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Can My Dog Eat Lemon?

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Drink and use all the lemons for your consumption because this citrus fruit can bring more harm than good to your dog. Lemons are entirely off-limits when you have dogs in your home.

It can be a poisonous fruit for them, and you and your dog won't enjoy the risks of this Vitamin-C-rich treat.

Last Updated on: Aug 04, 2022

Lemon is an essential citrus fruit for humans. People who like to maintain a healthy lifestyle always turn to lemon for its extremely high Vitamin C content and fiber.

Lemons can also be used in cooking and baking, cleaning, and even disinfecting homes. For sure, lemons are a human must-have. But is it the same for dogs?

Can my dog eat lemon?

More importantly, can a lemon hurt a dog?

pug dog biting into a lemon

Is Lemon Safe For My Dog?

Lemons are safe in moderation, but they’re best avoided. Can a dog lick a lemon? They can, but beware, lemons might pose choking hazards for your pet.

You also need to remember that dogs don’t like the citrussy taste of lemons. So even if you offer it to them, chances are that they’ll stay away from it.

Lemons, like most citrus fruits, have essential oils called d-limonene and linalool.  These oils have insecticidal properties which can break down in your dog’s liver and cause poisoning, toxicity, and liver damage.

Aside from these two essential oils, lemons also have psoralens, a compound that’s also dangerous to your dog. This is often used as a treatment for specific skin problems, but it can encourage phototoxicity for dogs.

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Symptoms To Watch Out For

There are no specific symptoms for lemon poisoning because it shares the same symptoms of an upset stomach.

Watch out for vomiting, diarrhea, and unusual light sensitivity. There’s also a possibility of excessive drooling, rashes, and tremors.

Your dog might also be downright uncomfortable and unable to settle in. It may feel dizzy and even collapse.

lemon on the head of a Labrador

What To Do If Your Dog Eats Lemon?

The first thing you need to do is to call either your veterinarian or your local animal poison control center. They will recommend an adequate course of action.

If your dog ingested a small amount of lemon, you might not need to visit your vet. You would need to monitor your dog’s condition closely though.

If the symptoms persist, and for your peace of mind, a visit to the vet is a must.

So how much lemon is toxic to dogs? It depends on your dog’s size and weight. The same lemon could have little effect on a large dog, but might be an issue for a small Chihuahua.

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cut up lemons and lemon juice

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Lemon Juice Bad For Dogs?

Lemon juice and lemonade are nasty for your dog. Lemon juice shares the same acidity as lemons, and lemonade technically is the same with added sugar. Your dog doesn’t need either.

The unwanted citric acid and sugar can lead to more serious health concerns like vomiting and diarrhea. Water is the only form of liquid you need to keep your dog hydrated.

You can use lemon juice for an entirely different purpose though. It is a fantastic way of keeping your dog’s coat clean. So, is lemon juice safe for dogs’ skin? It is as long as you mix equal parts of baking soda and use it to clean its fur.

Can Dogs Have Lemon Water?

You can give your dog some lemon water if it’s given in appropriate quantities. The challenge here is your dog may not want to drink lemon water because of its taste. And there’s always the risk of acidity.

It is best to add a few drops of lemon to your dog’s water bowl and slowly increase the dosage. The goal here is for your dog not to notice that you are adding lemon into the water.

Can Dogs Eat Lemon Cake?

Your dog can have a lemon cake as a rare treat.

Cakes contain milk, sugar and other ingredients that aren’t great for their health.

Can Dogs Have Citrus Fruits?

Your dog is not a fan of citrus fruits primarily because of their strong smell and tarty taste. And there are plenty of citrus fruits that are also harmful to your pet.

Can dogs have limes? Limes and grapefruits are also not a good idea for your dog. Both are high in citric acid and cause gastrointestinal issues for your dog. If you want to feed citrus fruits to your dog, opt for oranges.

lemon juice and dog sitting next to it

Now that you know the answer to can my dog eat lemon, it is best not to feed lemons to your dog. Can lemons kill dogs? Yes, it can, especially if your dog ingested large amounts of this fruit


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