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Best Labrador Breeders in Oregon

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Get yourself a perfect match with the perfect breeder. Look through our list of some of the best Labrador Breeders in Oregon and get home a Labrador pup today.

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Last Updated on: Jun 30, 2022

Looking for the best Labrador Breeders in Oregon?  According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), Labrador Retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds in the state. No wonder, there are many labrador breeders too. It might be a hectic task to choose the best one!

But if you live in Oregon and are planning to make a new addition to your family, here’s a list of the best breeders in Oregon for you.

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PuppySpot Labrador Breeders for Oregon

If you’re looking for Labrador Retriever breeders in Oregon, PuppySpot is a good place to start. PuppySpot is a USDA-licensed firm and a Feefo Gold Trusted Service award holder. You can go through Labrador dog listings on their site to find the right puppy for yourself. You’ll get to ditch the waiting list.

The procedure of getting a dog on PuppySpot is simple and quick. PuppySpot makes finding your new best friend a simple and pleasurable process by connecting you with a tested and authorized network of trustworthy breeders.

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Love’s Labradors

Recently downsized to become a hobby breeder, Loves’ Labradors breeds healthy and athletic Labrador puppies in black, fox red, and chocolate colors.

Their Labs are all health tested and DNA cleared for genetic abnormalities, such as canine myopathy, degenerative myopathy, retinal dysplasia and ocular skeletal dwarfism, as well as copper toxicosis and HU, SD2, eye refractory (nearsightedness). They also utilize IDEXX and/or Penn Hip to ensure greater accuracy in detecting early stages of osteoarthritis.

They raise intelligent Labs with a keen sense of smell within six months of age.

Love’s Labradors are also very selective about potential buyers. They require buyers to be previous Labrador owners or raised a pup of another breed in the past, as well as have a fenced yard.

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Aldrich Mountain Labradors

Mount Vernon, Oregon is home to Aldrich Mountain Labradors. They are committed to breeding healthy and happy English Labrador Retrievers. Aldrich Mountain Labradors strive to deliver a well-rounded and social Labrador to its future families.

All their adult dogs are genetically tested. The puppies’ dewclaws are removed when they are two days old, and deworming begins at two weeks. The puppies are vaccinated and have their first vet examination at the age of four weeks.

Apart from that, Aldrich Mountain also microchips their puppies at seven weeks and releases them to new homes at eight weeks.

They also provide AKC Registration, blanket with littermates’ scent, certificate of health, food starter bag, puppy collar, microchip, bone, puppy starter kit when the puppies are sent home.

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Central Oregon Sporting Dog Breeder

If you are in search of labrador puppies in Bend, Oregon, Redmond, Madras, any city in Central Oregon, here’s a reliable breeder for you.

Tim Curry professionally trains most of the dogs who hunt the fields of Central Oregon as the owner of Central Oregon Sporting Dog.

Curry has been teaching Pointers and Flushers to be top producers in the field for the past twenty years. He was involved in the training and breeding of what many would refer to as “the best dogs anywhere” at the nation’s top two wingshooting destinations.

Central Oregon Sporting Dog is famous throughout the Pacific Northwest for its Labrador Retrievers. So, if you’re looking for Central Oregon Labrador Breeders, this is the place to try out.

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Valley View English Labs

This s a top-notch English Labs breeder based in Southern Oregon.

They breed AKC-registered puppies. They also undergo testing for hip and elbow dysplasia, genetic eye problems, and a full DNA profile.

Their aim is to raise puppies that are not only gorgeous and have excellent personalities but are also healthy and devoid of the genetic diseases that trouble the breed.

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Dragon Heart Kennels

Located in Southern Oregon, Dragon Heart Kennels breeds AKC registered, elbow and hip tested Labrador puppies. They sell puppies through finite registration with the American Kennel Club.  But the cost varies based on the color of the pup.  The price increases as the color lighten.

All puppies are vaccinated, dewormed, and AKC registered. They also come with a health guarantee. 

Puppies are ready to leave between the age of 8 and 10 weeks. Looking for lab puppies in Medford, Oregon, Ashland, Oregon, or cities in Southern Oregon? Dragon Heart Kennels is a credible source for finding a match for you.

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Labrador sitting

You are making a 12- to 14-year commitment when you add a Lab to your family. These adorable dogs are a versatile breed and can add warmth to any home.

Before getting a pet home, make sure it is the best choice for your family and lifestyle. Hopefully, our list of the best Labrador Breeders in Oregon will help you make a decision you wouldn’t regret.

Labrador Lovers Breeder

Their AKC-registered Labrador retrievers originate from English champion and hunter bloodlines.

The OFA has verified their hips and elbows. The mission of Labrador Lovers is to produce healthy, clever, and beautiful puppies that can keep you company for many years to come.

They guarantee that they have the best English Labrador retriever puppies in the world. Additionally, they offer free shipping within the US. They are located in Salem, Oregon on the North-west coast near Portland, Eugene, Vancouver, and Washington.

So, if you are looking for Labrador Retriever Breeders Portland, Oregon, Eugene, Oregon, or any of the above-mentioned cities, you can surely rely on Labrador Lovers.

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Oregon Humane Society

OHS has been housing abandoned animals, combating cruelty and abuse, and striving to promote a kind, empathetic community in Oregon for 150+ years.

OHS, which is based in Portland, Oregon, helps over 11,000 companion animals each year. Searching for lab mix puppies in Oregon?

Head over to Oregon Humane Society. You can look through their list of various breeds and choose a perfect match for yourself.

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Address: 1067 NE Columbia Blvd. Portland, OR 97211

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