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7 Best Farm Dog Breeds

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The work of a farm dog is to protect the land, care for the animals, keep predators away, and sometimes even protect their owners.

So, what distinct traits does a top-notch farm dog exhibit?

Last Updated on: Jun 17, 2022

When searching for the best farm dog breeds, one must consider their specific inherent characteristics.

If you are, let’s say, in need of a herding dog, then you must choose a breed that is known for speed and agility. Or if you need a guard dog, you must carefully choose certain breeds that are protective and suspicious.

We rounded up a list of the best farm dogs – and there are seven of them – to help you figure out which suits your needs.

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A highly dependable livestock guard dog, the Komondor is also naturally protective of its human owners. They are pretty intense, and you will often catch them staring at the animals they are in charge of. Sometimes you will catch them with a protective gaze on your family. Yes, they are always on high alert.

Their “moppy” look even has a purpose. A Komodor’s corded coat actually shields them from predators. Their coat also helps them withstand any type of climate condition.

They are, however, quite territorial. If you “hire” them to work for you, make sure they don’t have “colleagues.” They are quite suspicious and want to work alone.

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Bernese Mountain Dog

Another excellent livestock herd dog, the Bernese Mountain Dog is known for being protective, hardworking, and lovable.

This breed is always desperate for work. You will witness their kind on the farm as an “all-around” helper. Their breed is also known as a true and loyal friend. Count on the Bernese Mountain Dog to join you for walks, swimming, and playing with your kids.

If you prefer a mild-mannered family-oriented dog that is easily trainable, this breed will not disappoint.

Old English Sheepdog

Old English Sheepdog

Quick-witted and a fast learner, the Old English Sheepdog is truly one of the best farm dog breeds on the planet. This breed is an outstanding herder because of its sharp focus. You can’t fool or distract them when they’re busy at work.

Lovable and amicable, they are also relaxed and happy inside the home. They enjoy the company of children and pets. However, they are dependent on your care. It is dangerous to abandon this sheepdog.

Their longish “bangs” should not be cut because it protects their eyes. With their heavy coat, they are not built for warmer climates.

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Rat Terrier

Rat Terrier

A deadly and precise varmint catcher, the Rat Terrier is small but terrible. This is your go-to breed if you need a farm dog to chase away small, pesky animals.

This little darling should not be underestimated. A Rat Terrier is brave and filled with vigor. It is determined to do its job well. It doesn’t stop until it catches its prey— and it doesn’t even let go until it is dead.

They don’t want to see you “hiring” other dogs, though. They are pretty jealous— and territorial.

Miniature Pinscher

miniature pinscher

If you are in need of a natural security system, go for the Miniature Pinscher. When something is off, count on this steely watchdog to sound a warning alarm.

Nicknamed “Min Pin,” this breed is simply in love with farm life. Wide-open spaces are crucial for their health and well-being. They love to wander, roam, and they are highly independent.

Apart from being a highly effective watchdog, they can also be depended on catching rats and other vermin. Anything that seems out of place, they are acutely aware of.

Belgian Malinois

belgian mallinois

The Belgian Malinois is often mistaken as a German Shepherd. Both breeds share common physical features— as well as skills. But the Belgian Malinois has finer bones.

The Belgian Malinois breed has an impressive career as a police dog and a K-9 military dog. And this versatile breed is the first choice of Belgian cattlemen and sheepherders. Highly intelligent and suspicious, they make for the perfect watchdog. 

They can also do several tasks on the farm. This hard-working, loyal, and obedient breed also prefers to be busy at all times. Boredom drives them into aggression.

Border Collie

border collie

This shy dog is not good with strangers. But with family, they are excellent companions. The Border Collie is one of the most intelligent dogs in existence, which makes their breed wonderful farm dogs.

Highly trainable, Border Collies are famous for their impeccable skills in herding— whether animals or people. They are fast, agile, and obedient.

Gifted with high stamina and robust energy— plus admirable intuition— they can also be tasked to do other farm work. Border Collies are also gentle, sweet, and lovable. This makes their breed a pleasure to work within the farm.

best farm dogs

Aside from considering the skills of a certain breed, it is also prudent to consider a breed’s needs.

If you’re getting farm dog breeds, their “workplace” should also suit them. Consider the terrain, the climate, or whether or not you’re going to get another dog to work with them (again, some breeds prefer to work alone).

By nature, these dogs already have skills. In order to cultivate it, you need to develop a good relationship with your dog. They learn quickly when they are trained with love, and they can be both a best friend and a worker if they are well taken care of.



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