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Where Illinois Gets Its Cane Corso From: Top Breeders

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Cane Corso’s lineage dates way back-we’re talking ancient Roman times. This breed’s name roughly translates to “bodyguard dog,” and for a good reason. The breed is intelligent, protective, alert, and trainable. Their appearance is enough to scare intruders away.

It’s important to look at the following points when looking for Cane Corsos as pets:

  • Since this is a big guardian dog breed, they need to be socialized with people and other dogs at an early age.
  • Choose breeders who prioritize the breed’s physical and mental health over the number of puppies produced.

Last Updated on: Jun 20, 2023

Cane Corsos, also known as bodyguard dogs, stand 28 inches tall and weigh more than 100 pounds! They are also alert and protective of their loved ones and very intimidating to intruders. Safe to say, this is a breed no one wants to mess with.

Despite its enormous size, this dog will always try to sit on your lap and plop down like you’re its human bed. Many people love how loyal this breed is. It’s obvious why they want them as part of their family.

If you live in or around Illinois, here is a list of the best Cane Corso breeders.

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Featured Breeder

Il Vigore Corso

  • Champion European Bloodlines
  • AKC and ICCF dual-registered pups
  • Certified HD-A HIP and ED-0 ELBOWS

A Sicilian family runs this kennel in Western-Central Illinois. All their dogs come from the top elite bloodlines, and they specialize in molosser-type ancient Cane Corso.

il vigore corso - logo 1The Federation Cynologique Internationale

il vigore corso - logo 2AKC Member

il vigore corso - logo 3ICCF Registry

Il Vigore Corso are proud home breeders who take protecting and maintaining bloodlines very seriously. As a result, they have some of the finest American Kennel Club (AKC) and ICCF dual-registered pups. Additionally, their dogs are working class for personal protection therapy dogs.

The Sicilian Family Farm breeder sources elite bloodlines from around the world, from countries like Milan, Italy, Spain, Russia, and Hungary. Moreover, all the dogs are AKC & ICCF registered, have certified DNA numbers FCI, and come with OFA penhip & elbow scores.

They accept deposits starting at $1000, but the final price is subjective to a dog’s gender. They will also crop the ears if new owners request it. The puppy you buy will come declawed and with a docked tail. The breeder also vaccinates them and hands them over to you with a health certificate.

il vigore corso - joseph


We specialize in true old-world Cane Corso best bloodlines in the world, with temperament and bone structure like no other. With over 10 years of breeding experience, our quality speaks for itself. Make sure to get on our waiting list.

C&I Elite Cane Corso

C&I Elite Cane Corso - Cane Corso Breeder near Highland

Based on a rural farm in Illinois, this breeder has 7-8 cage kennels to give dogs ample space to play. This kennel grows its puppies in the best possible environment and socializes with children and many other animals.

Additionally, they are registered with AKC. If you choose to buy a pup from them, you’ll get a dewormed, vaccinated, and microchipped. You also get all the papers necessary to register your pure-bred puppy.

Check out their website to see images and videos of some of their happy pups. They do everything to help their customers bring the perfect pet home.

Website | Email ID | Contact

Address: Highland, IL 62345

Fidecore Cane Corso

Fidecore Cane Corso’s journey began in 2003 when founder Agata Buczak was given a female Cane Corso. She fell in love with the breed immediately, you can guess the rest.

This breeder is passionate about producing and believes in realistic and achievable results. Quality and customer satisfaction are top priorities, so they strive to maintain the bloodline by screening every dog.

All the puppies are raised with families, so their dogs are well-socialized. In any case, they have a well-rounded training program to help your canine and you have a better life.

Website | Email ID | Contact

Address: Marengo/Chicago at Illinois

Cabeza Grande Kennel

cabeza grande kennel - cane corso breeder near pocahontas

The kennel started with a goal to produce dogs with excellent health and temperament. Today, they are one of Illinois’s most reputable Cane Corsos breeders.

They raise all their pups at home and give them constant attention right from birth. As a result, these puppies get a lot of exposure to sounds and people. This makes it easier for them to socialize in the future.

Cabeza Grande Kennel introduced DNA profiling in 2009 to assure customers that they are getting the original breed. Once the puppy reaches eight weeks of age, the breeder takes them to parks and other public places so they acclimatize to new environments.

Website | Contact

Address: Pocahontas, IL 62275


Always get your dog from an ethical breeder who follows responsible breeding practices. Check out the kennel, look at the parent dogs’ medical history, and health tests. Talk to many breeders before you decide on a pup. If a breeder seems off, they’re probably not trustworthy. Get your hands on the best Cane Corso puppy and bring them home soon!


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