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Best Bulldog Breeders in Maryland

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The top Bulldog Breeders in Maryland are ethical, responsible, and knowledgeable. They only breed healthy parent dogs that are free of health issues and of great temperament. This ensures they offer you only top-quality pups.

Some of Maryland’s top Bulldog breeders include Champs Bulldogs, Homegrown Country Bulldogs, Pony Tails Kennels, and Wind Horse Offering Kennel.

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Last Updated on: Jul 07, 2022

The Bulldog breed is becoming very popular due to its sweet, loving, and courageous nature.

However, it is also prone to a number of illnesses. These have stemmed, in part, from several breeding experiments on the breed to elevate certain characteristics and depress certain others.

Also, the high popularity and increase in sales have caught the eye of unethical breeders. Such backyard breeders have made breeding a money-making business—one that they operate without any love for the animal.

Customers often find that they have been cheated and find an unhealthy pup on their hands. It is very important to conduct the necessary research and be alert during a purchase.

We have made this easier for you by listing the top Bulldog breeders in Maryland, their principles, and contact details.

Bulldog in Park

Champs Bulldogs

This is a family-run breeding facility. They treat the dogs like children and as part of their family. Their Bulldogs come from English and World Champion bloodlines. The main focus here is on quality and not quantity.

The puppies are wrinkly, short, and thick, with oodles of personality. They grow up to have big, beautiful heads and wonderful temperaments. All the puppies go through a temperament test and health screening before leaving for their forever homes.

The bulldogs are OFA Health certified, hand raised, and up to date on all vaccinations. They also come with a one-year health guarantee.

Champ Bulldogs are very particular about the families that they send the pups to. Every potential customer has to fill out a puppy application form. Approved families do not have to pay any deposit fee to reserve a puppy while families that the breeder disapproves will have their deposit fee returned.

The deposit fee of $500 is non-refundable in case you decide to withdraw your application but is transferable.

WebsiteEmail ID | Call Us

Address: Lavale, Maryland, USA

Homegrown Country Bulldogs

These breeders are based in South Maryland and Virginia. They specialize in handling and breeding English Bulldogs. Here, they use champion-quality studs for their breeding program. This ensures the puppies are champion quality too.

Their AKC-registered pups are not just healthy but also beautiful.

They have a great temperament and loving personality, making them great with children and other dogs.

Homegrown Country Bulldogs take extra care of their dog’s diet, feeding them high-protein holistic. They give the dogs the age-appropriate vaccines and deworm them as needed.

Here, they also offer you a health guarantee for the pups. You will find the terms and conditions of the guarantee on their website. You will need to have the pet vet checked within 5 working days of receiving the puppy to claim any health guarantee.

Website | Email ID

French Bulldog

Pony Tails Kennels

This place located in Woodbine, Maryland. It is a family-owned and operated kennel. They have dedicated 14 years to breeding top-quality and healthy puppies.

Pony tails raise all the pups right at home with their family. They socialize the pups well with their family and friends.
The puppies come with a health certificate.

They receive their initial shots and deworming here. They also have their initial veterinarian exams done here.

Each puppy also comes with a 72-hour health guarantee and a lifetime of love. They are very particular about the families that they sell their pups to and may withdraw the offer at any time in case they suspect the family, individual, or situation is not a right fit for the puppy.

Website | Email ID| Call Us

Address: 16171 Carrs Mill Rd, Woodbine, MD 21797, USA

Wind Horse Offering Kennel

Jeanne Davis, the kennel owner, has been training horses for the past 30 years. She recently initiated dog breeding programs. She is a very selective breeder, breeding only purebred and first-generation puppies.

She focuses on size, disposition, soundness, and compatibility. The outcome of careful breeding and a loving home environment are puppies that are happy, fun, and well socialized. Wind Horse Bulldogs are sound. They are athletic, laid back, just waiting for a couch and a pet parent to hang out with—pure best friend material.

The puppies have received their first round of shots and regular worming’s by the time you take them home.

They come with a health guarantee. You can visit the kennel after making an appointment.

The owner reserves the right to approve or disapprove homes for her puppy. You can reserve the puppy beforehand and pick it up later at 8 weeks. For reservation, you can directly contact Jeanne via phone or email.

Website | Email ID | Call Us

Address: Earleville, Maryland, USA

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cute bulldog

To ensure a happy and healthy companion, one has to make sure that they come from a similar happy and healthy environment.

A bulldog that has been unethically bred without proper care is likely to have a poor temperament. Its risk of developing congenital health diseases is also very high. For all these reasons, make sure you do your part of the research before finalizing on a breeder.


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