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Creative Bedroom Ideas for Your Dog

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Dogs sleep up to 14 hours every single day. As an owner, you must make sure your pet gets the best possible rest and dreams the sweetest dreams. It is important to design your dog’s bedroom as comfortably as possible, with touches of creativity and luxury. Incorporate these elements into your design:

  • Cozy sleeping space
  • Play area
  • Feeding station
  • Fake grass

Last Updated on: Nov 16, 2023

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Pets are our world, and they are a beloved member of the family. If your home has a spare room, you might be considering transforming it into a luxurious face for your furry friend to claim as their own. It can also be a safe haven for them to relax while you’re out of the house.

In addition to the 50% of their day spent sleeping, dogs will then spend another 30% of their awake hours doing what I call “loafing.” Just like with humans, loafing is when a dog is awake but really not doing much of anything-just hanging out. Typically, loafing time is spent lying down, watching the world go by, and generally enjoying being lazy. – Dr. Sandra C. Mitchell, DVM, DABVP

You don’t need to go all out as you would decorate a nursery or bedroom for a human. All you need to include are the essentials and some of your dog’s favorite things, and voila! The area instantly becomes their little sanctuary.

To help kickstart your interior design journey, we’ve listed four ideas to help you create the perfect bedroom for your dog.

Create a Cozy Sleeping Space

To create a comfortable area for your dog to sleep, consider investing in a luxury dog bed or a dog crate with soft bedding. Either are great options, but it depends on your dog’s preferences – you could provide both in case they can’t decide.

Adding some pillows to the sleeping area can spruce things up and provide further support. Ensure that these are pet-safe and suitable for your dog’s breed. A great idea is to order a custom-made cushion with your dog’s face on to make them feel more at home.

Design a Play Area

creative bedroom ideas - design a play area

Aside from daily walks and exercise, dogs need playtime to stimulate their brains and keep them entertained. This is especially important for breeds that have high energy levels. Designing a play area filled with interactive toys and games is a great way to keep your dog active even when you’re not there.

You can get a machine to throw balls for your pup to retrieve and bring back or devices that dispense treats. Experts also recommend puzzle toys, which will keep them mentally and physically active.

Install Some Fake Grass

Dogs are big lovers of the outdoors-given their instincts, they often seek out lots of physical exercise and various ancestral tasks like hunting. Allow them to channel this energy even at home by putting down patches of artificial grass in their bedroom.

As it’s not always possible to take your dog outside due to other commitments or problems with the weather, this is great for ensuring your pup remains happy and engaged with nature. This also works well for puppies yet to grasp potty training-just remember to put some pads down first.

Include a Feeding Station

bedroom ideas - include a feeding station

You should also set up a designated eating space in your dog’s bedroom, alongside their playing and sleeping area. You can use this to instill some mealtime discipline: your pup will learn that their room is the only place where food will be served. With time, you’ll find that they won’t resort to bad behavior and beg for scraps when the rest of the family is eating.

A built-in food bowl holder is a stylish and practical way of keeping the feeding area organized, and you can place a mat underneath to protect the floor. A water fountain or automatic water dispenser ensures your dog has access to fresh and clean water.

Your dog deserves the very best in terms of comfort, safety, entertainment, and even luxury. These bedroom ideas will ensure that your beloved pet remains happy and healthy in their dedicated space!



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