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Can Dogs Eat Oatmeal?

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Can dogs eat oatmeal? To help you out with your doubts and worries, we have explained the effects of oatmeal on dogs in this piece. Have a read.

Last Updated on: Jul 20, 2022

Oatmeal is rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It has a number of health benefits. But can dogs eat oatmeal? Although most are acceptable and safe for them to consume, some are harmful, and others pose undesirable dangers. Continue reading to get better insights into the subject.

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Is Oatmeal Safe for Dogs?

Yes, oatmeal is safe for dogs. It is a good source of fiber and contains numerous antioxidants, minerals, and nutrients.

Oatmeal is quite good when consumed in moderation. It is the healthiest and safest meal for your dogs because it is minimal in calories.

Experts recommend oatmeal for senior dogs with irregular bowel movements as they can benefit from extra fiber. It is a great addition for overweight dogs as well.

As dogs are high in energy and indulge in outdoor activities, their bodies require an appropriate amount of nutrients to keep them going. Many research experts suggest that the digestive system of canines improves when there is a proper fiber intake.

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Benefits of Oatmeal For Dogs

Oatmeal consists of components that prove to be beneficial to our dogs. Vitamin B is one of many such components. These healthy vitamins help in maintaining health.

Soluble fiber can be found in abundance in oats. Oatmeal’s high fiber content makes it perfect for lowering cholesterol in dogs.

Digestion is eased by the fiber. This helps with intestinal and digestive issues. Oatmeal fiber also aids in the elimination of gastric issues.

Linoleic acid which is said to aid and maintain canines’ skin and coat is also present in oatmeal.

Furthermore, oatmeal is one of the best sources of fiber.

Apart from vitamins, fiber, and other such nutrients, oatmeal can also act as a substitute. For canines who are allergic to wheat, oatmeal is ideal. It contributes to creating red blood cells.

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Oatmeal with Milk

Can Dogs Eat Oatmeal with Milk?

There are certain preparations of oatmeal that can be harmful to your pet.

Oatmeal with milk is one such preparation. Pups when small depend on their mother’s milk for their growth. However, once they grow up they no longer need milk to thrive. As they mature, their capacity to break down the sugar in milk decreases.

Additionally, they become more prone to lactose intolerance. It is not that every canine will develop intolerance but it is a prevalent issue in canines.

Serving oatmeal with milk is not good for your dog.

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Is Human Oatmeal Good for Dogs?


The oatmeal prepared for humans consists of sugar, salt, and other similar ingredients. Dogs are sensitive to these ingredients. They are not safe for consumption.

Even packaged oatmeal is dangerous as it has preservatives and artificial flavorings.

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Best Oatmeal Recipes for Dogs

If you’re hunting for oatmeal for dogs recipes, here are a few that your pup will love.

Plain Oatmeal

Plain oatmeal is a great way to start. How to cook oatmeal for dogs? Get some water in a small pan and boil it. Mix in the oatmeal. Stop cooking once the water is absorbed, and the texture becomes dense.

Oatmeal with Chicken

Here’s a different recipe to make your dog happy. Cut some veggies of your choice into smaller bits and chicken into bite-sized pieces. Place the diced ingredients in a pot with just enough water to cover them. Bring the gravy mixture to a boil. Add the oats and mix well.

Allow the ingredients to cook until the oats are soft. Set aside to cool before serving.


Can dogs eat oatmeal? We often assume food consumed by humans is safe for our dogs. But, we are not always correct in making that assumption.

Even a healthy meal like oatmeal can cause issues for dogs if not served appropriately. Hopefully, this piece has provided you with enough information on how oatmeal affects dogs and how you can safely include it in their diet.



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