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Top 7 Cane Corso Breeders in Alabama

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A breed of noble bearing, Cane Corsos are large dogs that can weigh up to 100 pounds when fully grown. Their size and assertive and confident personality make them a difficult breed to train. This means it is necessary for pet parents to carefully consider the breeder they choose to ensure a good temperament.

  • Reputable breeders have years of experience breeding and raising Cane Corsos.
  • Good breeders are selective about the family that will adopt their puppies.

Last Updated on: November 13, 2023

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The majestic Cane Corso is unlike any other. These intimidating dogs are intelligent, energetic, and highly protective. But at the same time, they’re affectionate and eager to please their owners.

This one-of-a-kind breed is a rewarding challenge to raise. And that’s precisely why you need to find reputable Cane Corso breeders in Alabama if you want to bring a happy and healthy Cane Corso home. This is easier said than done, as this is a rare breed.

In this guide, we’ve rounded up the top breeders in Alabama. Let’s check them out!
Note that if you want a smaller version of the Cane Corso, you might want to look at Beagle breeders in Alabama.

Montagna Di Ferro Cane Corso

They have puppies who are well-adjusted to the home environment. In addition, they are familiar with children, other pets, and farm animals. The breeder socializes them well before they are taken to their forever homes.

Breeders expose the pups to many enrichment methods. They are given leash training and introduced to various surfaces and strangers. The pups also go through touch desensitization.

All the puppies receive their first shots of vaccines and deworming here. Their vet checks and parvo tests them, too.

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Address: Odenville, AL

Petland Montgomery

cane corso alabama - petland montgomery

Petland Montgomery is a family-owned pet store that has been operating since 1971. They sell various products, accessories, food, and supplies for all types of pets, from birds to reptiles.

Their puppies come from USDA-licensed Cane Corso breeders in Alabama and small-scale breeders who raise their puppies humanely, following the Animal Welfare Act. They also help customers adopt pets from local shelters.

If you’re unsure about getting Cane Corso puppies, their Pet Counselors will help you make an informed decision that’s good for you and your pup.

Their strict requirements from breeders ensure all pups live in a clean, healthy, and humane environment where they receive proper exercise and socialization. The pups also receive the best medical care and come with state-issued health certificates.

At pickup, you take a microchipped puppy home with a 1-year hereditary guarantee and a 14-day wellness guarantee.

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Address: Montgomery, AL

Southern Grace Cane Corso

Southern Grace Cane Corso is an excellent small family breeder in Alabama, especially if you’re looking for show-quality dogs with excellent temperaments. They run a non-profit-oriented program with the sole purpose of preserving the Cane Corso breed.

They regularly participate in conformation show rings and other activities with their Cane Corso.

They raise all puppies in a home environment where they receive plenty of love and socialization. The pups are given plenty of training: by the time they are ready to go to their forever homes, they’ll be potty-, crate-, and behaviorally trained. There’s also an in-house vet to look after the puppies’ health.

They raise Cane Corsos to become great companions and protectors, so they’re suitable for all families. Note that this breeder is quite selective about pet parents, so you’ll need to ensure you’re ready and capable of bringing home and raising a Cane Corso. The breeder places special emphasis on training the puppies even after you’ve taken them home.

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Address: Alexander City, AL

Capri Cane Corso

cane corso puppies alabama - capri cane corso

Capri Cane Corso is a small family breeding program run by Jimmy and Diana Stanchio and their kids. They’re some of the most knowledgeable Cane Corso breeders and work directly with breed experts in Italy. They also participate in the SACCI Certified Breeder Program, which promotes the health, standards, and ethics of breeding the Cane Corso.

Their program follows Italian kennel club standards to ensure breed betterment using selective breeding. They select only the best types of Cane Corso that display optimal health and the right temperament and drive. Over the years, they’ve bred and raised many champions and have regularly participated in conformation shows.

All puppies are raised in a healthy and happy environment where they receive a ton of training and socialization. They’re also one of the few breeders to provide a three-year health guarantee for their pups.

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Address: Grand Bay, AL

Razorback Cane Corso Kennels

If you’re looking for well-behaved Cane Corso puppies in Alabama, Razorback Kennels is where you should be looking. They’re a well-reputed Cane Corso breeder known to produce and raise some of the best pups with healthy temperaments and sound bodies and minds.

Their program focuses on breeding ICCF-registered Cane Corsos, which aims to preserve purebred pups and adults. Apart from their undeniable pedigree, this breeder also prioritizes the puppies’ health by providing them with a loving and clean environment.

All puppies receive their first round of shots and undergo tail docking before they go to their forever homes. They have a health guarantee, full rights, and a contract with complete documentation.

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Address: Mobile, AL


two cane corso puppies

PuppySpot is a trusted online marketplace for Cane Corso in Alabama, especially if you don’t want to wait for a long time before bringing your Cane Corso puppy home.

They work with vetted breeders that undergo a strict annual screening process that meets and exceeds state and federal standards. PuppySpot is USDA-licensed, and most of their breeders are, too (unless exempted from licensing).

All of this guarantees that puppies experience top-notch living conditions and medical care to ensure healthy development. All owners get a 10-year health commitment from PuppySpot.

Another unique offering is their puppy delivery service. They offer doorstep delivery via USDA-approved planes and vehicles. A trained chaperone will accompany your pet at all times.

If you aren’t sure whether a Cane Corso is right for you, you can take their breed match quiz to confirm!

Website | Email ID | Call Us

Address: AL

Valkyrie Kennels

Valkyrie Kennels is one of the best Cane Corso breeders in Alabama that raises the healthiest pups. They’re a licensed and registered Cane Corso breeder with expertise in raising this ancient Italian breed.

They have a 40-acre property with pastures, rolling hills, ponds, creeks, and woods where dogs can play to their heart’s content. Not only do the pups and adult dogs get fresh air and free space here, but they also gain exposure to various livestock and wild game.

All their puppies come with a 2-year health guarantee and a temperament guarantee.

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Address: AL

We hope this list of Cane Corso breeders in Alabama helps you get a healthy and happy pup. It is vital to equip your house before the arrival of a new pet. To do so, list things you need, like bedding, toys, and food bowls. Also, prepare your family for the new canine member well ahead of time.

If everything is all set, you’re ready for your Cane Corso puppy!


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