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Best Bulldog Breeders in Washington

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Bulldogs, with their inimitable charm, make for great pets. But you must go for a reliable ethical breeder when choosing your puppy. T J Bulldogs, Pinnacle Bulldogges, Skymeadow Farm, Shadowline Kennels, etc. are some of the top picks in Washington.

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Last Updated on: Jun 22, 2022

Bulldogs are one of America’s most favorite family pets, with a permanent seat in the top ten club. Charming as these dogs are, chronic inbreeding has put Bulldogs at peril.

Many suffer from serious health problems. So you need to be extra careful when choosing a breeder to get your future companion from. I did the research for you and came up with a list of verified Bulldog Breeders in Washington. So let’s get the two of you acquainted!


T J Bulldogs

They treats its bullies like family — all the pups are raised at home with lots of love and care. It’s no wonder that all their dogs are intelligent, intuitive, affectionate, and in outstanding health, always.

Given that bulldog breeding is a hobby shared by many members of the family, they are careful to raise only a selected few litters each year. They closely supervise the breeding program from the get go and have only one goal: to minimize any inherent health issues in their puppies.

All their puppies are dewormed and also vaccinated before going to their new homes.

All puppies come with a one year guarantee and is not released until it is 8 weeks old.

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Address: Kennewick, WA 99337, United States

Pinnacle Bulldogges

Scott and Tracy Feist run Pinnacle Bulldogges and are known for raising only Olde English Bulldogges.

Their dogs are playful and loving in nature, great with kids and other animals.

That’s because these highly trainable Bulldogs are raised from the reputable bloodlines, including Porter Brown Bulldogges, Mighty Michigan Bulldogges, Joyful Acres, Uncle Oz’s Bulldogges, Hohenstein’ Bulldog and ColorMeBad kennel.

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Address: 31931 Lake Wind, Bulverde, TX 78163

Dog playing with ball

Skymeadow Farm

This is a small family-run business with two decades of experience in breeding both French and English Bulldogs. They’re dedicated to raising happy and healthy puppies from good bloodlines.

All puppies are vaccinated at the correct age, and come in all popular colors.

There is usually no waiting period as the pups are available throughout the year.

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Address: P. O. Box 369, Arlington, Wa 98223

Wildflower K9

This is a small ranch run by Rod and Karla along with their two sons. After getting their first dogs to give them company and work in their ranch, the family fell in love with their canine companions. They wanted more dogs and hence decided to breed their first-ever litter of pups. There was no looking back.

They developed a passion for breeding dogs, and currently breed a variety of pups available including English And French Bulldogs. Since the animals are raised on a ranch and work closely with their humans, they are sociable and playful.

These dogs are intelligent, and therefore fast learners. They make for excellent companions. The best part is that you can reach out to Rod and Karla for assistance even years after getting your pup home.

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Address: Oroville, WA and Orient, IA

Shadowline Kennels

If you are looking for a pup spoiled with love and affection, Shadowline Kennels is the place you should head to. Their secret to healthy, happy, and well-socialized dogs lies in lots of tender loving care.

All their pups are potty trained, dewormed, vaccinated, and socialized.

If at any point in time you’re unable to take care of your pet, you can contact Shadowline Kennels so they can initiate the process of rehoming your pet.

WebsiteEmail ID | Call Us

Address: Federal Way, WA

Dog sitting in park

Bulldogs have been known to suffer from genetic defects and a plethora of illnesses. But, your dog will be your lifelong companion. And who’d want their beloved pet to suffer or die an untimely death, right?

So, choose your breeder with care. Today’s pragmatism will pay you rich dividends in future — you’ll enjoy many years of cuddles, woofs, and licks from your lovely pet.


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