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Can My Dog Eat Celery?

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Including vegetables in meals ensures a healthy diet. Among the many veggies available, celery seems like a good option. But is it safe for dogs? We answer this and many more queries related to feeding celery to dogs.

But is it safe for dogs? We answer this and many more queries related to feeding celery to dogs.

Last Updated on: May 24, 2022

As pet parents, preparing your dog’s diet is a calculative task. The fruit and vegetable needs of your dog are quite different from yours. Read on to find out the answer to can my dog eat celery?

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Is Celery Safe for Dogs?

Yes, celery is good for dogs. It is added to the list of vegetables your dog can safely eat. Celery is a good source of fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

Add this vegetable to your dog’s diet after consultation with the vet.


Benefits of Celery to Dogs

Celery offers a plethora of benefits for dogs. Let’s review them in detail.

Low On Calories And High On Fiber

What is better than a fresh snack that helps your dog lose a few pounds? Celery is great due to its low-calorie content. This refreshing snack is super filling and prevents your dog from overeating. Thus, dogs fulfill their calorie intake without gaining extra pounds.

What’s more? Celery is an excellent source of fiber allowing your dog to maintain a healthy stomach. With such high fiber content you may wonder, does celery give dogs diarrhea? If fed in excess, celery causes stomach upsets and diarrhea.

Vitamins And Antioxidants

Celery is an enriching source of vitamins like vitamin K, vitamin C, and vitamin A, and Vitamin E. These nutrients help in blood clotting and support the growth of the immune system. Further, they aid in the smooth functioning of the muscular and nervous systems. The antioxidant properties of celery reduce inflammation and make the dog’s system better equipped to battle diseases.


While celery acts as an impressive vitamin supplement, that is not all. This green veggie is a gateway to essential minerals like zinc, manganese, and potassium. These minerals nourish the digestive system, balance blood sugar levels, and promote cardiovascular and muscular health.

High Water Content

Celery has high amounts of natural water. Feeding your dog some celery especially on hot days can keep its body hydrated and soothed. Celery battles the heat and keeps your pet’s body relaxed.

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Safe Ways to Feed Celery to Dogs

Now that the answer to the question Can my dog eat celery? is clear, let us look at safe and fun ways to add celery to your dog’s diet.

Always Pick Organic

Try your level best to pick organic and fresh vegetables. When you get the celery home, make it a point to wash it thoroughly.

Raw Or Cooked

You can serve celery raw or cooked, depending on how your pet likes its greens. Most pups eat bite-sized pieces of celery. Ensure you cut it in the right size to avoid choking based on how old your dog is. For older dogs, cook the celery to help the canine chew and digest it better.

There is a chance that your dog may dislike celery entirely. If you are still keen to enrich it with the benefits of this vegetable, try vitamin supplements in the form of celery tablets for dogs. Remember to seek advice from your veterinarian before you go ahead with these.

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Keep It Simple

Although you may like to spice up your salad with interesting toppings, keep your dog’s greens plain and simple. Most of the seasoning you use might not work in the favor of your pet’s health.

Make The Celery A Fun Treat

Are you wondering how to cook celery for dogs to make it a delicious treat? Here are some things you can do.

  • Mix it with a tiny amount of low fat and homemade peanut butter for a lip-smacking combination.
  • Celery can be added as an ingredient in meals for your dog. All you need to do is chop and blend small amounts of the vegetable in the meal.
  • Feed it with some other snack your dog likes.

While most dogs can eat celery, you may want to experiment with other veggies. Common questions like can dogs eat celery and carrots or can dogs eat celery and broccoli are posed by pet owners.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common queries posed by several dog owners.

How Much Celery Can Dogs Eat?

Celery must always be looked at as an occasional treat for your dog. It can never substitute a full-course meal. According to the AKC, celery treats must not be more than 10 percent of your dog’s daily calorie intake. Simply put, do not feed more than a few pieces of it in one sitting.

When Is Celery Bad For Dogs?

Can celery kill dogs? For all concerned pet owners, celery can pose a choking hazard when fed in large sizes. Hence, you have to carefully clean and chop it. Plus, when overdosed, the high water and fiber content can lead to gastrointestinal issues. Your dog will have symptoms like bloating, giddiness, vomiting, and diarrhea.

What Kind Of Celery Can Dogs Eat?

Dogs can eat both raw and cooked celery as a treat. It solely depends on your pet’s comfort levels and how you want to play around with it in your dog’s diet.

One common way to feed celery is by cooking it or crushing it with a blender. You can also juice it up and add the liquid to your pet’s meal. Raw celery makes a fun crunchy snack for your pooch.

Can Dogs Eat Raw Celery?

Yes, most dogs enjoy eating raw celery.

Can Puppies Eat Celery?

Puppies can also munch on some celery in very small amounts. Restrict it to two-three cut pieces of the vegetable. Slowly add celery to your puppy’s diet. If it adapts to the taste, you can gradually increase the treat.

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Can my dog eat celery? The answer is yes. Celery can be an occasional crunchy treat for your dog. When fed in recommended amounts, it can just be the right snack for your dog. Talk to your vet, before you introduce celery to your dog’s diet. This healthy vegetable has everything going for it to make a great treat for your dog.

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