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Can Dogs Drink Tea?

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As pet parents, you are always keen on experimenting with your pet’s diet. You might want to refresh your little one with some hot tea.

Wondering if it is safe to do so? Only certain herbal teas are safe for consumption in moderate quantities.

Last Updated on: Feb 24, 2022

How many of us need a brewing cup of tea to kick start our morning? Well, if you do, you are one among the 159 million Americans who enjoy tea.

While you sip your tea and read the morning newspaper, your dog keeps staring at you with its puppy eyes. You are tempted to make your pet a part of your morning ritual, but the real question here is, can dogs drink tea?

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Dog Eating Cookie and Drinking Tea

Can Dogs Drink Tea?

Your dog can only consume small amounts of herbal tea occasionally. Herbal tea is safe and provides certain benefits. You must ensure it is decaffeinated and is prepared without any milk, sugar, or sweeteners.

Black or the milk tea you enjoy comes with a lot of caffeine and is very toxic for your pooch. Hence, the beverage is best to be avoided. Let’s explore the benefits and dangers of tea for your dog.

Why Is Tea Good For Your Dog?

Tea is made up of a substance called catechins. These act as an antioxidant and keep your pet’s body healthy. Herbal teas also improve digestion and boost immunity. The beverage is relaxing and creates a calming effect on your pet.

It is always recommended to consult your dog’s veterinarian before you start giving it tea.

Why Is Tea Bad For Your Dog?

Caffeine is not good for your dog’s health.

A 60 oz cup of black tea contains 25 – 61 mg of caffeine.

That caffeine gives you a serotonin boost and keeps you going. On the other hand, it impacts your dog in highly dangerous ways.

When do dogs experience caffeine toxicity? Your dog will undergo symptoms when the caffeine levels hit 9 mg of caffeine per pound of its weight. Caffeine poisoning is a serious situation, and you have to rush for medical assistance immediately.

Dog Sleeping with Cup

What Are The Symptoms?

  • Puking
  • Hyperactive behavior
  • High body temperature and blood pressure
  • Restless panting and pacing
  • Seizures


To prevent this from happening, keep your dog miles away from your morning tea.

You must also fray away from milked tea as most dogs have low lactose tolerance. If dairy products are consumed, it culminates in indigestion, diarrhea, and other stomach ailments in your pooch.

Plus, milk tea has a high fat and sugar content, which again is not preferable for your dog’s health.

Ice tea may seem like a fun summer treat. But, you should avoid it as the flavors or sweeteners in the tea do not work in favor of your dog’s health.

What Kind Of Teas Can Your Dog Drink?

Stick to organic or herbal tea for your dog. Here is how the different types of herbal tea will impact your dog.

Tip: Serve tea at room temperature after removing the teabag.

Chamomile Tea

Dogs can consume tiny portions of caffeine-free Chamomile Tea.

The drink helps relieve mild anxiety because it has a calming effect. It also is good for your dog’s digestion.

Green Tea

Small amounts of green tea work well with your dog’s health.

With rich antioxidant properties, green tea boosts immunity in dogs and aids their overall health. The beverage also slows down the threat of cancer in your pooch.

Peppermint Tea

Fresh caffeine-free Peppermint Tea is another option on your list. This tea comes with a variety of benefits for your dog.

It increases energy levels and helps in weight loss. Your dog is instantly hydrated and its breath is significantly improved.  Peppermint Tea can also be used as a flea repellent.

Dog Licking Cup

Can dogs drink tea? Yes, your dog can occasionally drink tea.

However, the broader picture you need to shed light on is what kind of tea is safe for your dog. As pet parents, your priority should always be the well-being of your pet. The best drink for your dog is still freshwater. But if you wish to offer a little variety, caffeine-free herbal teas are your best bet.

You can also learn about other foods that are good for your pet’s health, such as eggs.


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