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Top 10 Rottweiler Breeders in the USA

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If you are looking for a strong, protective, loving, and extremely loyal dog, think no further than a Rottweiler. The breed descends from mastiffs of the Roman legions. They might seem intimidating to outsiders because of their aloofness, but they are quite goofy and playful with their loved ones.

But before you bring home a Rottweiler, you should know a few things:

  • A unique blend of intelligence, unwavering energy, and a strong desire to please help them excel as service dogs, therapy dogs, guide dogs, and companions.
  • The breed is aloof. But early socialization and training can help.

Last Updated on: Jul 03, 2023

With their unmatched loyalty, intelligence, and striking appearance, Rottweilers have captured the hearts of dog lovers across the United States. So, when it comes to bringing home a dog, finding a reputable and responsible breeder is paramount.

This comprehensive guide includes names of America’s top Rottweiler breeders known for their commitment to producing well-rounded, healthy, and ethically bred Rottweilers.

The following are some of the best Rottweiler breeders in the USA, prioritizing health, temperament, and breed standards.

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Vom Bustos Hause Rottweiler Kennel

Frank and Clara started to breed Rotties in 2015 after giving up their professions as an IT engineer and a realtor. Today, they are rated as one of the best Rottweiler Breeders in the country.

The breeder is particular about everything, from the parentage to every puppy’s well-being. Vom Bustos Hause Rottweiler Kennel started its breeding journey with healthy European female Rotties.

Today, the kennel is AKC-compliant. All their pups come with a health guarantee and are sent to their new forever homes only when they turn 8 weeks old, giving them enough time to get acquainted with new surroundings, people, and animals, so they can adjust easily.

Website | Contact

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Von Warterr Rottweilers

Von Warterr Rottweilers - Rottweiler Breeder near Quinlan

Warren and his college coach Scott founded Von Warterr Rottweilers. The breeder is AKC certified and known for producing stunning, intelligent puppies that are Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) compliant and healthy.

This is only possible through selective breeding, genetic screenings, and constant care. Every litter from this breeder is proof of their high breeding standards involving a scientific approach.

Website | Email ID | Contact

Address: Quinlan, TX

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King Rottweilers

The small family-owned breeder in Spokane Valley, Washington, produces Rottweiler puppies for sale in Washington, Oregon, Montana, and California.

Through selective breeding of World Champion Pedigrees, the breeder guarantees healthy, well-temperamental puppies that conform to established standards. They focus on the health and temperament of their pups and do extensive DNA testing to ensure that.

The breeder ensures high standards since they only work with European Pedigrees that have won multiple international and world championships. They also import from top-quality breeders with the best-quality bloodlines.

King Rottweilers provides a prorated lifetime guarantee for hereditary defects and a 2-year free replacement. You can also reach out to them if you’re looking for a trainer for your Rottie.

Website | Contact

Address: Spokane Valley, WA

Vom Calvario Rottweilers

Vom Calvario Rottweilers - Rottweiler Breeder near Medford

For over 20 years now, Vom Calvario Rottweilers have proudly produced healthy Rottweilers of the highest quality.

The Rottie puppies undergo basic obedience and potty training. Additionally, they come dewormed and with AKC papers, a microchip, and age-appropriate vaccination shots.

If you’re in or around New York and want a puppy that’ll adjust well in your home, consider Vom Calvario Rottweilers. Check out the kennel’s website for regular updates.

Website | Contact

Address: Medford, NY

Von Der Musikstadt Rottweiler

Looking for authentic German Rottweilers? Von Der Musikstadt Rottweiler may be what you are looking for. Based in Nashville, Tennessee, the breeder aims to perfect each litter, one generation at a time.

The breeder follows Allgemeiner Deutscher Rottweiler Club (ADRK) and International Canine Federation (FCI) standards. They also provide health certificates and their pups are healthy, well-socialized, trained, and beautiful.

Potential buyers can check out their testimonial page and contact past buyers to confirm breed quality and other important information.

Website | Email ID | Contact

Address: Whites Creek, TN


Von Ous Rottweilers

No matter which Rottweilers you’re looking for-German or European-Von Ous Rottweilers has them all. For over 30 years, they have been producing top-notch Rottweiler puppies that are the complete package with a striking balance of beauty, health, and intelligence!

All pups are brought up in a stress-free environment, are AKC registered, microchipped, and have a clean bill of health. Moreover, you can opt for protection training, where they acclimate dogs with a human touch; this helps them adjust well to new homes.

Their prices start at $3,500 and go upwards, depending on other factors. Visit their website to check out the latest litter.

Website | Email ID | Contact

Address: Fayetteville, GA

Hill Top Rottweilers

Hill Top Rottweilers - Rottweiler Breeder near Williamsport

Hill Top Rottweilers’ 23 years old legacy is a testimony to their breeding standards. The family is known for producing smart, friendly, and protective companions.

Their breeding dogs were bought from Serbia as pups and have produced multiple beautiful litters. Check out their website if you’re looking for a dose of adorable moments. They have many pictures of their Rotties with their human families.

Website | Email ID | Contact

Address: Williamsport, IN

World Class Rottweilers

World Class Rottweilers, with experience of over 30 years, is a class apart from the others. Their Rottweiler puppies have excellent bone strength, correct head type, sound temperament, and physical strength.

To top it all, every puppy experiences sensory stimulation and socialization, making transitioning to a new home easy. Their pups come with a full written health and hip guarantee. Moreover, they’ll gladly send a list if you want references.

Website | Contact

Address: Hamburg, NY

Haus Der Grossen Pfoten Rottweilers

Haus Der Grossen Pfoten - Rottweilers Rottweiler Breeder near Houston

Considered a Code of Ethics Rottweiler breeder, Haus Der Grossen Pfoten Rottweilers aims for excellence, pride, and good health.

Here, every litter produced is treated like family until they are ready to go to their forever homes. All the Rottie pups are introduced to children and other animals, so they’re socialized and sound-minded.

Thanks to their brilliant breeding program, they have successfully raised some of the best Dog Show Champions in the world.

Website | Email ID | Contact

Address: Houston, TX

Rottweilers Vom Hause Franeta

This hobby breeder is based in West Palm Beach, Florida and breeds German bloodlines. Their breeding dogs are handpicked for their excellent temperament, beauty, health, and pedigree and are imported from Europe.

The breeder raises all pups in a home environment in the company of children to ensure they are well socialized and confident and their transition to a new home is easy. The breeder loves testing their dogs at some of the largest competitions globally, and the many awards in their kitty only confirm the high quality of their dogs.

Some of their dogs have also been featured in several TV shows, while others have gone on to be police and therapy dogs.

Website | Contact

Address: Westlake, FL



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