heads.

The Cardigan Welsh Corgis are impressively vigilant watch dogs waiting to bark at the first sign of alarm or distress. They are even-tempered, and they adapt very well to all kinds of environments.

You don’t have to worry about adding this breed to your family if you have kids because they are suitable and protective of the young ones.

As a new owner owning a Cardis, you have to show strong leadership to this dog; their stubborn and willful personality may become a future problem.

mixed breed dog sitting on the grass

Mixed Breed Dog

Make your experience more memorable and meaningful by adopting a mixed breed dog. Every day is a surprise with this dog.

And together, you can learn about each other and create a beautiful relationship of trust, belongingness, and love.

When looking for your first dog, you have the option of getting a puppy or an older dog. The advantage of an older mixed breed is you are bringing home a companion who already has an established and apparent behavior and temperament.

If you are planning on adopting from your local rescue center, you can ask help from the rescue workers and volunteers and tell them what you’re looking for in a dog and your current set-up, and for sure, they can match you with a dog that’s perfect for you.

Things to Consider Before Getting a Dog

Choosing a dog needs to be done carefully. Your future dog needs to be the perfect match for you and your lifestyle among other considerations.

But bringing home and having your first dog is not as simple as you think. You need to consider several factors to be confident that you are choosing the right dog for you and the whole family.

Do You Have Children?

You also have to consider the personality of the dog you would bring into the family. Do you have kids? Is this particular breed fond of children who can deal with the chaos of a home with kids?

How Much Space Do You Have?

What about a yard or space for your dog to run around? Or would your dog be purely an apartment pet?

How Much Effort Are You Willing to Put in the Dog’s Maintenance?

Do you want a lazy dog who wants to sit on your lap or nap all afternoon? What about a dog that requires high maintenance when it comes to grooming?

Your choice of a dog must be a perfect match to what you can commit and provide when it comes to energy, attention, and time.

You need to think over these factors before you say yes to a dog. If you are all ready for a lifetime commitment with a furry canine, then it is just a matter of picking the breed most appropriate for you.

owner spending time with his dog

It is definitely recommended for you to spend your time considering all the best dog breeds for new owners before saying yes to a dog breed.

Dogs are like a new family member. Just like humans, they too will take time and require patience from your end in the beginning. Getting them accustomed to the rules of your home is going to be vital. Also knowing about the various kinds of foods they can or can’t eat is essential.



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