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Central Asian Shepherd Dog Breeders In USA

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The Central Asian shepherd (CAS) dog is a large, intelligent breed known for its courage and fearlessness. If you’re looking for a protective guard dog, a CAS is always an excellent candidate.

To adopt one, you’ll need to find Central Asian shepherd dog breeders in the USA. Go through our list and consider our featured breeder, This reliable breeder offers healthy dogs that possess the best qualities of the breed.

Last Updated on: May 30, 2024

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Central Asian Shepherd Dog (CAS), or Sredneasiatskaya Ovtcharka, is a master of all trades. The imposing size and protective personalities of this self-assured breed make it the ultimate family guardian and service dog. These intelligent canines with high working capacities also love guarding livestock and protecting properties.
Think you could use the abilities of this large breed to your advantage?
Here’s a list of the best Central Asian shepherd dog breeders in the USA.

Featured Breeder

  • Brought the first CAS to the USA
  • Received Best CAS Breeder award
  • Consultation and training services

Spread across 7 acres, this kennel is credited with bringing the first Central Asian Shepherd to the USA. Owned by Larry and Katerina Rekowski, they are committed to breeding dogs that are in alignment with the breed’s nature, stable temperament, and stellar intelligence.

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They also test their dogs for 250 genetic diseases. GuardianDog employs Embark and\or Canine health checks to keep parent dogs from passing down diseases.
Puppies go home dewormed, vaccinated, and microchipped, with their tails docked and ears cropped. Buyers receive a veterinary health certificate, United Kennel Club (UKC) and AKC limited registrations, and a one-year health guarantee against crippled hip and elbow dysplasia. In addition, they receive lifetime support from the breeder.
They’re currently accepting applications for their late fall to winter litters. You can apply here.

Guardian Dog

We, Larry and Katerina, are a married couple living in Michigan,Macomb County on 7 acres of land, surrounded by 55 acres lake and woods. We do not consider dog breeding as our source of income, therefore we are extremely selective in our breeding practices. We will only offer dogs and puppies for sale from mating that are well planned out. Katerina holds a Masters of Science Degree in economics. She is a Certified Dog Trainer and owns a successful dog training business.Her love for Central Asian Shepherds began in her teenage years when her family owned their first central asian. Summer 2015 we visited kennel in Moscow, which produces champion show dogs and family guardians for many years.There we got our girls: Aya and Alsu. In January 2016, Katerina traveled to Russia and brought home a male puppy called Safar.

The mission is to breed Central Asian Shepherd Dogs of true temperament and structure. Producing a few litters of purpose with puppies that have stable temperaments, clear thinking minds, intelligence, drive, confidence, free from genetic defects. The goal of this program is to produce healthy offspring that can achieve any task at hand making them easily trainable. It takes time and selective breeding for generations to produce consistent litters, but with intelligence in breeding practices and a keen eye, this can be achieved and put a reverse on the deteriorating canines that are now present in modern times. Dogs will only be sold to responsible owners and we can assist in training. All of the dogsare interacted with on a daily basis and don’t sit in a kennel. They experience real world circumstances on a daily basis and based on their behavior and responses to real world scenarios determines if, how, and why I would breed that particular dog. Our goal is to show the beauty, loyalty and capability of this breed to people who are in need of loving companions, property and family guards Katerina is a breed ambassador, she published two books about this rare breed and constantly educating public about these dogs thru social media and youtube channel.

704 Central Asian Shepherds

central asian shepherd puppy shaking hand

704 has an unwavering commitment to preserving and reviving the Mastiff-type Tobet CAS breed from Kazakhstan. They employ responsible breeding practices to ensure a strong mind and the best health, personality, and character.

The kennel is run by a former assistant canine trainer for the police department. The breeder also has 8 years of experience as a veterinary technician. In addition, they worked as a professional obedience trainer and have extensive experience as an owner/handler in American Kennel Club (AKC) shows.

Pups go to their forever homes between 8 and 10 weeks old, with limited AKC registration under a spay/neuter contract. You can get your new furry buddy shipped to your location, but you’ll have to make arrangements for a flight nanny and ground transporter.

Website | Email ID | Call

Address: Marshville, NC

Grand Central Asians

central asian shepherd puppy sleeping under blanket

Grand Central Asians is a small home-based breeder that prides itself on producing natural protectors with top structural quality and sound temperament.

They have a solid code of ethics in place, only choosing parent dogs who have been extensively tested. They only breed small litters to improve conformation, temperament, and working ability.

As responsible breeders, they only sell to pet parents who can give their pups proper care.

Puppies go home at 8 weeks of age, with a UKC Registration Certificate. Buyers also receive records of their puppies’ diets, inoculations, and parasite control, plus a health guarantee. If the new owners are unable to care for their puppies, the breeder will intervene and rehome or rescue the dogs.

Website | Email ID | Call

Address: Byron, GA

MaxoMagic Kennel

central asian shepherd dog

Founded in 1999, MaxoMagic Kennel has been consistently producing top-performing Central Asian shepherds in the United States. They credit this to their foundation dogs that are procured from the best breeders across Eastern Europe and Asia.

MaxoMagic dogs are versatile, excelling at shows and on the field. You can see this in their gallery and an article published about them in The Epoch Times.
They won’t just trust anyone with their prized pups. They require customers to have prior experience handling dogs and only accept applications from those with sufficient backyard space.

Website | Email ID | Call

Address: Middletown, NY is our favorite breeder for CAS dogs. They have an impressive kennel, thorough health checks, and great reviews. Plus, they introduced this breed to the country, giving them unparalleled experience with Central Asian shepherds.



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