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Best Labrador Breeders in South Dakota

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Finding the right Labrador Breeders in South Dakota might be tough, since the breed is so popular. If you have decided to get a pet, here’s everything you need.

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Last Updated on: Jul 01, 2022

Labrador is a cheerful and clever dog breed. That’s one of the many reasons why it is America’s favorite pet. Looking for Labrador breeders? Due to the popularity of this breed, there is always a risk of irresponsible breeding. So it is important to pick a reputable and trustworthy breeder.

Here’s a list of some of the top Labrador Breeders in South Dakota to help you out.

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Labrador puppy

Flying S Retrievers

The breeder is located in Witten, South Dakota. The dogs are chosen based on their personality, athletic ability, trainability, and overall health.

The majority of their dogs have titles in hunt tests, dock diving, and/or obedience training.

Their puppies come with a 26-month warranty on hips, elbows, genetics, and eyes, as well as full immunizations and deworming.

All of their dogs undergo OFA hips, elbows, cardiac, dentition, CNM, DM, PRA/PRCD, and EIC tests before breeding starts.

Website | Email ID | Call Us

Address:30685 264th St Witten, SD 57584

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K&R Labradors

This is a small kennel run by a family. Since 1999, they have been breeding and working with Labrador Retrievers.

The puppies are subject to CERF, OFA, EIC, PRA, and CNM testing.

The dogs bred here have great temperaments and personalities suited for high-quality hunting, service, scent identification, search and rescue, and so on.

You will also get a puppy beginners kit comprising AKC papers, a hip and eye guarantee with any puppy you purchase from K&R Labradors.

So if you’re looking for white, yellow or black lab puppies in Sioux Falls or Brandon, you can rely on K&R Labradors to find you a perfect match.

Website | Email ID | Call Us

Address: Garrettson, South Dakota

South Dakota Yellow Labs

Mitchell, South Dakota is home to South Dakota Yellow Labs. They concentrate on breeding AKC-certified yellow labs with a strong hunting ancestry. They are also known as one of the best white, chocolate brown, and black lab breeders in South Dakota.

South Dakota Yellow Labs are AKC-registered.

They assure and match you with the perfect puppy – whether you’re seeking a companion, a family dog, or a great hunting dog. All puppies are dewormed and vaccinated.

Website | Email ID | Call Us

Address: 40468-254TH ST Mitchell, SD 57301

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labrador puppy sitting in garden

PuppySpot Labradors for South Dakota

If you’re looking for Labrador breeders in South Dakota, PuppySpot is a good place to start. PuppySpot is a USDA-licensed firm and a Feefo Gold Trusted Service award holder. You can go through Labrador dog listings on their website to find the right one for you. The procedure on PuppySpot is simple and quick.

PuppySpot also takes a customized approach to meet the needs of both people looking for a new companion and breeders looking for permanent homes for their puppies.

They help owners find the perfect puppy for them, no matter where they live, by coordinating all internal travel arrangements for a smooth homecoming experience. PuppySpot takes care of the paperwork and logistics, allowing customers to concentrate on the excitement of getting a pet.

Website | Call Us

Innishfree Handpicked Puppies

This kennel is run by Michael and Linda Kelly. They have worked with dogs of various sizes and breeds in their lifetime. But they were drawn to the Retriever’s laidback, clever, and family-friendly personality.

Michael and Linda have made it a mission to carry on Jim Helm’s legacy of raising the best natural pointing hunting fox red lab dogs after spending several years overseeing with Jim Helm of JimSaNik.

Jim Helm is one of the best pointing dog/hunting dog trainers and breeders. People who have been lucky enough to adopt one of these puppies have said that they are genuinely remarkable.

Searching for fox red lab puppies for sale in South Dakota? Try and reach out to Innishfree Handpicked Puppies.

Website | Email ID | Call Us

Address: 14697 Saddle Rd. Piedmont, SD 57769

labrador puppy playing in garden

Labradors are eager to please and extremely trainable despite their great energy and need for constant activity.

Choosing an ideal breeder is a challenging task. These top Labrador breeders in South Dakota can provide you with a suitable platform for finding an appropriate companion.

If you decide to buy a Labrador after considering these choices, choose a breeder who is concerned about your dogs and your best interests.

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