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Can My Dog Eat Pasta?

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It’s safe for your dog to eat plain pasta with no pasta sauce, which often uses ingredients toxic to dogs.

You shouldn’t give full servings of pasta to your pet and limit pasta feedings to once a week and never daily.

Last Updated on: Mar 15, 2022

Can dogs eat raw pasta? Yes, your dog can eat plain pasta.

Pasta is a carbohydrate-rich food that’s largely considered safe for dogs. However, there are caveats to this information—for instance, pasta sauce must be avoided, and it’s best to limit pasta to an occasional treat.

Today, we’re going to share everything we know about pasta feeding for dogs. This includes how much pasta your dog can handle, how often they should eat it, what you must avoid, and more.

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Dog looking at a pasta

Is It Safe For My Dog To Eat Pasta?

You’ve probably been in this situation before. You just finished cooking a fancy tortellini recipe. You’re about to enjoy it with freshly heated bread, salad, and some Riesling. Suddenly your favorite furry friend in the world sits next to you with those eyes (you know the look). How can you possibly say no to that?

So is it OK to give dogs pasta? The answer is a definite yes if we’re talking about plain pasta. But there are things you need to know for fuller context.

As mentioned before, pasta is a carbohydrate-rich food that humans have enjoyed for centuries. Carbohydrates, after all, provide energy that powers our bodies and organs.

As it turns out, carb-rich pasta is also something that can energize and nourish dogs. Of course, there are other excellent examples of carb-rich foods out there that your pet can enjoy. According to our expert vet friends from Cummings, these foods include rice, potato, and corn grits.

But too much of something isn’t always good. That rule applies to our furry friends as much as it applies to us.

So how can we know if we’re feeding our dog too much of last night’s lasagna?

Can My Dog Eat Pasta Every Day?

Technically, they can, but they shouldn’t. Most vets would agree that feeding your pet pasta once a week is fine. You don’t need to worry if you give it pasta twice a week by accident. But if pasta becomes part of its daily diet, all sorts of health problems could be heading their way.

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How Much Pasta Is Too Much for Dogs?

If you’re wondering, “How much pasta can I give my dog?” The short and honest answer to that is: It depends on the dog breed.

Dogs come in all breeds and sizes, right? Perhaps your Irish wolfhound can gulp more pasta compared to your neighbor’s miniature schnauzer. This kind of reasoning is flawed and can be dangerous.

Instead, we recommend you remember one simple rule: Don’t ever feed your dog a full plate or bowl of pasta. One small helping should do the trick. And be extra careful about the pasta sauce (more on this later).

Dog trying to eat raw pasta on table

What Does Too Much Pasta Do To Dogs?

First and foremost, too many carbohydrates in its diet could quickly make your dog overweight. Obesity in dogs can lead to heart problems and breathing issues. Moreover, the heavier dogs get, the more likely they’ll develop muscle- or joint-related conditions later on.

So while it’s fun to have your American cocker spaniel recreate that famous scene in that classic Disney animated movie, don’t do it every day.

In 2017, researchers from Uppsala University in Sweden conducted a study on wolves and modern dogs. The results suggested that modern dogs may have evolved to safely digest carbohydrate-rich foods like pasta. Wolves, however, continue to miss out simply because they can’t. 

Here’s an excerpt of the report covering the study:

“The most important example of the difference between dogs and wolves, which is demonstrated by this current research, is that dogs have special digestive equipment for handling carbohydrates which wolves do not. That means that you can safely give your dog some of your leftover spaghetti or a piece of bread, and you can continue to save the crusts from your pizza to give to your dog as snacks.” Coren, Stanley.”

An image of different kinds of pasta

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Raw Pasta Safe For Dogs?

Does it make a difference if the pasta you feed to your dog is cooked or uncooked? Not really, as long as it is plain pasta.

Most plain pasta is made from wheat flour mixed with eggs and water. Those ingredients are perfectly okay, even if raw.

But can dogs eat raw pasta that’s past its expiration date? Yes, as long as we’re talking about uncooked dry pasta. As for an old batch of fresh pasta? Better not, to be safe.

An image of a pasta on a fork

Can I Feed Pasta Sauce To My Dog?

The definite answer is no. There are many varieties of pasta sauce. But most use ingredients that include tomatoes, olive oil, garlic, onion, some herbs and seasonings, and cheese.

Unfortunately, onions and garlic are big no-nos for dogs because they’re toxic. Also, some seasonings may be harmful to a dog’s digestive system.

What Kind Of Pasta Can I Give My Dog?

There are so many types of pasta out there. So naturally, you would probably ask the obvious question: What kind of pasta can dogs eat?

Again, the important thing to remember is that if it is plain pasta, it is okay for dogs. It doesn’t matter if you’re preparing linguine, penne, spaghetti, macaroni, or lasagna. As long as it is plain, it’s good to go for your doggo!

An image of a dog sniffing a pasta
Knowing what foods can kill dogs is always a priority for any pet dog owner.

For those of you who love dogs but also can’t resist Italian food, you needn’t worry. Pasta, specifically plain pasta, is perfectly safe.

Still, it pays to remember that adage about moderation. Too much of a good thing can still be bad for your best friend. So don’t ever feed your dog a full serving of pasta. Once a week is alright, but daily is out of the question.

As for pasta sauce, most varieties often come with ingredients that are toxic to dogs. So leave that special marinara sauce for people and save the noodles for the poodle.


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