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Best Cane Corso Breeders in Illinois

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This article lists the best Cane Corso Breeders in Illinois. The top breeders include Il Vigore Corso, C&I Elite Cane Corso, Lakeview Cane Corso, and Cabeza Grande Kennel. They are AKC verified and offer high-quality Cane Corso dogs.

Last Updated on: Jul 01, 2022

It’s impossible not to stare at this hyper-aware gentle giant when you lay eyes on one. Despite its enormous size, this dog will always try to sit on your lap and plop down on you like you’re its human bed.

So, if you have already decided to get this gentle giant into your house, let’s get started right away. Here is a list of the best Cane Corso breeders in Illinois to make your search easier.

Cane Corso sleeping

Il Vigore Corso

A true Sicilian Family runs this kennel in Western-Central Illinois. They offer the molosser-type ancient Cane Corso. Their dogs come from the top elite bloodlines. The breeders deliver some of the finest AKC and ICCF dual-registered pups. They are one of the most well-known Cane Corso Breeders in Illinois.

The puppy you buy will come with its dewclaws removed and tail docked. The breeder vaccinates them and hands them over to you with a health certificate.

Website | Email ID | Call Us

Address: Kinderhook, Illinois 62345

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C&I Elite Cane Corso

Located in a rural farm area of Illinois, this breeder has seven-cage kennels and eight-cage kennels to give dogs ample space to play. An American Kennel Club registered Cane Corso breeder, this kennel grows its puppies in the best environment.

If you are not sure about visiting the site yet, you can check the images and videos they have uploaded to their website and Facebook. With the goal of delivering the healthiest and purest Cane Corso bloodline, they do everything to help their customers bring the perfect pet home.

Your pup will be fully vaccinated. It will come to you with a docked tail, dewormed, and microchipped.

Website | Email ID | Call Us

Address: Highland, Illinois 62345

Cane corso in garden

Lakeview Cane Corso

This breeder focuses on service quality and keeping customers at the top of their priority list always. Today, this family-owned Lakeview Cane Corso kennel stands proudly as one of the breeding industry leaders.

Their Cane Corsos come from incredible bloodlines. They have great temperaments. The breeders socialize them well at an early age. They have excellent customer ratings on their Facebook page.

Go through this kennel’s website and social media pages to know what to expect once you decide to buy a Cane Corso from them.

Website | Email ID | Call Us

Address: Cuba, Illinois

Cabeza Grande Kennel

Cabeza means a “great head” or simply “head” in Spanish. Yes, the Cane Corso has a big head! The kennel started with a goal to produce dogs with excellent health, temperament, and with a great head on their shoulders.

Cabeza Grande Kennel introduced DNA profiling in 2009 to assure customers that they are getting the original breed.

They raise all their pups at home with constant attention right from birth. As a result, these puppies get a lot of exposure to sounds and people. This makes it easier for them to socialize in the future.

Once the puppy reaches eight weeks of age, the breeders take them to parks, a large number of stores, and sometimes, even Wal-Mart. They do all these activities keeping in mind the dogs’ overall development.

Website | Call Us

Address: Pocahontas, IL 62275

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cane corso guarding
Ensure you get your dog from an ethical breeder who follows responsible breeding practices. Check out the kennel, take a look at the parent dogs’ medical history and health tests, and talk to the breeders before you decide on a pup.

All the Cane Corso Breeders in Illinois listed here are AKC certified. They have all been breeding Cane Corso dogs for at least a decade. So, just check which one you like best, and get your Cane Corso pup home soon!


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