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Best Labrador Breeders in Louisiana

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Bring vibrancy into your life by procuring a perspicacious and energetic lab. Find the perfect lab by looking at our list of registered and credible Labrador breeders in Louisiana.

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Last Updated on: Aug 02, 2022

The right breeder focuses on breeding healthy pups that would be a great addition to your family. But searching out for Labrador Breeders in Louisiana is not easy.

You should make sure that the breeder is AKC registered and credible. Here’s a list of the Labrador Breeders in Louisiana that are reliable and registered.

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Y- Farm Kennels

Labrador dog

The breeder not only provides lab pups but also helps you with obedience training and puppy training.

The breeder is AKC registered and has been a member of the National Labrador Retriever Club.

Additionally, Y Farm Kennels is also a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers and the International Association of Canine Officials.

Being a family-owned and operated dog kennel, the breeder is located in Zachary, Louisiana.

Since the breeder focuses on the breeding combinations, the labs produced here are adept in hunting and good family companions.

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Address: 83224 Hudson Pride Rd, Zachary,  Louisiana 70791.

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M & A Labrador Kennels

Being AKC and UKC registered, M & A Labrador Kennels breeds companion and field trial dogs.

Since the breeder is located in the heart of South Louisiana, the Mississippi Flyway zone provides it with waterfowl hunting opportunities.

The breeder has a large pond in the yard that helps to train and exercise the dogs.

The puppies are available in colors like silver, black, champion chocolate, charcoal yellow, and fox red. White labs in Louisiana are not available at M & A Labrador kennels.

Once you receive your pet, you’ll get a 26-month hip guarantee and AKC and UKC registration papers.

The breeder even provides a puppy package that consists of toys and samples of food and pee pads for your dog. Microchipping is available only at request.

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Address: 832 ED Thibodeaux RD,  church point, LA 70525.

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Woody Thurman Kennel

Labrador puppy playing with a ball

With more than 35 years of experience in breeding and training labs, Woody Thurman has trained more than 8000 labs to date. The breeder makes sure to breed the most dominant bloodlines that result in labs with natural hunting skills.

Labs are introduced to a structured socialization program in the litter box to ensure that they prove to be great companions.

When you receive your lab puppy from this breeder, you will also get a guarantee against hereditary defects. Additionally, you can reap the benefits of the training facilities of this breeder.

Woody Thurman can be your ideal choice if you’re looking for lab puppies for sale in lafayette, LA.

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Address: Lafayette, LA

Jeffco Kennels

This is another AKC registered breeder that focuses on the breeding combinations to produce pups with great temperaments. You can receive labs in yellow, black, and chocolate color.

The labradors of Jeffco Kennels are great at duck and bird hunting. They can even be used as watchdogs.

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Address: Livingston, Louisiana 70754.

Labrador dog

If you’re looking for lab puppies for sale in Monroe LA, your search ends here. However, make sure to choose a breeder that aligns with your requirements.

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