Can My Dog Eat Toast?


A toast saves the day when you’re in a hurry and need a quick fix for your breakfast. But can you say the same for your dog? Is toast safe and can dogs eat toast? Let’s find out.

Dog sitting with bread

Is Toast Safe for Dogs?

Toast is unlikely to cause any harm to your dog.

Plain white or wheat bread can be high in sugar but is safe to be given to your pooch as an occasional treat.

And since toast is cooked bread, it is fine to let your pup indulge in some toast as a treat. The only time you cannot give a toast to your dog is when it has a gluten or wheat allergy.

Make sure you always check with your vet before introducing something new to your dog’s diet.

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basket of toast

How Much Toast Can Dogs Eat?

It is not ideal to give your dog toast every day. Make sure not to make it a habit.

After you feed it to toast the first time, watch out for unusual symptoms or allergies that crop up.

Don’t forget, bread consists of carbs. Too much can be harmful to your pet.

No matter what type of bread you give your pet, the quota should not exceed 5% of your dog’s diet.

Choose bread that has a low sugar content to prevent weight gain.

dog eating bread

Does Toast Help With a Dog’s Digestion?

The experts at The Merck Veterinary Manual recommend a highly digestive bland meal to settle their upset tummy.

You could try other foods like grated carrots, boiled chicken breast, and rice. This should help reduce pain.

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toast with peanut butter, jam and banana

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Dogs Eat Toast with Peanut Butter?

Yes and no, depending on the ingredients.

Dogs can eat some kind of butter, but not all. Peanut butter can be extremely hazardous for your dog and should be completely avoided. It contains an artificial sweetener called xylitol which causes poisoning.

The symptoms are vomiting, seizures, muscle weakness, liver failure, and trouble walking, any of which will start to show within 30-minutes after your dog is fed with something that contains xylitol.

If peanut butter makes your dog sick, contact your vet immediately.

Can Dogs Eat Toast with Vegemite?

While you can feed your dog vegemite, it is not preferable. It is harmful to dogs in the long run. These yeast spreads have a high amount of sodium which can cause sodium poisoning. This can often be life-threatening.

Feeding your pooch vegemite is likely to make your pup thirsty frequently leading to excessive urination. This simply means your dog’s body is working overtime on getting rid of the excess sodium. 

toast with jam

Can Dogs Eat Toast with Jam?

Offering jam may feel okay, but it is not. Jam contains high amounts of sugar with no great nutritional value for dogs.

Excessive sugar can cause diabetes and inflammation.

Can Dogs Eat Toast with Butter and Jam?

Toast with butter and jam is a complete no for dogs.

Butter is not toxic, so in case you’ve fed your pup with some butter, then there’s no need to worry.

Jam, however, contains very high levels of sugar, which could result in inflammation. Excessive sugar can lead to diabetes and weight gain.

toast with butter

While the answer to can my dog eat toast is yes, it is still recommended to feed your dog toast in small portions, and only as a treat. While it’s tempting to give your dog a piece of everything you eat, practice caution when doing so.

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