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Find the Finest Cane Corso Breeders in Hawaii

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One of the oldest Mastiff breeds, Cane Corso, is a bodyguard dog. They are well-muscled, strong, intelligent, and eager to please their humans. Because of their size, breeding them correctly is paramount to each pup’s well-being in the long run.

When left to an irresponsible breeder, Cane Corso pups may:

  • Grow up very stubborn and end up owning their owner
  • Develop antisocial tendencies, which is why early socialization is vital

Last Updated on: Mar 04, 2024

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Cane Corso is an Italian breed of Mastiffs. It is one of the oldest breeds to have been developed—their lineage can be traced back to Ancient Roman times. They are often employed as guard dogs and are among the most popular military dog breeds. In fact, their name roughly translates to “bodyguard dog” in Latin.

Adult dogs of this breed grow close to 100 pounds. Their bodies are quite muscled, with a large head and a short, stiff coat. Cani Corsi (the proper plural term) are intelligent, loyal, and eager to please. However, they can tend to be assertive and willful, which can be difficult for inexperienced dog owners.

Because of their large size and the potential for temperament issues, early socialization and training are necessary for Cane Corso pups.

Breeding Cani Corsi isn’t easy, so if you want one for your household, choosing a responsible breeder is vital. The breed can be difficult to manage without meticulous care.

Here are the proven responsible Cane Corso breeders in Hawaii you should check out. They follow responsible breeding practices and prioritize the health of every pup, ensuring you get the best furry friend.

Featured Breeder

Island Guard Kennels

  • Finest bloodlines
  • Quality over quantity
  • Show-quality dogs

Island Guard Kennels don’t consider themselves simple breeders; instead, they are bridges between generations of loyalty, commitment, and love. They take pride in breeding Cani Corsi that will be perfect guardians and companions for their families.

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Through their meticulous approach to breeding and extensive research of Europe’s finest specimen, every litter exceeds the other in terms of looks, temperament, and health. All the puppies undergo an early obedience training program, where they learn to become ideal pets and potential guards. This ensures that every pup grows up to be physically and mentally sharp.

Island Guard Kennels’ pups have participated in various AKC conformation shows. Their skills are enhanced through protection training, obedience training, Fast CAT® (Coursing Ability Test), and scent work.

Needless to say, this breeder has a well-rounded breeding program that ticks all the right boxes.

island guard kennels' breeder

Island Guard Kennels’ Breeder

As a small hobby breeder of Cane Corso dogs nestled in the beautiful island of Oahu, Hawaii, our primary focus is on nurturing the temperament and health of our cherished canines. Each of our dogs is an integral part of our family, receiving the utmost love and care. We are selective breeders, prioritizing quality over quantity, and we take great care in ensuring our puppies find homes that are just the right fit. Our commitment extends beyond breeding; we dedicate ourselves to the comprehensive training of our puppies to guarantee that they, along with their new families, enjoy the fullest and most rewarding life possible.

Piko Cane Corso

cane corse dog sitting in a field

Head to the North Shore in Oahu for high-quality, purebred Cane Corso Italian puppies. Piko Cane Corso strictly follows AKC standards and guidelines, so you know you’re getting the best.

All the pups are raised at home in a clean environment, ensuring they are at the peak of their health. Piko Cane Corso is confident that anyone who buys from them will be pleased with their pups. There is no doubt that they are a fantastic choice for Cane Corso puppies Hawaii.

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Address: North Shore, Oahu

Diamond Cut Kennels

black cane corso dog standing in water

Raquel Tugaoen runs Diamond Cut Kennels, which is located in Wahiawa, Hawaii. She works very hard to produce healthy and even-tempered Cane Corso pups.

At Diamond Cut Kennels, Raquel treats every dog as family, so they grow up to be well-rounded, mentally sound, and structurally correct adults. Thanks to their confident and supportive upbringing, these dogs grow up to be very healthy.

Raquel also offers obedience training, temperament testing, and CGC certification. So, pet parents can be worry-free when buying a furry companion from here.

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Address: Wahiawa, HI

If you are looking for Cane Corso in Hawaii, these are the breeders you should reach out to. They breed pups for quality, breed conformation, and sound temperament.
Additionally, they all socialize the dogs early on, ensuring they grow up to become well-behaved adults who are mentally and physically sharp.


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