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Beagles are cheerful dogs who love their social life. These floppy-eared hound dogs were originally bred to hunt for hares and rabbits. But because of their friendly nature, they have become a favorite companion dog of kids and adults alike.  

Back Off Bark

Beagles are not guard dogs but they bark like one!

Beagle dogs bark loud but they are too amiable to be totally counted upon to guard your house.


They follow their nose and can be trained to be search and rescue dogs.

They may not be the best guard dogs but they can follow scent and hound the source with passion and precision.

Tracking an interesting scent makes them happy and highly able to hunt down small game.

Affectionate, Needy, and Clingy 

They are ever curious, needy, and clingy, but irresistible, like your partner!

Beagles are playful and have a high need for attention and affection. These fun-loving pups are perfect for lifting your mood with their pleading puppy-eyes look.

They are also ever curious and so care must be taken to keep them from wandering off. 

Facts and Figures

Beagles come in two varieties:

  • those standing short of 13 inches that usually weigh around 18 pounds,
  • those that stand 13 to 15 inches that weigh around 20 pounds.

All beagles have muscular and solid form. Their coat is short and flat and their colors are usually red and white, lemon and white, or a tricolor of these. 

They live for 12 to 15 years. 

They are active and a good 20 to 40 minutes a day of play and exercise is ideal for them.

Good, Beagle, Best 

These good-natured pups can be your best pawed friend ever. Keep ‘em in your home and you’ll never feel alone!

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