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Best Bulldog Breeders In Maine

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The more experienced and knowledgeable the breeder you get your dog from, the better your chances of getting a healthy and clever dog. This article talks about the two top Bulldog breeders in Maine, Royal Woods and The Frenchmen’s Frenchies.

Last Updated on: Jul 12, 2022

Bulldogs are a kind and resolute breed of dog that fashions a fantastic and loving personality and adds layers of fun and excitement to your life. They are a popular choice and never fail to amaze with their traits.

The kind of breeder you choose to get your dog from directly affects how good or bad your canine companion turns out to be.

Are you looking forward to getting a Bulldog home? We have listed the top Bulldog breeders in Maine that you can get in touch with right away.

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Royal Woods

Only a few breeders can compete with the quality of service and the amenities Royal Woods extends to their clients and customers. Located in Central Maine, Royal Woods is spread across a farm of 154 acres where the dogs get ample space to run, jump and play about.

Although a small breeder, Royal Woods go out of its way to ensure that they raise their dogs just like family. They take care of their dog’s comforts and needs. The Royal Woods dogs meet the breed’s health and conformation standards.

They come with AKC registrations, a puppy wellness exam, essential veterinary certificates, and a record of their medical history.

You also receive a health guarantee for a year and lifetime support from the breeders.

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Address: New Sharon, Maine

The Frenchmen’s Frenchies

There are very few breeders of the likes of The Frenchmen’s Frenchies. The highly qualified and experienced breeders, Robert and Leland, founded it. They hold an immense passion for animals and started the kennel to breed Bulldogs of the highest standards.

They only sell their dogs to individuals who promise to take care of them and bring them up like family. This is why they thoroughly interview prospective clients before allowing them to pick up one of their pups.

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Address: Greenbush, Maine, United States

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Bulldog sleeping

Both of the breeders listed above take proper care of their dogs. They are vigilant of the breeding standards, hygiene, and maintenance of their facilities.

These breeders raise the dogs with love and nourish them. They only pass on their canine babies to those families who promise to do the same.

Contact one of these top Bulldog Breeders in Maine if you are ready to take on the fun and challenges of coaching and being a parent to a Bulldog.


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