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Can My Dog Eat Sweet Potatoes?

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Humans love sweet potatoes as they are delicious and versatile. You can mash them, boil them, and enjoy them as chips! Sweet potatoes are good for dogs too, but before you invite your dog to join in this delicious meal, here’s what you need to remember about feeding dogs sweet potatoes in terms of preparation and serving size.

Last Updated on: Apr 19, 2022

Pet owners may often worry about feeding their pooches manufactured doggie meals with virtually no natural sources of nutrition. To supplement the dry kibble, we strive to provide them with as much natural protein, fiber, and minerals as we can.

You may want to indulge your pet in a healthy treat like a sweet potato every now and then. This holds true especially during holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas when you want your canine companion to be as much a part of the celebration as your friends and family. As a result, you may wonder if you may give those delicious holiday sweet potatoes to your dog.

So, in this article, we will discuss everything from feeding your dogs sweet potatoes to knowing how to cook sweet potatoes for dogs.

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Is It Safe For My Dog To Eat Sweet Potatoes?

Yes, sweet potatoes are safe and quite good for dogs. If you’re asking why sweet potatoes are good for dogs, they are a good source of fiber, proteins, minerals, and carbohydrates.

They are also an excellent organic source of selenium, beta-carotene, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, calcium, iron, and potassium for your dogs. These help to boost the immune system, promote growth, and keep diseases at bay. Not only that, but they are also a delightful and healthy snack that’s low in calories and fat, depending on how they’re prepared.

But while there are many reasons why sweet potatoes are good, for potatoes to be considered completely non-hazardous to dogs, they must be fed in moderation. As with everything, too much of a good thing can kill its benefits.

The high glycemic index of sweet potatoes makes blood sugar levels rise, so you should avoid feeding your dog sweet potatoes if they are diabetic or overweight.

Can I Feed My Dog Raw Sweet Potatoes?

You should exercise caution when feeding a dog sweet potatoes. Never feed a dog raw sweet potato. The toxins in raw sweet potatoes are too much for their digestive system to handle. This may cause an upset stomach and even intestinal blockage.

Owners should also avoid feeding their dogs frozen sweet potatoes or chips manufactured for human consumption as they contain oils, salt, and preservatives that are bad for dogs,

Cooked sweet potatoes is the only way to serve them to a dog. They can be baked, boiled, or even dehydrated.

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Sweet Potato Dishes For Dogs

Sweet potatoes are one of the most adaptable foods on the market. This dish can please a range of palates. You can make a range of dishes with it—from savory sweet potato hash and roasted sweet potatoes to sugary sweet potato brownies and sweet potato pies.

So, you’re probably wondering, “Can I give my dog cooked sweet potato?” Should it be fried or raw? Boiled or baked?

Here’s all you need to know about how to cook sweet potato for dogs.

Dehydrated Treats

Sweet potatoes that are dehydrated are a tasty, natural, and organic reward for your dog. Here’s how to make them:

  • Cut the sweet potatoes into thin pieces, making them wider if your dog is a larger breed. Make sure they’re not too thin or less than ¼ inch in width, otherwise they’ll be too crispy and less chewy to nibble on.
  • Pop them for 2 to 3 hours into the oven, monitoring and flipping them every 30 minutes. When you remove them, make sure they’re dry and chewy for your dog.
  • Allow them to cool completely before storing them in airtight containers for your pooch to enjoy over the next three weeks.

Boiled And Mashed Meals

Cooking traditional mashed sweet potatoes is an alternative to the chewy dehydrated treats. Only use boiling water to prepare the mashed potatoes and leave out any herbs or seasonings. When it’s done, you can include them in your dog’s meals, along with vegetables, fruits, and even smoothies.

However, the amount of sweet potatoes you give your dog has a limit and should be proportional to their size.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Sweet Potato Can I Give My Dog?

Maybe you’re well-versed in doggie recipes, but have you ever wondered “how much sweet potato can I give my dog?” Here’s the answer—dogs should be fed sweet potatoes as moderately as possible.

Make sure sweet potato doesn’t account for more than 10% of your dog’s daily calories.

Remember that dogs have a different digestive system from humans, so even if we can devour 2 to 3 sweet potatoes, toy dog breeds should be fed only between 2 to 3 tablespoons while larger breeds can eat a little more.

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How Often Can I Feed Sweet Potatoes To My Dog?

Now you know that giving your dog more than 4 tablespoons of sweet potato every day might have negative consequences. This might make you wonder, “Can I give my dog sweet potato every day?”

As we’ve mentioned earlier, moderation is key. So try to feed them as little sweet potato as possible, maybe twice or thrice every week. Alternatively, you can treat your dog to sweet potatoes on occasion.

Can Dogs Eat Sweet Potato Fries?

Yes, your dog can eat fried sweet potatoes. However, remember that they can only eat homemade fried sweet potatoes prepared without oils, spices, and preservatives.

Can Dogs Eat Sweet Potatoes’ Skin?

No, dogs are not advised to eat sweet potato skin as they are relatively harder to digest and may cause an upset stomach.

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Now that you know everything there is to know about sweet potatoes for dogs, go ahead and make a hearty supper for your beloved companion.

Remember to feed them only as much as they are allowed to eat, no matter how much they like it. And if your dog doesn’t enjoy it, you might try an alternative cooking method. If it’s not boiled, it’s probably chewy treats!

Now, you and your dog can finally feast together on some delectable sweet potatoes next Thanksgiving.


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