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Want to know the best Boxer breeders in Ohio?

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Boxers are great with family and children, making them ideal pets. They are fun, playful, and courageous, especially when the situation demands it. The breed gets its very fitting name because of its posture and athletic build.

If you’re considering getting a Boxer as a pet, adopt or buy one from reputable Boxer breeders in Ohio. You can:

  • Ask veterinarians for recommendations
  • Get suggestions from dog shows

Last Updated on: Jun 14, 2023

Boxers make great canine companions for families with children. Boxers are affectionate, intelligent, and courageous- the complete package, really.

They have an athletic build. The breed gets its name because its muscled chest is shaped like a pugilist.

Now, if you want to add a pet to your family, ensure you adopt or buy them only from reputable breeders. Whether you are on the hunt for playful Golden Retrievers or Boxers, only get from breeders recommended by veterinarians and canine organizations like the American Kennel Club (AKC).

Check out some of the best Boxer breeders in Ohio:

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Ohio Valley Boxers

Ohio Valley Boxers-Breeder Near-Holliday Road

Ohio Valley Boxers is a trusted Boxer breeder in Ohio. It is a family-owned business, raising gorgeous and healthy Boxers within the state.

The Miller family members raise the pups until they’re old enough to be adopted. So, when it arrives at your house, it is already well-socialized and loved.

The breeder is vigilant about who adopts their pups and screens potential pet parents. All Boxers from the breeder are also AKC-registered. However, litter is limited, so interested pet parents will be added to a waiting list.

Website | Contact

Address: Holliday Road SE, Bremen

White Pine Boxers

Adopting Boxer puppies in Ohio is made easier with responsible breeders like White Pine Boxers. The company was founded over 20 years ago by a couple in Ohio who noticed how great Boxers were with their children.

But it wasn’t until 2006 that the family became serious about providing Boxer puppies for sale in Ohio. Since then, White Pine Boxers have been among the top-recommended breeders in the state with beautiful litter and adult Boxers.

They are members of the American Boxer Club, Medina Kennel Club, and Ohio Boxer Club, which has helped the breeder improve the litter’s quality.

Website | Email ID

Address: Medina

Boxer Blvd

boxer blvd - boxer breeder near holmesville

No matter which Boxer you’re looking for-fawn, brindled or white ones, with and without markings-Boxer Blvd has them all. They provide quality Boxers that adhere to the highest breed standard.

It is run by a small family of four. The Boxers are raised at home and are well socialized and loved. They care for each puppy and ensures the vet properly checks it. All Boxer Blvd puppies are updated on their vaccines, shots, and deworming.

Website | Contact 

Address: Holmesville

GC Boxers

They are among the top Boxer breeders in Ohio. Their Boxers also appear in shows and events. The founders often meet other Boxer owners within the state, and perpetually they try to improve the breed with the highest Boxer standard in mind.

When breeding Boxers, GC Boxers pay particular attention to their health and temperament. They socialize the pups so they adjust easily to new families.

The breeder is a member of the American Boxer Club and often consults experts to ensure they raise high-quality Boxers.

Website |  Email IDContact

Address: Marengo, Ohio

Obeng Boxer’s Unlimited

This is a home to amazing Boxer puppies for sale. All their dogs are healthy and have an excellent temperaments. The breeder provides the complete package for new pet parents.

Each Boxer pup is microchipped, vaccinated, and dewormed before being released. Plus, they have a two-year health guarantee, much better than the usual one-year guarantee.

All Boxers from the breeder are also AKC-registered. The tails are docked and declawed. Each puppy also goes to their new home with a bag of food, a blanket with the scent of its mom, and some toys.

Facebook | Email ID | Contact

Address: Columbus, Ohio

JW Boxers

They breed beautiful and healthy Boxers that are trained and socialized from birth, making it easier for them to transition to a new, loving home. JW Boxers treat every pup as part of the family.

Every litter’s parents are champions that breed genetically sound puppies. Additionally, every pup comes microchipped, vaccinated, and with a clean bill of health from a vet. They are also quick to offer help and answer any questions new pet parents may have.

They fall come highly recommended among the top Boxer breeders in Ohio and other nearby states.

Facebook | Email ID | Contact

Address: Sabina, Ohio

Laymani Boxers

Obeng-Boxers-Unlimited Boxer-Breeder Near-Columbus Ohio

They are reputable country kennel in Southeast Ohio. The owners are retirees who devote time to raising Boxers with great genes and temperament.

Their aim is to raise only the best Boxer dog breed, so they may not always have an available litter for sale. But when they do, pet parents need not worry about the quality.

That also means the waiting list is quite competitive. The breeder holds an annual Laymani Family Reunion so that all the adopted Boxers and their families can swap Boxer stories.

Website | Email ID | Contact

Address: 5096 S, OH-729, Sabina

There is no doubt that Boxers make for excellent companions. They are gorgeous, brilliant, and wonderful watch dogs. But make sure you only get from reputation Boxer breeders in Ohio to ensure the highest quality.



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